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Getting Your Home Ready For Fall

by The Rullo Team

Raise the roof

Few home problems are more frustrating than a leaky roof, as it’s often hard to find the exact source of the problem.  So, taking care of these things before the rain and snow begin is a good idea. 

Inspect your roof from top to bottom, searching for missing or damaged shingles. Check shingles for cracks and other damage. Look for damage to metal around vents and chimneys. Look in your gutters, if you find large granules is could be a sign that you are losing your roof’s coating. Finally, make sure your gutters are flowing freely.

*If you are no longer using antennas…take them down.

Get your mind in the gutter

The drainage system on your roof is extremely important, as it diverts thousands of gallons of water from your home annually, protecting your foundation and walls. So, obviously you want to keep these drains flowing smoothly.  Clogged gutters lead to basement flooding and other hard to detect damage.  They are not immune from rust and erosion either.  So, before the leaves start falling, clean your gutters! THEN put some mesh guards over them to protect from future debris.  


Hunt for drafts

Many homes have air leaks around windows and doors, which can account fro 10% of your energy bill (according to the U.S. Department of Energy).  So, check for gaps in caulk and weather stripping.  If you don’t have weather stripping…you’re missing out!  Seriously, weather-stripping is by far the most cost-effective way to control heating and cooling costs. It will reduce drafts and keep your home comfy cozy year round.  However, this stuff does deteriorate over time, so even if you already have it, you want to inspect it each year.  

There are a couple easy techniques for checking your stripping:

1) Close your door or window on a strip of paper…if the paper slides up and down easily, you have some work to do.

2) Light a candle and hold it near the frame of the closed door or window…if you find the flame flickers at any point near the frame…you have a leak!

You’ll also want to check the caulk, especially near entry points for cables.  This also deteriorates over time, so you may have to re-caulk.  



Winter is coming, all men must protect their pipes. 

Close any shut-off valves to outdoor faucets…then drain the line, by opening the valve outside.  

*If you don't have shut-off valves or your faucets are not "freeze-proof “, you may benefit from styrofoam faucet covers sold at home centers.

In-ground irrigation systems should come with instructions from the manufacturer on how to freeze proof. 

Where’s your filter?

Furnace filters trap dust that would otherwise be deposited around your home.  Clogged filters also make it harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and can seriously increase your utility bills. It’s easy to manage.  Simple monthly cleaning is all it takes to keep these filters breathing free and clear.

 Disposable filters can be vaccumed once before replacement. Foam filters can also be vaccumed but these don't need to be replaced unless they are damaged. Use a soft brush on a vacuum cleaner. If the filter is metal or electrostatic, remove and wash it with a firm water spray.  Boom, your filter is good as new.


Professional help

It's a good idea to have your heating system inspected by a professional once a year. People often wait until the last minute, so beat the rush and schedule this for the early fall, before the heating season even begins.  

See the signs:

    Noisy belts Weird screeches or whines may signal that belts connected to the blower motor are worn or damaged.

    Poor performance. A heating system that doesn't seem to work as well as it used to could mean a lot of different problems. Your heating ducts could be blocked, the burners might be misadjusted or the blower motor could be on its way out.  But before you panic, check that the filter is clean.    

    Erratic behavior. This could be caused by a faulty thermostat.

Come on baby light your fire

Even if you rarely use your fireplace, you should check it annually for damage. 

Inspect your flue for creosote. Creosote is a flammable by-product of burning wood, so if it accumulates in your chimney, you could be victim to a devastating fire. Have your chimney inspected annually for creosote buildup. If you use a fireplace frequently, then have the flue inspected after each cord of wood burned.

The best option is to have your entire chimney system inspected by a chimney sweep. Once you know what to look for, you can perform the inspection by shining a bright flashlight up the flue, looking for any deposits approaching 1/8 inch thick, though the actual cleaning of these deposits should be performed by a professional.  

Look for flue blockages. Birds love to nest at the top of an unprotected flue. A chimney cap is an easy way to prevent this.  If you don't have a cap, just take a look up the flu to be sure.

Exercise the damper. The damper is the metal plate that opens and closes the flu just above the firebox. Test the open and closed positions to ensure that it is working properly.

