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Come Down to the Kane County Fair!

by The Rullo Team

County fairs are a great summertime tradition and there are none better than our beloved Kane County Fair and Festival! Celebrate our great Fox River Valley community and the surrounding area at the fair Wednesday, July 20th, through Sunday, July 24th. That’s 5 days filled with family fun and amusement!


Head on down to the Kane County Fairgrounds located at 525 South Randall Road in St. Charles for all the festivities. There is something for everyone on the Midway! Enjoy free music concerts daily at the Miller Lite Sound Stage. Dine on some classic festival food. Take a spin on some of the amusement rides or win prizes playing carnival games. Check out all of the amazing local vendors and exhibits. Children will love the Kiddy Land, petting zoo, obstacle course, and much more! For additional excitement, head over to the Grandstand to watch several different special events such as the demolition derby and bull riding!



Admission to the fair varies per day. On Wednesday and Thursday, regular admission costs $5.00 with children under 3 free. Tickets are $10.00 for regular admission over the weekend. Children under 3 are free, and children between the ages of 3 and 12 cost $5.00. For more information on ticketing as well as the fair’s schedule, CLICK HERE!


We cannot wait to see you this week at the 2016 Kane County Fair!!

15 Native Plants for Beautiful Fox Valley Gardens!

by The Rullo Team


Summer is the perfect time in the FOX VALLEY to add instant curb appeal to your home with a lovely garden. The changing seasons in Illinois can pose a challenge when deciding what plants to choose for your landscaping. Look to plants that naturally grow in the region. These resilient botanicals will add beauty and interest to your yard for years to come. Here are the top native plants for Midwestern gardens!


Name: Echinacea pallida

Where to plant: Place this coneflower in the full sun with well-drained soil.

Appearance: In mid-summer, this plant will bloom with pink flowers surrounding a dark red cone in the middle.

Other Helpful Information: The pale purple coneflower will spread throughout your garden as it self-seeds.



Name: Callirhoe involucrata

Where to plant: The poppy mallow is perfect for border areas in the full sun.

Appearance: Throughout the summer months, enjoy wine-red flowers on this groundcover plant.  

Other Helpful Information: This plant is very resilient as it can thrive in dry soil and resists pests.



Name: Aquilegia canadensis

Where to plant: This plant can grow in the sun or shade.

Appearance: Enjoy delicate red and yellow flowers.  

Other Helpful Information: The columbine will attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden!



Name: Asclepias incarnata

Where to plant: The swamp milkweed can grow in moist or average soil but needs to be placed in plenty of sunlight.

Appearance: Clusters of pink flowers will appear in mid-summer on the 5 foot tall stems.

Other Helpful Information: Monarch butterflies love this beautiful plant.  



Name: Silphium laciniatum

Where to plant: This plant needs full sun.

Appearance: A giant of a plant, this flower grows up to 9 feet tall. It blooms with bright yellow, sunflower-like petals.  

Other Helpful Information: The compass plant is so called because it aligns itself from north to south in order to conserve water!  



Name: Asclepias tuberosa

Where to plant: This drought resistant prairie plant needs direct sunlight to grow.  

Appearance: During the summer, the plant blossoms with bright orange petals.   

Other Helpful Information: As its name suggests, butterflies love this plant.   



Name: Anemone canadensis

Where to plant: This perfect border plant needs organic-rich, moist soil.  

Appearance: Large white flowers will appear in your garden in the summer.   

Other Helpful Information: The wild anemone is perfect for filling up large spaces within your garden as it rapidly spreads on its own.   



Name: Tradescantia sp

Where to plant: This versatile plant can grow in sun or shade but requires moist soil.

Appearance: This beauty will blossom in a variety of colors, depending on the strain of the plant, every spring with three-petaled flowers. 

Other Helpful Information: The spiderwort is a perennial.   



Name: Solidago sp

Where to plant: Place the goldenrod in full sun and well-drained soil.

Appearance: Your garden will continue to look lovely into the autumn months when the golden-yellow flowers appear.  





