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Buy Your Dream Home With These Financial Tips!

by The Rullo Team

Buying a new home in the Fox River Valley is a major financial commitment. However, you never need to feel like home ownership is out of reach. There are several steps you can take now to help you afford your dream home!


Find more Home Buying Tips and Search Homes for Sale in the Fox River Valley, by giving us a call today or visiting our website at

The Rullo's Named Top Real Estate Team In Region!

by The Rullo Team



For the 22nd consecutive year, Alex Rullo - Broker with RE/MAX All Pro in St. Charles, was honored for his production in 2018 at the annual RE/MAX R4 International Convention. Out of over 2,300 sales associates in the Northern Illinois region, Alex and The Rullo Team are ranked #12!


Alex and his wife Vicky Rullo, also a RE/MAX Broker, have consistently placed in the Top 1% of All Realtors Nationally. Rullo is a charter member of the RE/MAX International Hall of Fame. He has also earned the coveted Circle of Legends Award, the Chairman’s Award as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is the equivalent of three Hall of Fame Awards.


Alex and Vicky provide their clients with the highest level of service by offering a full team of professionals with experience and cutting edge skills. The Rullo Team includes Brokers, Sandy Selander and Adam Rullo, Client Care Coordinator, Denise Huelskamp, and Special Project Manager, Kristi Capo. The Rullo Team can be reached at 630-513-1771, [email protected] or visit their website at to view any home in the USA!

St. Charles Ranked As One of the Best Small Towns in America!

by The Rullo Team

Escape the hustle and bustle of larger cities by finding a quaint, tight knit smaller community instead. Many small towns across the country are filled with spectacular amenities while offering short commutes to larger metropolitan areas. They are perfect for families and individuals who are looking for more space, affordability, and a high quality of life. Looking for the perfect small town to call home? Come to St. Charles, which was ranked among the Best Small Cities in America!

Financial website WalletHub recently conducted a study to rank America's smaller cities based on affordability and quality of life. The study ranked 1,268 cities across the country that had populations between 25,000 and 100,000. It focused on 33 key livability indicators. These indicators included a variety of factors that contribute to a high quality of life such as housing costs, quality of school-system, access to amenities and entertainment, commute time, recreational facilities, and more.


When the results came in......St. Charles was ranked at the top of the pack!




Interested in Buying your dream home in this great American small town? Check out all the Current Homes for Sale in St. Charles! Give The Rullo Team a call today or visit our website at   

Tips for Obtaining an Accurate Moving Quote

by alexandvickyrullo
 Hiring a mover is not something most of us do every day, and it’s difficult to know whether the quote you received is fair or a blatant rip-off. The Rullo Team wants every aspect of your move to go smoothly, and we recommend arming yourself with knowledge before searching for a moving company. If you’re planning on living in metro Chicago, follow these tips for hiring the right mover. Do your homework and then do it again Make sure the companies you work with are licensed and insured. Be sure to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the company has received any complaints. Know the details The best way to get an accurate quote is to provide the mover with a detailed picture of the job. Know exactly how much needs to be moved and when. You can’t give enough details, so be as meticulous as possible. Compare quotes Some quotes will be higher than others, but that doesn't mean you should dismiss them out of hand. This could mean that one company has more experienced and better-compensated employees which will improve the quality of work. Also, understand exactly what the fee covers before you agree to anything. The Rullo Team understands the entire process of buying and selling homes in metro Chicago. If living in metro Chicago is in your future, contact us today.
 Avoid moving stress by planning ahead for the challenges coming your way.

 Making the move to metro Chicago is exciting, but once the joy of landing the perfect subsides and thought of moving all your stuff sets in, it can become a nightmare if you don’t plan. Packing and Unpacking Even the neatest homemakers of us can collect a lot of stuff. Just remember that it’s better to sell it or give it away than move it. Be ruthless when cleaning out rooms and get rid of things you don’t need.. Moving Without Professional Help Make sure you recruit at least one friend to help with the move. You risk injury when moving heavy objects and most of the time it’s impossible to move things like refrigerators and couches. Also look for tools to help move big pieces like dollies, straps and other tools the pros use. Plan for Home Improvement Projects Even if your new home is in stellar condition there will be projects to complete to make the place your own. Plan for the money and time needed to complete the projects before you move. Considering a move to Chicago’s metro area? Make The Rullo Team your first call.

Cost of Moving Can Get Out of Hand

by mbraddick

If you are wanting to relocate to St. Charles you likely understand that a move can be expensive. In addition to moving expenses you'll encounter charges for utility hook ups, moving supplies, and other unexpected costs. There are several things you can do to save  yourself some money:

  • Ask for help In order to curb moving costs consider how you can ask friends and family to help. You can request for others to save boxes for you, help with a garage sale, or participate in the actual move.
  • De-clutter and downsize By eliminating unnecessary items before you move you'll have the opportunity to save time and money. Professional movers charge by the total truck weight and if you're moving yourself more items will require a larger truck rental or more trips between houses.
  • Run the numbers When you are moving you have a variety of choices; professional movers, renting a moving truck, or doing it with your own truck.  Each has its own benefits and drawbacks and represent a wide range of prices based on the distance of your move and the amount of belongings you're moving. Before you decide on your moving method calculate the total cost of each option.

