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by The Rullo Team

Aurora - official trick-or-treat hours are 4 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31, 2014
Batavia - suggested hours for trick-or-treating are from 4:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. 
Elburn - suggested hours for trick-or-treating are from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. 
Elgin - Recommended Halloween trick-or-treating hours are from 4:00pm to 7:00pm on Friday, Oct. 31, 2014
Geneva - recommends children and their parents trick-or-treat in their neighborhoods between 3 and 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31.
­­­­­­­­St. Charles - suggested hours for trick-or-treating are from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 31, 2014. 
For information on other towns in the area and throughout Illinois, visit the Haunted Illinois website. 


If you would like any information on local real estate, visit our website at


by The Rullo Team



If you would like any information on local real estate, visit our website at

Getting Your Fox Valley Home Energy Efficient for Winter

by The Rullo Team


For many of us in the Fox Valley the winter season brings visions of the holidays, winter sports and nights sitting around the fireplace wrapped up in a comforter sipping on our favorite hot drinks. For others it causes headaches and sleepless nights of cold or worries over a soaring energy bills.

Instead of worrying, there are things that can be done to limit the damage to our wallet, and still keep you and your family safe and comfortable during the winter months. Here are some “easy to do” energy saving tips to try


  • GET A HOME ENERGY AUDIT- most companies will do this for free.
  • SEAL ALL LEAKS IN YOUR HOME- including where cables & pipes come into the home and around the sump pump.
  • CLEAN FIREPLACE/CHIMNEY BEFORE SEASONAL USE- This includes wood burning stoves
  • ADD ADDITIONAL INSULATION -to attic, basement and exterior walls if needed.

A few other things to consider:

  • Unplug all unused appliances, and electrical components when not in use.
  • Use or purchase Energy Star Products.
  • Install Programmable Thermostats
  • Always turn off lights in rooms not being used
  • Turn down your thermostat at night time
  • Make sure your curtains are open during the daytime (Sunshine) hours
  • Clear Heating Vents of furniture, debris or blocks of any kind

Keep in mind that if you are planning on selling your home, that buyers are very conscience of energy costs associated with a home and will consistently ask for heating and cooling records. Anything you can do to make your home more energy efficient will not only help you, but will help sell your home at a later time. Now a days, Buyers aren't just looking for the home that's beautiful on the outside….they need it to be energy efficient on the inside for them to scoop it up quickly when it hits the market.


If you're interested in more tips or information on becoming a homeowner in the Fox Valley area, give us a call, stop in our office, or check out our website at


If you are a homeowner in the Fox Valley and are in need of assistance this home heating season, following this link for more information......ILLINOIS ASSIST

WHY DO LEAVES TURN COLORS? (and visit our bike trails!)

by The Rullo Team


The leaves don't really "turn" a certain color -- they just lose their GREEN.  As the days get shorter, there is not enough light to produce green chlorophyll so it disappears from the leaves.  As the green fades away, we begin to see YELLOWS and ORANGES; these colors have been there all along, covered up by the green.  We see bright REDS and PURPLES appear in some leaves in the fall, this is caused by trapped sugars in the leaves exposed to sunlight and cool autumn nights. A succession of warm, sunny days and cool, crisp but not freezing nights seems to bring about the most spectacular color displays.  What better way to enjoy all the colors of the season than riding the bike trails along the Fox River!
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by The Rullo Team

image via: Patrick Kunzer,Daily Herald Staff Photographer

Peck Farm Park, 4038 Kaneville Road, Geneva, Il 60134 –Saturday, October 25. The family-friendly parade begins promptly at 1:30 pm. with line-up beginning at 1:15 pm. Prizes will be awarded, so be sure to dress both your dog and family to impress! For more information, call (630)-232-4542 or visit

If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in the Fox Valley Area please contact a real estate professional with the Rullo Team.