Name: Sanguinaria canadensis

Where to plant: This groundcover can grow in the shade.

Appearance: Daisy shaped flowers will cover the lower part of your garden with this delicate plant.

Other Helpful Information: The bloodroot will go dormant during the summer so make sure to plant it near summer blossoming plants to avoid blank spaces in your garden.



Name: Arisaema triphyllum

Where to plant: This plant is perfect for shady areas of your garden.

Appearance: Produces hooded green petals with red lines throughout the summer months and, in fall, red berries often appear.



Name: Veronicastrum virginicum

Where to plant: This plant can thrive whether in sun or part shade but needs plenty of water.

Appearance: Culver’s Root grows up to 6 feet tall and produces white flowers.

Other Helpful Information: This plant is a magnet for butterflies to your garden.



Name: Salvia pitcheri

Where to plant: This plant needs full sun.

Appearance: Your garden will look beautiful with lovely sky blue flowers that blossom in early fall.

Other Helpful Information: Blue sage is a perennial.



Name: Penstemon digitalis 

Where to plant: Make sure to keep the soil around the penstemon moist.

Appearance: During the summer, white flowers will appear amongst the burgundy hued foliage of this plant.

Other Helpful Information: You can rely on this plant to return yearly.



Name: Schizachyrium scoparium

Where to plant: This grass needs plenty of sun.

Appearance: A great plant throughout the year, the little bluestem adds color to your garden every season. During the fall and winter, the stems are a purple-bronze hue. As it starts to warm up outside, the foliage turns blue-green. 

Resource: Better Homes & Gardens 2016

Congrats! You’ve decided to sell your house in the FOX VALLEY  area! After all the years of love in your home, though, you want to make sure that you get the most for it. All homes go through wear and tear that mightnot be noticeable to you over the years but will surely stand out to potential home buyers. In order to make the best sale for you and your family, you need to decide what repairs and upgrades should be done before listing your home on the market. It is important to go through each room with a critical eye and see what fixes are necessary.  

Selling your home and negotiating the sale can be a daunting process but you do not need to go through it alone! A great Real Estate Team to assist you along the way. When deciding what fixes should be made, your real estate agent can provide you with crucial help. They will know what changes are absolutely necessary before placing your home on the market and what can be negotiated in the final deal.  

There are several simple things you can do that won’t cost an arm and a leg and will help your home look its best! We have great suggestions on ways that you can maximize your sale. Here are the Top 9 Home Repairs or Upgrades to Make Before Selling Your Fox River Valley Home!

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint – The fastest and cheapest way to make your home look inviting to potential home buyers is adding a fresh coat of paint.Go through your home to see which rooms really need it. It is not necessary to repaint every room home. For the ones in need of some sprucing, choose light, neutral colors that will appeal to everyone. Also, make sure to remove all wallpaper! Wallpaper can be a great accent to any room but everyone’s tastes are different. By removing the wallpaper and using light paint colors, the new owners have total flexibility in how they want to make the home their own.

Fill in Nail Holes and Cracks – This one may seem obvious but you should fill in all nail holes and cracks. This simple fix will help any room appear new and will avoid buyers feeling like they have a lot of work that needs to be completed. Spackle the holes and cracks, sand it, and add a fresh coat of paint.

 Provide Adequate Lighting – Lighting throughout your home can have it looking its best. Make sure that all of the rooms in your home have adequate lighting. Replace any outdated light fixtures. Ensure that all lights and switches probably work. If needed, fix any potential electrical issues that might kill the sale. Along with lighting, natural light is very important. Use light drapes on the windows that allow for maximum sunlight to come in and really make the room shine!

Hardwood Floors – Hardwood floors are attractive to potential buyers. These floors can also take a beating over the years. You do not need to spend a ton of money replacing the floors though! Make the floors look brand new refinishing or polishing them! 