Check for damage. Make certain that the flue cap is in place. Inspect brick chimneys for loose or broken points. If access is a problem try using binoculars.

Keep your humidifier happy 

Really dry winter air is bad for your health, but did you know it can make fine wood crack easier? You and your home will feel more comfortable if you keep your central humidifier running properly. 

Inspect the plates or pads. You can clean them with laundry detergent. You should also rinse and scrape off mineral deposits (use a wire brush or steel wool). 


Anything involving gas is a huge safety issue.  Heaters that are not maintained properly can spew poisons into the air of your home, or at least it may be costing you more to operate. Have a professional check these devices annually. 

Smoke and CO detectors 

Replace batteries in all of your smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. Then vacuum them with a soft brush attachment. Test the detectors by pressing the test button or holding a smoke source (like a blown-out candle) near the unit. If you haven't already, install a smoke detector on every floor of your home, including the basement.

Fire extinguishers 

You’d be surprised how many homes don’t have a fire extinguisher.  Every home should have at least one fire extinguisher rated for all fire types (look for an A-B-C rating on the label). Keep one near the kitchen; though having one per floor isn't a bad idea. Check the indicators on the pressure gauge to make sure the extinguisher is charged. Make sure the lock pin is intact and in place, and then make sure the discharge nozzle is not clogged.  

***Fire extinguishers that are more than six years old should be replaced.

***Mark the date of purchase on the new unit with a permanent marker.

Best Private High Schools In The Fox Valley

by The Rullo Team, the go-to place for current School Rankings and Statistics has just ranked the Top 100 Private Schools In Illinois, and the Fox Valley has represented itself well.  The 100 highest ranked schools in the area include several religious denominations and all parts of the city and suburban regions.  Niche ranked 3,880 high schools across the nation.  The reviews and rankings were based on key student statistics and data sourced from various government and public data sets, Niche’s proprietary data, and 123,218 opinion-based survey responses across a variety of topics from 16,688 current students, recent alumni, and parents.  

The Fox Valley area has consistently placed almost all of their High Schools at or near the top half of the Top 100 Public High Schools in Illinois nearly every year. Now, with Niche's newest ranking of the Top 100 Private Schools in Illinois, we see that our private schools are ranking in the Top 100 as well. It's a great way to start our school year knowing that our children are in good hands and our schools are ranked on the high-end of the ranking spectrum. Without further adieu....drumroll please! Here are the the Fox Valley Private Schools that "Made the Grade" and rank in the Top 100 in Illinois:

12. Elgin Academy






25.  Marmion Academy

Marmion Academy is a private, Catholic, all-boys school in Batavia Township, Illinois. 

It has 513 students in grades 9-12.




47. Rosary High School

Rosary High School is a private, Catholic, all-girls school in Aurora, Illinois. 

It has 427 students in grades 9-12. 





50. St. Edward Central Catholic High School

St. Edward Central Catholic High School is a private Catholic school in Elgin, Illinois.

It has 430 students in grades 9-12. 





56. St. Francis High School

St. Francis High School is a private Catholic school in Wheaton, Illinois.

It has 780 students in grades 9-12





62. Westminster Christian School

Westminster Christian School is a private Presbyterian school in Elgin, Illinois.

It has 428 students in grades PK and K-12.


Aurora Christian Schools is a private inter-/non-denominational school in Aurora, Illinois.
It has 593 students in grades PK and K-12.


Aurora Central Catholic High School is a private Catholic school in Aurora, Illinois.
It has 561 students in grades 9-12. 

Top 10 Restaurants In St. Charles

by The Rullo Team

St. Charles has so many GREAT restaurants to choose from, depending on your mood and purpose of the meal. 

Here are the Top 10 Restaurants in St. Charles....according to Yelp.
Do you agree?  If not, tell us who you'd pick!

1. Wok 'N Fire



2. Francesca's

Founded in 1992 by Restauranteur Scott Harris, Francesca's Restaurant Group has grown from a small welcoming restaurant in Chicago to now, over 33 locations, of multiple concepts across 4 states, but Francesca's is the best of the Original vibe; handwritten menus of classic italian favorites in a relaxed sophisticated ambieance.    