by The Rullo Team


Fridays & Saturdays, October 17-25
Sundays, 19 & 26, Scare-Free
Steel Beam Theatre’s haunted house, the Kane County Scaregrounds returns for a fourth scary year.  Visit the Kane County Scaregrounds website for ticket information, hours of operation and for special times when the haunted house is “scare-free” for the little zombies.
Fridays & Saturdays, October 17-25
Visit the
Haunted Quarry at the Hall Quarry Beach…the water has been drained, the guards have gone away… Visit the Batavia Park District website for ticket information, hours of operation and age restrictions.
October 25, 2014, 5:00 PM - 9:30 PM CDT
Wheeler Park has been transformed into the ultimate obstacle course, every 5 minutes a new group will begin their journey through the land of the undead… Visit the Geneva Chamber website for ticket information, and hours of operations, including special times for the less intense family-friendly course.
If you would like any information on local real estate, visit our website at


by The Rullo Team

Windy Acres
Address: 37W446 Fabyan Parkway
Geneva, IL 60134
Phone: 630-232-6429
Fax: 630-232-6459
Website: Windy Acres


Kuipers Family Farm
Address: 1N318 Watson Road
Maple Park, IL 60151
Phone: 815-827-5200
Fax: 815-827-4100
Website: Kuipers Family Farm

Norton's Produce
Address: 39 W 369 Illinois Highway 64
Saint Charles, IL 60175
Phone: 630-377-8118
Website: Norton's Produce


Sonny Acres Farm
Address: 29W310 North Avenue
West Chicago, IL 60185
Phone: 630-231-3859
Website: Sonny Acres Farm
If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in the Fox Valley Area please contact a real estate professional with the Rullo Team.

St Charles SCARECROW FESTIVAL is only a week away!

by The Rullo Team

It's FALL!  The trees are changing, the leaves are falling, and St. Charles is getting ready for a weekend full of festivities. Come on out next weekend, October 10-12, for the annual St. Charles Scarecrow Festival! Families across the Midwest have filled the streets of St. Charles for over 25 years to experience this award-winning festival. That's right it's the 25th Anniversary!

 You can be a part of a main event this weekend and vote for your favorite scarecrow in the Annual Scarecrow Contest. There will be over 150 handcrafted scarecrows ready to scare you right out of your shoes!


The festival is filled with events and entertainment for all types of ghouls and goblins. Get the family together and experience the St. Charles community at it’s finest. Enjoy live music, create your own scarecrow, hitch a ride at the carnival, or take your kids to the petting zoo. There are all sorts of activities planned to fill your weekend with fun.

 Don’t worry about parking or dreaded parking tickets because admission, parking, trolleys and shuttles are completely FREE! Be sure to plan your weekend in St. Charles and see for yourself why Scarecrow Fest is one of the Top 100 events in America.


Festival Information can be found at the links below:




For information about homes or becoming a home owner in the Fox Valley, check out our website, give us a call or stop by our office.  We would love to talk to you and answer all your questions about this fantastic area!  Have a wonderful time at the Festival!

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Fall Maintenance Checklist for your Fox Valley Home

by The Rullo Team

It's that time of year ... before we know it the beautiful colors of red, orange, and gold will be blanketing the ground of the Fox Valley area and the temperatures will be dipping lower. That means we need to get in gear and get our homes ready to handle the demands of the upcoming winter season. Below is a checklist of the most common Home Maintenance items that need to be done in the fall. The great news is that you can easily get them done on a weekend....and you'll be able to save a little money over the winter by tackling them now.

1. Paging Dr Heat!........It's time to get your furnace a physical. Each year you need to clean and /or replace furnace filters and wipe down any dust that has accumulated around the unit. If you hear any screeching or whines, or unusual noises with the system, you should call in to have a service technician come out and check the unit before winter season sets in.

2. Time To Get Your Mind In The Gutters! Inspect your gutters and downspouts for any clogs, and clean out the path thoroughly. Make sure this is done once the leaves are completely down from the trees at the end of the season as well. Keeping the gutters cleaned ensures that your home will not incur exterior damage to foundation walls or water in the basement. You may want to invest in mesh coverings for your gutters that will prevent any leaves or other debri from collecting in them in the future.