 Kitchen – The kitchen is truly one of the most important rooms in the home and is something that buyers definitely make decisions based off of. Full kitchen remodels are expensive and not necessary when selling your home. It is important, however, to make some simple fixes to make the kitchen look its best. Be sure to refresh the paint and replace any outdated or broken fixtures. If necessary, refinish or paint the cabinets. Granite and marble countertops can help sell your home. If there is money in your budget, replace the countertops to automatically make your home more attractive. Before showing your home, make sure that your kitchen is clean and uncluttered.

Bathrooms – Like the kitchen, the bathrooms in a house can make or break a deal. You want it to look brand new! The first step is a deep cleaning. Scrub the grout and replace any missing tiles. Fix or replace any plumbing issues. Ensure that the lighting in the bathroom is bright.

Maintain Appliances – Make sure that all appliances currently in the home are functional. Appliances are an added bonus for home buyers, but no one wants the stress of knowing they are going to have to be soon 

replaced. Provide any warranties for the appliances to your real estate agent. By having functional appliances, you are showing pride in your home.

Functionality – Along with functional appliances, make sure that everything else in your home is in working order. Replace broken doorknobs and locks. Have a creaky door? Remove the squeak by applying WD-40 or a natural oil to the hinges. If your home has a garage, make sure that the garage door is properly working.

Exterior – Now that the interior of your home is looking its best, it’s time to tackle the outside! After all, the exterior of your home is the first thing that buyers will see. You want your home to look like you take pride in it! We often get storms in Illinois that can cause wear and tear on the outside of the home. Repaint or replace broken siding. Refinish porches, patios, and fences. Keep the landscaping clean and attractive. You want the buyers to be excited to see the rest of your home as soon as they arrive.

For more helpful Home Selling Tips, give The Rullo Team a call at (630) 513-1771 or check out or website at

4th of July Events in the Fox Valley!

by The Rullo Team


The Fourth of July is almost here! There are exciting family-friendly events going on this holiday throughout the Fox Valley that we wanted to share with you! Head on down to one of our great communities for some live entertainment, kids activities, delicious food, and, of course, spectacular fireworks displays!


Fourth of July Parade

When: Monday, July 4th | 10:00 am

Where: Downtown Aurora

Cost: FREE!

Watch patriotic floats and bands perform as the parade makes its way through beautiful downtown Aurora.


Aurora’s Fourth of July Celebration

When: Monday, July 4th | 6:15 – 10:00 pm

Where: RiverEdge Park

Cost: FREE!

Get in the patriotic spirit by listening American classics performed by the Aurora American Legion Band and the Fox Valley Orchestra. Afterward, enjoy a spectacular fireworks display.



4th of July Concert and Fireworks

When: Monday, July 4th | 6:00 pm

Where: Pottawatomie Park (8 North Ave.)

Cost: FREE!

Dance the evening away at a free concert by the band Shout Out as they perform a wide variety of favorite tunes. Bring a blanket down to Pottawatomie Park to take in the fireworks after the concert.



Independence Day Fireworks

When: Monday, July 4th | 9:00 pm

Where: Prairie Point Community Park (4120 Plainfield Road)

Cost: FREE!

Enjoy the fireworks show from your favorite spot in the park.



4th of July Sky Concert

When: Monday, July 4th

Where: Engstrom Park

Cost: FREE!

Marvel at Batavia’s celebrated Sky Concert, themed this year as “Flag and Country” to celebrate our flag’s 100th anniversary. Before the display, listen to performances by cover band We’re Not and the Batavia Community Band.

Celebrate America’s 240th birthday at one of these amazing events in the Fox River Valley!

The Rullo Team wishes you and your family a very happy and safe Independence Day!

It's the Swedish Days Festival in Geneva IL!

by The Rullo Team

It’s time for one of our favorite FOX VALLEY  festivals all year….the Swedish Days Festival in GENEVA ! The 67th annual festival began yesterday and will continue through Sunday, June 26th. Enjoy days of fun, food, entertainment, and activities for the whole family!

Head on down to Third Street and the surrounding downtown area in Geneva to partake in the festivities. Dine on delicious food from a multitude of vendors. There is something offered for all taste buds, including more traditional Swedish food like meatballs! For those 21 and over, swing by the craft beer tent to try brews from great local breweries.