3. Pizzaria Neo

Authentic Naples Pizza! Tony Alfonso and Guy Sorrentino have created the perfect modern Italian Pizzaria, complete with brick oven pizza, true to the way they make it in the birthplace of pizza, Naples.  But pizza isn't all they have.  Neo has an extensive wine list and signature cocktail list and like any true Italian place, Neo has the smoothest espresso and cappucinno around.  

4. St. Charles Place

Voted best banquet place in Kane County, St. Charles Place is bringing back the classic supper club.  Instantly transported to another time when you walk in the door; red and black tones, crystal chandeliers, ecletic art, leather banquettes surround the room; very romantic.  Customers enjoy choice cuts of USDA hand selected steaks and prime rib, charred and flavorful!  They serve classics like Beef Wellington and Dover Sole and the wine list is impressive; serving specialty wines from around the world. 

5. Liu Brothers Asian Bistro

Good solid Asian cuisine.  Great for dining in or carry-out.  Liu Brother's wont disappoint.  They don't serve alcohol but encourage BYOB.  

6. El Puente

A unique blend of Authentic Mexican Cuisine and World Class Margaritas.  The Tequilla selection is incredible.  El Puente has been delighting customers for over 10 years and have quickly become the standard by which all other mexican food is compared.  The Jimenez family shares their own homemade traditional family recipes.  If you haven't been yet, you need to.

7. Puebla Modern Mexican

An attractive modern restaurant, featuring new takes on traditional Mexican food.  Their Margaritas are fantastic, which, is just as important as the food right?!

8. Beef Shack 

Family owned and operated since 2011, Beef Shack is a quick service restaurant serving premium quality food at affordable prices.  It has been voted "Best Beef" by the Kane County Chronicle for three consecutive years since 2012.  Each sandwich is hand crafted to perfection. ensuring a satisfying experience every single time.  

9. The Office

A great, unique and fun experience in St. Charles! As much a destination as it is a place for great food. But you may want to make a reservation at this incredible gastropub, as it's a favorite among the locals.  The building is beautiful, the food is great and the staff are friendly.  Perfect for a fun dinner with friends, a business, or really any occasion. If you've never been to a gastropub, you'll feel like you've been transported back to old time England. You'll love it! Get it on your "To Do" list now!

10. Giordano's

Giordano's! Enough said.  

"Its creation began in a small northern Italian town near Torino. Mama Giordano was famous around town for her exquisite cooking. Of all her renowned dishes, her most beloved meal was her “Italian Easter Pie”. Mama Giordano would serve this double- crusted, cheese stuffed masterpiece every year for Easter. This pizza pie became a sacred tradition in the Giordano family and a legend in the town of Torino. Years later, original owners and Italian immigrants Efren and Joseph Boglio moved to Chicago to start their own pizza business. The brothers introduced their Mama’s recipe for stuffed pizza. In 1974, on Chicago’s historic south side, Efren and Joseph opened the first Giordano’s. Over the next 40 years, hundreds of critics announced Giordano’s as the city’s “best” stuffed pizza! The rest is history you can still taste today, along with our other great starters, fresh salads, outstanding pastas and unique sandwiches. We continue evolving to bring you a taste of real, fresh Italian!" -Giordano's


As you can see, you have plenty of incredible restaurants to choose from any day of the week! Just do us a favor and let us know what you think of these any other fine St.Charles establishments. We want to keep our local businesses thriving and the more we can let others know about their amazing food and outstanding service....the more successful they will be, and the more successful our community will be as well. 

8 Things You Should Do After Moving Into Your New Home

by The Rullo Team

Buying a home is obviously a BIG investment.  There are factors you've been considering for months: location, amenities, neighbors, schools, and more.  Once the papers have been signed, it's easy to relax and forget key chores every homebuyer should do once they move into their new home, but don't worry, here is a list of 8 important things you don't want to forget.   

1. Change the locks

You really don't know who else has keys to your place...when it comes to security, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re the only one with keys, and the only way to really be sure is to get new locks. This is done by either re-keying or buying an entirely new lock set.  You can replace deadbolts yourself for around ten dollars.  Another option, becoming popular these days, is digital locks.  These open with a code and work with a home automation system (smart home).  So, you can live key free as well as lock or unlock your doors remotely.  