When you make the decision to relocate to St. Charles it is helpful to have a professional real estate agent on your side. The real estate experts at the Rullo Team are prepared to help walk you through the moving process and save you some money. Image via: stock.xchng

Chicago was recently awarded a coveted spot on the list of the 30 greenest cities in the United States. Nabbing the 8th spot, Chicago has proven itself to be a leader in practices that promote sustainable living and responsible environmental stewardship. The rankings were published by Corporate Knights Capital and took into account a variety of factors when determining the rankings. A city's smart growth activities, land-use, transportation, pollution policies, energy and resource conservation, sustainability, and governance were all analyzed. Chicago's strong showing in these rankings proves that the metropolitan area is serious about its environmental impact and the benefits these practices have on its citizens. The green trends aren't limited to the city's policies and practices though.  Many of the sustainable practices the city promotes are also being reflected in the metro Chicago real estate market.  Many homeowners are installing environmentally friendly products including solar panels, tankless water heaters, or energy efficient appliances. Recycling programs are thriving across the metro Chicago real estate market and homeowners are exploring ways to cut down on their carbon footprint by utilizing public transportation, adjusting their home's thermostats, and conserving energy. Although the Chicago metropolitan area ranked high on this year's list there are always improvements to be made.  As a community we can work together to lower our environmental impact and reduce our footprint. If you are interested in  Chicago metro real estate, please contact one of real estate professionals at the Rullo Team. Image via: stock.xchng

Chicago Ranks in Top Cities with the Most New Construction

by nicolesmith

Need a reason to relocate to the Chicago area? The experts of The Rullo Team have a great one: construction and growth. McGraw-Hill Construction created an analysis  that ranked the nation's top 20 metropolitan areas for construction. This study included construction for single-family homes, multi-family homes, office spaced, retail spaced, warehouses, healthcare facilities, educational buildings, manufacturing plants and research facilities. Chicago ranked No. 5 on the list. McGraw-Hill says decided to measure  construction starts because they are a leading indicator of economic activity, and the statistics of construction are often used by builders, developers and economists. The rest of the list is below. Take a look.

Chicago Ranks in Top Cities with the Most New Construction

  No. 1 New York No. 2 Dallas No. 3 Houston No. 4 Washington D.C. No. 5 Chicago No. 6 Boston No. 7 Los Angeles No. 8 Phoneix No. 9 Seattle No. 10 Atlanta No. 11 San Francisco No. 12 Philadelphia No. 13 Denver No. 14 Miami No. 15 Minneapolis No. 15 San Antonio (tie) No. 16 Salt Lake City No. 16 New Orleans (tie) No. 17 Portland The Rullo Team has vast knowledge of real estate news and is delighted to provide valuable information on buying a home and ways to save money when purchasing a house. Use our expertise to choose the right Chicago Metro home and community for you and your family. Call us today at 630-513-1771 for more information. Photo via

7 Terms Every Chicago Home Buyer Must Know

by nicolesmith

7 Terms Every Home Buyer Should Know

The Rullo Team will help you have a seamless transition from renting to becoming a homeowner in the suburban areas of Chicago. Below is a list of the seven terms every Chicago home buyer should know, referenced from After reading each brief definition feel free to give us a call if you have anymore questions about buying a home in Chicago. Buyer Cost Sheet -  Includes everything  the buyer will be responsible for Commission Authorization -The Realtor commission Contingency--Clause in a contract that specifically sets the conditions under which the contract can be voided and the deposit returned to home buyer Disclosure/Disclaimer--Most states require the seller to complete a form that tells the buyer about their property Earnest Money Deposit- Check usually written by buyer for their earnest money deposit Escrow- An account including the buyers deposit and all financial transactions Good Faith Estimate-Gives the buyer a snapshot of estimated closing cost, the down payment,and prepaid items Whether you are a native or looking to relocate to chicago, The Rullo Team will freely share their years of knowledge and experience during your home buying process. Call us today at 888-457-8005 for more information. Photo via

How to Cut Closing Costs on Your Chicago Home

by nicolesmith

The Rullo Team can provide all of the expertise you need to get started in finding the right place in the Chicago Metro area.

How to Cut Closing Costs on Your Chicago Home

And when you are ready to close on the house, our team wants to help you pay only what you have to, nothing more. Below you'll find a list from referencing ways to cut costs when you close on a home. Make sure to look over all of the tips, and when you want to go looking for the ideal home, give us call. No.1 Know what the closing costs will be in Illinois since government fees will vary from state to state. No. 2 Know what is a legitimate fee and what is not; fees typically are these four types: lender, title and third party, escrow and interest, and government. No. 3 Know how to use your Good Faith Estimate wisely; get a GFE from multiple mortgage lenders which will help you comparison shop for the best mortgage rates. No. 4 Know that you should scrutinzie your HUD-1 statement; do not not rush through this phase, and thoroughly review your HUD-1 to make sure the fees it shows are correct and consistent with what you've been told. No. 5 Know how to use your time; since a HUD-1 statement must be provided at least 72 hours before closing, this is your chance to look over everything without feeling rushed or pressured at the closing table. The Rullo Team has vast  knowledge of real estate news and is delighted to provide valuable information on buying your first home and ways to save money when purchasing a house. Use our expertise to choose the right Chicago Metro home and community for you and your family. Call us today at 630-513-1771 for more information.

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