There are plenty of activities offered throughout the festival to keep everyone entertained! Listen to live music daily. The kids will never be bored with the multitude of activities planned for them, including a daily carnival, the quad power jump, an arts and crafts station, and much more. Participate in the inaugural Swedish Days 5K Lopp on Saturday, June 25th. Race and registration information can be found here. Watch the Swedish Days Parade on Sunday, June 26th, at 1:00 pm as it makes it way downtown Geneva. And, of course, swing by the festival favorite attraction, the Sweden Väst, this weekend to partake in all things traditionally Swedish!

We can’t wait to see you downtown Geneva at the 67th Annual Swedish Days Festival!

Get your Full Schedule of Events right here!

This Sunday, June 19th, is Father’s Day! Time to celebrate the dad in your life. No matter what your dad loves to do, there is something for everyone happening this weekend around the FOX RIVER VALLEY. Here’s a list of the top 10 activities for you to show your dad how much you appreciate all that he does!


1) CAR CULTURE: STALLION’S GATE CAR SHOW. For the car loving dad, check out some hot wheels at Ron Hopkins Ford (1045 East Chicago Street) in ELGIN for their Stallio’s Gate Car Show on Saturday, June 18th. The show will feature all makes and models of cars and bikes. Munch on some hotdogs and enjoy refreshing ice cream as admire mustang restorations and the awesome automobile airbrushing talents of Psychotic Air.

2) FATHER'S DAY BRUNCH. Treat your dad to a delicious brunch on Father’s Day at the Loyola University Retreat and Ecology Campus (2710 S Country Club Road) in Woodstock. Nibble appetizers, entrees, and desserts and enjoy some mimosas and Bloody Marys as you celebrate your dad. 

3) ST. CHARLES PADDLEWHEEL RIVERBOATS. Take in the beautiful Fox River aboard a Mark Twain era paddlewheel riverboat with your dad. This 50 minute tour will introduce you to the local history of our area. Embark this Sunday, June 19th, on the 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, or 5:00 pm cruises.

4) GOLF AT SETTLER'S HILL. Hit the links with dad at this favorite golf course in BATAVIA. This unique golf course nestled in a forest preserve showcases the natural beauty of our area. Enjoy quality time with dad outdoors as you work on your swing.

5) EAT AT CLADDAGH IRISH PUB. Bring your father to Claddagh Irish Pub located in GENEVA. Dad gets to eat free with the purchase of an entrée. Enjoy traditional Irish dishes between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm.

6) FISH ON THE FOX RIVER. Grab your fishing rods and your father and check out on of the many great fishing spots along the Fox River. Catch channel catfish and smallmouth bass as you and your dad enjoy the great outdoors.

7) SWIM AT SPLASH COUNTRY AND PHILLIPS PARK. Dad’s swim for free on Sunday at Splash Country Water Park and Phillips Park Aquatic Center when accompanied by one child. Beat the summer heat and have a day at the pool!

8) FATHER'S DAY BRUNCH AND DINNER. Take dad out for an upscale meal at Wildwood in Geneva on Father’s Day. Arrive between 10:00 am and 2:30 pm for an a la carte brunch featuring all of dad’s favorites. Or, come after 5:00 pm to enjoy dinner and check out the latest items on their menu.

9) REGATTA ON CRYSTAL LAKE. Bring dad up to Crystal Lake to watch the 32nd Annual Cardboard Cup Regatta on Saturday, June 18th. Watch these amazing handmade cardboard boats race the 200 yard course. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Our Fathers”.

10) ELGIN RIB FEST. Let dad indulge in some delicious ribs at the family friendly Elgin Rib Fest. Enjoy life music, carnival games, and delicious food all weekend, Friday through Sunday!    


A big thank you to the dads in our community for all that you do!