2. Look for leaks

Ok, so you've probably had a home inspection done before you bought the property, however, even if this report came back clean, theres no harm in double checking.  The risk is too great.  One way people are combating these water issues is with a set of sensors linked to their smart home system.  These sensors give you real time information for if and when a water leak develops.  This way you can be absolutely sure there are no leaks, and if one occurs, you can handle it right away before it does too much damage.   

*TIP: Here’s a neat trick: Check your water meter at the beginning and end of a two-hour window in which no water is being used in your house. If the reading is different, you have a leak.

3. Kick out the pests

 Pests are tricky.  You may not even know you have a pest problem. The previous homeowners may not have known about the issue, or maybe they simply "forgot" about the “friendly” squirrel living in the attic.  Well, there are a number of ways to get rid of these critters, some are more squeamish than others.  There are the classic mouse traps, which aren't really ideal, as no one likes waking up to a half-dead, writhing mouse in the morning, there are poisons, humane traps, that don't injure the mice, etc.  But, the easiest way is to hire a professional, which will run you $100-$300, and there is a way to ensure these professionals don't miss anything; similarly to the water sensors, you can place motion sensors where suspected pests are, which will then alert your mobile device when motion is detected.  Now you know exactly where these pests have been hiding and can call a pest control company and point them right to where the problem is.  

4. Inspect your furnace / AC

Get familiar with their new HVAC system as soon as possible. Make sure the home inspector takes a close look at the duct work around your furnace for broken or torn ducts and excessive taping.  Also, stand near the furnace while it’s running, the air should move through the system not into the room.  

Digital thermostats are the way to go.  Especially ones you can control with your smart phone or tablet, it's just too convenient.  It also gives you the ability to set your temperatures remotely... say if you're on vacation and it is a super hot day back home.  

5. Update your lighting

Everyone has their own unique lighting preferences.  I like being able to change the brightness of lights in each particular room, so I like the dimmable ones. Once you've lived in the house for a couple weeks, you start to get a feel for your preferences in this particular space.  Make it YOUR home.  And yes, you guessed it, you can also set these up digitally and control them from your phone! 

6. Get to know your circuit breaker 

It's always a good idea to figure out what fuses control what room and then label them accordingly.  It will take two people: One to flip the switch and and yell "How about now?" and the other to stand in the different rooms and yell back "yeah, that one!"

7. Get to know the main water valve 

You want to make sure you can turn this valve off incase of an emergency; tornado or plumbing emergencies are common.  Another smart idea is to turn this valve off when you leave town.  You don't want to come home from vacation to find a pool of water in the basement.  It could be located outside or inside the home; find it and make sure you can turn it off.  Then test it by going inside and turning on the faucet.  

8. Steam clean your carpets

If you really want to get off to a fresh start, steam clean your carpets before you move any of the furniture in. You can hire a professional for around 50$ a room or you can rent a steam cleaners and do it yourself.  Either way, you won't regret it.  

Spectacular Waterfront Home In Wayne!

by The Rullo Team

Absolutely Spectacular Waterfront Home in the Heart of Quaint Wayne!

6N235 Surrey Road Wayne, Illinois


This 4 bedroom, 5 1/2 bath custom home is magnificent in ever respect.  The 9000 square foot stunning interior has vaulted and volume ceilings, 5 fireplaces, sauna/steam room, roof deck & Smart Home Technology.


Offered By: Alex and Vicky Rullo
The gorgeous first floor master suite with private loft, sitting room, & luxurious bath is the perfect place to escape the stresses of the day.  The beautiful kitchen is decorated in Maple & granite; formal living and dining rooms for all your entertaining needs; wonderful family room; 20x20 window surround office & 25x16 all-purpose rooms.  

A walk-out lower level is beautifully finished to include a media room, bar, recreation room and more! 4 amazing acres with an in-ground pool, brick patios, decks and an exquisite 1 plus acre pond featuring amazing waterfalls, grottos, fountains, walking paths and a fire pit...
Truly One-of-a-kind!