3. Get Yourself A View From The Top! Now that we're already talking about the top of the house we might as well stay there. It's very important to check your roof for damaged shingles before entering the winter season. Nothing is worse for a homeowner than a small drip that turns into a full blown disaster by the time they realize it's a hole in the roof! So take the time to scan the entire roof, top to bottom, looking for cracks, wind damage, curling of shingles, ones completely gone, damage to the metal flashing, etc. Once you have done your evaluation, have it repaired as soon as possible.

4. Walk the Walk Baby! You really need to take a walk around your home, inspection every walkway surface. Damaged walkways are a hazard everyday, but bad weather makes them even more dangerous. Look for large cracks, uneven payment, loose bricks or pavers, loose railings, etc. Once you've made your list head over to your local home improvement store and get to work. The little time it takes to fix could potentially save you thousands in bills later on.

5. CHILL OUT.....or maybe we should just say FREEZE! Make sure to shut off all your exterior irrigation systems and drain the lines of the systems and hoses. Make sure to use a styrofoam faucet cover for your outdoor faucets and make sure all valves are in the closed and off position.

6. Gather 'Round the Fire. Fall and Winter are great for having fires in the fireplace, but making sure you have cleaned out the soot and creosote buildup is critical. It is also important to clean out any cobwebs and check for any bird nests or any other unwanted pests. We'd recommend calling in a professional if you have any questions at all.

7. Keeping the OTHER Wood fires Burning. Woodburning stoves have made a huge comeback over the past couple years, but just like fireplaces, they also need to be inspected to run efficiently and safely. Be sure to read and operate by the instructions and follow the maintenance as required.

8. I'm Sealing Away.... This can be a big job, but a very necessary one that can help save some green on the heating bills for the year! Walk through your home and seal any gaps and cracks around windows and doors with weather-stripping or caulk. If you are going to be using caulk- especially in places like joints, corners, places protruding from the wall- this will need to be done before the temperatures get too cool.

9. Keep it Humming! With winters dry air many of us keep the humidifier going on a constant rotation. To ensure efficient operation make sure to clean the plates or pads every 60 days or as recommended by the manufacturer.

10. Ready....Stop, now Reverse. Help with your heating bills by changing the direction of your ceiling fans. Reverse the direction of the fans and create an upward draft that redistributes the warm air from the ceiling. Also make sure to clean the blades of the fan regularly with a soapy water mixture. Dust and bacteria builds up on the blades daily and regular use also moves that through the air as well.

11. It's a Safety Dance. Make sure your family is safe. A home safety check is a ritual that should be done twice annually in every household. Test your Smoke Detectors & CO Monitors, Inspect or Install Fire Extinguishers, Review or Make a Fire Escape Plan for your Family and rid your home of any fire hazards.

12. A Few Final Notes...... Make sure to embrace the season! Put up a great fall wreath on the front door, buy a few Mums from a local store. Visit a local orchard and pick some apples for baking a yummy Apple Pie and get ready for the pumpkins!  

If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in the Fox Valley Area please contact a real estate professional with the Rullo Team.

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by The Rullo Team

Thrillist recently named Geneva’s Island Park one of its “8 Best Outdoor Dates In And Around Chicago.” Chicago is one of the 21 (and counting) cities covered by Thrillist, and according to the website: “An easy one-hour Metra ride from Downtown (Chicago), a trip to Geneva checks every box on the date checklist. Bound around the beautiful, open-air park along the Fox River (which continues into the Forest Preserve), then pop into the historic downtown for dinner before grabbing a room at the Herrington Inn, where you can enjoy nature a different way by drinking mojitos on an eye-arousing back patio overlooking the river.”

What is Thrillist? Quick, free daily email -  “Each weekday, we'll drop you a must-have recommendation, from the best of what's new, to deeply under-the-radar goodness”.  You can read the entire date hotspots list at: Thrillist's "Best Outdoor Dates" List.

If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in the Fox Valley Area please contact a real estate professional with the Rullo Team.

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 375

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