6 Successful Tips for Fox Valley Home Buyers in a Seller's Market!

by The Rullo Team

Buying a new house is an exciting and important time! There is no better place to call home than the FOX VALLEY! House hunting in a seller's market, though, adds more factors for you to consider during the process. Although the market might not be favoring buyers at the moment, there are many things that you can use to your advantage to help you buy your dream home! Look through the current HOME LISTINGS so we can help you begin this exciting journey, and follow these 6 useful tips for buyers in a seller's market.

WORK WITH AN EXPERIENCED AGENT. Eliminate some of the time and stress that comes with house hunting by working with an experienced real estate agent. Team Rullo Real Estate is here to help you find your dream home! Let us know exactly what you are looking for. We understand the Fox Valley housing market, now what is available, and negotiate the best deal for your new home! Read ABOUT US to learn about our experience and our commitment to you!

BE PREAPPROVED BY A LENDER. Get preapproval for a loan from a reputable lender that you can present to the seller. This shows that you are serious about buying the home and makes the seller feel more comfortable knowing that your finances are in order. If you already know that you can afford the home and have a high credit score, get this part of the process out of the way when you initially start your house hunting process. It can help you stand apart from the other buyers. For help with the kinds of loans that are available for you, check out our FINANCE INFORMATION

BE DECISIVE IN MAKING AN OFFER. Buying a home is a major decision so being thoughtful about the home you make an offer on is imperative. But don’t get bogged down in over analyzing. Before you begin the house hunting process, be sure to know exactly what you are looking for in your dream home…price, location, and type. When you find a home that checks all of the factors you have previously determined, make an offer! You don’t want to miss out on your dream home due to overthinking.

MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER. Start with a strong opening offer. You should know the maximum that you are willing to pay. Although we all want to get the best deal possible, in a seller’s market competition is high. If you come in with too low of an opening offer, you could miss out on your dream home. Be aware of what other houses are on the market and the pricing of the homes in the area. This will help you determine what is an appropriate amount to negotiate for the house you want. Have a strong opening offer that you are comfortable with AND that will be acceptable to the seller.

PREPARE FOR A BIDDING WAR. Bidding wars inevitably cause stress for buyers. The fear of missing out on your dream home is understandable. However, competition in a seller’s market is high. Know what you are willing to pay and search for houses below your max budget. This will help you avoid spending more than you are comfortable with should you end up in a bidding war.

LEARN FROM YOUR MISTAKES. You might not get the first home that you make an offer on. In a seller’s market, it is likely that you will have to make several offers on homes before finding the perfect one for you. Recognize what happened with the transactions that don’t work out and learn from them. Stay true to what you want and realize that there are other options in the Fox Valley that our team will be happy to help you find!

Source: TRULIA

Fox Valley Elementary School Teachers Rank Top in Illinois!

by The Rullo Team

Where your child will attend K-12 is an important factor in house hunting. Here in the FOX RIVER VALLEY we pride ourselves on our school districts. Our teachers are a major contributing factor to the strength of our schools. Niche K12, which provides local reviews of K-12 educational institutions, recently released their list of the top 100 elementary schools in Illinois with the best teachers, and we are happy to report that teachers in AURORA, GENEVA, SOUTH ELGIN, ST. CHARLES, and BATAVIA all made the grade!!

Niche K12 ranked Illinois elementary schools based on seven criteria….(1) Niche Academics grade, (2) Niche Teachers grade, (3) average teacher’s salary, (4) teacher absenteeism, (5) teacher salary index, (6) teachers in first or second year, and (7) student to teacher ratio. Each of these factors were weighted and a ranking was derived from the results.

Elementary schools throughout the Fox River Valley were in the top 100 schools in Illinois with the best teachers!! The cities of Aurora, Geneva, South Elgin, St. Charles, and Batavia are great places to raise a family, and our schools are foundational to our communities. We would like to recognize the elementary schools listed below for their dedication to teaching excellence. All of these schools are surrounded by excellent neighborhoods for any family to call home.


#2 White Eagle Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near White Eagle

#16 Gwendolyn Brooks Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Gwendolyn Brooks.