Tour des Fleurs Contest - Vote for your favorite gardens!

by The Rullo Team

Help support the Geneva Beautification Committee by voting for your favorite Tour des Fleurs gardens. The Beautification Committee consists of organizations, businesses, families and individual volunteers that adopt and maintain planting beds, containers and flower boxes located in Geneva's Central Business District. Your donations help support these efforts throughout the year, keeping Geneva beautiful!     Each $1 donated counts as 1 vote for a garden. Visit the City of Geneva website for contest rules and instructions on voting and donating.

The Voting Period is June 15 through Aug. 31. Voting for multiple gardens is encouraged!

#26 Le Potager, State & Third streets
#17 Karen Maladra, Esther Steel & Vivian Wissing, James & Second streets
#16  Le Jardin Scolaire, State & Second streets
#46  Les Fées des Bords de la Rivière, Second & Hamilton streets
#31 B & C  Geneva Lions Club - We Serve, Third & James streets
#31 A  It's Miscella, Third & James streets
#31 D  Neri's Flower Patch by the Fox, Third & James streets
#36  Harrison Street School, Fourth & James streets
#30  City Center Southwest,  State & Third streets
#1  Eastside Beau Jardin, State Street & Eastside Drive

If you would like any information on local real estate, visit our website at 


Sugar Grove IL Two of The Top 25 Golf Courses in Illinois!

by The Rullo Team

If it isn't clear yet, here's another reason why living in the Fox Valley is like a dream come true:

Two of Illinois Top Golf Courses are located right here in Sugar GroveIL!  Reboot Illinois just released a list of the Top 25 Golf Courses in Illinois for 2015/16, and ofcourse it came as no suprise to the golfersin the Fox Valley that we made the list.

#13  Black Sheep Golf Course

Not only is Black Sheep number 13 on Reboot's list, it has also been named one of the Top 100 Golf Courses in America...hows that for validation?!  A small group ofgolfers gathered in the fall og 1999 with the intention to build an outstanding golf course where serious golfers can play with the quick pace they're used to and enjoythe commaraderie of friends and members who play a similar game of golf, in a casual atmosphere and without all the pretention that come with some clubs of thiscalibre.  This artuflly designed course is a 27 hole facility, designed by former Professional Golfer David Esler, whose aim was to keep it classic, with inland links likeShinnecock Hills, Prairie Dunes and Sand Hills.  In addition to the three nines (each with a par 36) David included a world class practice facility complete with ashort game practice area and an enormous two acre putting green. The natural rolling prairie offers many elevation changes; no game is ever the same.   

Check Out Black Sheep's Golf Club Scorecard and Course Rating


#6 Rich Harvest Links

Crowds are not an issue here! Waiting between shots... unheard of!  Membership is limited, so you'll be playing golf with people like you!  Opening in 1999, RichHarvest Farms has been a premiere destination for golfers around the world.  It is a private members-only course and is home to the Kids Golf Foundation of Illinois as well as Northern Illinois University Huskies Men's & Women's Golf Teams.  Rich Harvest has received many awards and honors, including; Worlds Top 1,000 GolfCourses and Golf Digest's "America's 100 Greatest Gold Courses".  Golf Digest loves Rich Harvest, naming it the 5th Best New Golf Course in the United States in1999 and Gold Digest isn't the only fan!  Rich Harvest Links has hosted some of the best tournaments in the game!  

The next few years they'll host: 

2015 Western Amateur (August 3-8, 2015)*

 2015 Palmer Cup

2016 LPGA UL International Crown (July 19-24, 2016) 

2017 NCAA Division I Men’s & Women’s National Championships (May 18-31, 2017)

If Sugar Grove IL sounds like the kind of town you'd like to live in, give us a call or visit our website to look at Homes that are available for Sale or follow this link:

Homes for Sale in Sugar Grove IL

You can also join our Exclusive Preferred Email Listing Alerts. This service allows you to set up your personal preferences so that when a home with your needs comes onto the market, you are notified FIRST! Beating out other house hunters, even agents in the area!  Of course, the best way to find the home that really meets your needs is to work with us directly....but if you'd rather look by yourself for a little while first, that is totally your perogative!

We're always here to help! All you have to do is ask.