#20 Reba O. Steck Elementary School--Current Home Listings near Reba O. Steck

#29 Nancy Young Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Nancy Young

#34 Georgetown Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Georgetown.

#37 Peter M. Gombert Elementary School--Current Home Listings near Peter M. Gombert

#40 McCarty Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near McCarty



#46 Western Avenue Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Western Avenue

#47 Williamsburg Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Williamsburg.

#57 Harrison Street Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Harrison Street.

#59 Heartland Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Heartland


South Elgin

#76 Corron Elementary School--  Current Home Listings near Corron.


St. Charles

#63 Fox Ridge School--  Current Home Listings near Fox Ridge.

#65 Wildrose Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Wildrose

# 74 Ferson Creek School-- Current Home Listings near Ferson Creek.

# 89 Munhall Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Munhall



#84 Grace McWayne Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Grace McWayne

#86 Hoover Wood Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near Hoover Wood.

#100 H.C. Storm Elementary School-- Current Home Listings near H.C. Storm


Congrats to all of these highly ranked elementary schools! Thank you to the teachers for all that you do!!

The Spectacular Chicago Blues Festival 2016!

by The Rullo Team

Summertime in Chicago is always a treat but few festivals are as emblematic of the best the Windy City has to offer as is the Chicago Blues Festival. This annual event is the largest free blues festival in the world! The Chicago Blues Festival honors the rich musical tradition of blues goes back generations in the city. Celebrate this heritage and get down and dirty this weekend, June 10th through the 12th, at Grant Park at the 33rd Annual Festival!

This amazing event offers the best that blues music has to offer featuring the top musicians from around the world. Enjoy three full days of FREE entertainment from your favorite Blues greats as well as the best up and coming musicians. This year’s opening night on Friday will celebrate the 45th anniversary of Chicago’s Alligator Records. The night will feature several of the labels renowned musicians and be headlined by Grammy nominated Shemekia Copeland. After enjoying the tunes on Friday, be sure to come back on Saturday for Soul/R&B night! The festival will conclude on Sunday evening with a tribute to blues legend Otis Rush. Whether you love jazz, blues, funk, soul, or just a weekend of pure entertainment, the Chicago Blues Festival will surely be one of the highlights of your summer!

Come get your groove on with us all weekend at the 33rd Annual Chicago Blues Festival!!

Event Details

Date: Friday, June 10th – Sunday, June 12th, 2016

Time: 11:00 am – 9:30 pm daily

Location: Grant Park, 337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60601

Cost: FREE!


On the western edges of the Chicago metropolitan area, the Fox River Valley area offers easy access to all that Chicago has to offer! If you're interested in BuyingSelling or investing in St. CharlesGenevaBatavia, or any of their surrounding communities and subdivisions, including Mill Creek, give The Rullo Team a call or visit our website at:

Perk up your Patio for a Beautiful Summer in St. Charles!!

by The Rullo Team


It’s officially June which means long days, warm temperatures, sunny skies and….PATIO SEASON! There is nothing better than summers in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, or any of their surrounding communities, and HGTV has some awesome tips on how you can spruce up your patio this season!

Durable Patio Furniture is a must when you want the materials to stand up to summer and fall storms, especially when made from concrete materials. Accent pillows can add some color and fun to your furniture.

Fire Pits always make an outdoor gathering more fun. Not only not it keep you and your guests warm on cool evenings, but it also creates a perfect conversational area (and a place for the kids to roast s’mores!).

Pergolas are beautiful structures that add shade and comfort on sunny days. Pair with a grilling area and a cute bistro table and you will have an outdoor space you will never want to leave!

String Lights create a gorgeous ambience! You can put lights inside an umbrella, or along your pergola, really anywhere in your backyard!

Accessorize!!! Patio furniture doesn’t have to be boring or uninspired. Spice up your outdoor living space with pieces from local artists, or a cool antique. Have fun with it!

If you're interested in Buying, Selling or investing in St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia, or any of their surrounding communies and subdivisions, including Mill Creek, give The Rullo Team a call or visit our website at:


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