Geneva Arts Fair

by The Rullo Team


July 25-26th, 2015 10 am – 5 pm,  100 S. Third Street,  Geneva, Illinois
Watch more than 145 artists draw, paint, sculpt, fire ceramics and create original works.  All art is available for sale! Click here for a roster of the artists. Come for the day or hang around Geneva for the whole weekend! For more information, visit the Geneva Chamber of Commerce website.
If you would like any information on local real estate, visit our website at

Geneva IL One of the Best Suburbs To Live In Illinois

by The Rullo Team

For those living in the Fox Valley, it comes as no surprise that Geneva, Batavia and St. Charles all made Niche's 2015 list of Top 100 Suburbs to live in Illinois.  Niche ranks US suburbs based on livability; grading each for weather, safety, schools, and access to activities, jobs, housing, and transportation.  A high ranking then, indicates those particular suburbs offer a high quality of life to those living there.



A suburb of 21,607 residents has extremely high home values, with an average of $314,100.  The tight nit Geneva citizens pride themselves on their "small town" community, where the shopowners downtown know their clients by name and give a wave as you pass by.  Downtown itself is adorable, with many local businesses and resturaunts. The residents usually have high education levels and thus, income levels are usually quite high at an average household income of $92,126.  Another plus is that crime here seems almost non-existant.  Which all adds up to an A+ Grade for Geneva.  For more information on Homes for Sale in Geneva, give us a call or visit our website at this link: Geneva IL Homes for Sale 


There are 25,943 residents in Batavia, IL.  Similar to Geneva, the home values here are high, averaging $278,000, with a poverty rate 50% lower than the national average.  The residents here love the local biking paths and access to the river, which provides many options for outdoor excercise.  There are alot more local-homegrown stores than chains, providing unique options for the residents living here and just the right ammount of big box stores to satisfy every desire.  Like the rest of the Fox Valley, crime really isn't an issue.  Niche gives Batavia an A rating.  For more information on Batavia & Homes for Sale, visit this link: Batavia IL Homes for Sale 


Another A+ ranking from Niche.  The 33,227 residents enjoy high income levels, the median being $80,063 and extremely low unemployment levels at 3.3%.  The median home value is $279,600, around $100,000 more than the national average.  Like the rest of the Fox Valley, St. Charles loves it's local flavor and prefers the authentic local shops than big chain department stores, however residents can find both here. For more information, visit our St. Charles Community Page.


Here is the full list of Niche's Top Illinois Suburbs 2015.

Remember, if you find yourself looking for a home in the Fox Valley, our experts on  The Rullo Team are here to help! The housing market is the best it's been since 2007 and moving fast. So give us a call or visit our website. You may even want to sign up for our exclusive Email Alerts for new homes that come onto the market. Just follow this link: Preferred Email Listing Alerts

Illinois: 5th Best State To Make A Living

by The Rullo Team

Last year Illinois missed the Top 10 ranking of Best States To Make A Living, but it's made a huge come back this year!  

A new report by confirms that Illinois' position as a good place to earn a living grew a lot from 2014 to 2015, moving up many spaces since not making the Top Ten Last Year, to claim the number 5 spot in this year's ranking, which was based on: 


  1. Average Wages (data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  2. State Tax Rates ( analyzed state tax information collected by the research group Tax Foundation)
  3. Cost Of Living (data sourced from the Council For Community and Economic Research's Cost Of Living Index)
  4. Unemployment Rate (from UA bureau of Labor Statistics)
  5. Incidents of Workplace Illness/Injuries/Fatalities (data sourced from reports to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the BLS Survey of Occupational Injuries)
No doubt, this is due to Illinois' high wages combined with a reasonable tax rate and cost of living.  Check out the infographic below to see what states beat us and what states are seriously lagging.  For the full report and a full ranking of states, visit Reboot Illinois.



*Graphic Obtained From Reboot Illinois

So, if you'd like to make the most of the state you live in or maybe you're planning a visit or moving here, either way, Keep checking back with us on our website blog and our Facebook Page as we keep posting Events, Festivals and all the great things taking place in St. CharlesGeneva and Batavia Illinois!

Remember, if you find yourself looking for a home in the Fox Valley, our experts on The Rullo Team are here to help! The housing market is the best it's been since 2007 and moving fast. So give us a call or visit our website. You may even want to sign up for our exclusive Email Alerts for new homes that come onto the market. Just follow this link: Preferred Email Listing Alerts

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