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New Keys Please

by alexandvickyrullo

 Purchasing a home is a very exciting time. So many things to think about! Where to put your furnishings, paint colors, decorating… With so many things on your mind, even the most organized of movers can overlook the most obvious changes.  I’m sure you remember to change your utilities, forward your mail, install your cable and internet services, but there is one very necessary and often forgotten task. It is very important to remember to change your locks! If there are no deadbolts, make sure to install them. Until you change those locks, there is no way to know how many people have a copy of your key. It is a pretty safe bet the previous owners shared a key with at least one neighbor and/or family member. They also would have given a key to the realtor and possibly even a home cleaning service, dog walker, or sitter.  It is always a good idea to have a locksmith scheduled to change your locks as soon after closing as possible. Though, you can always buy new locks and just change them yourself. Any hardware store will have a selection of models and prices for locks and deadbolts that you can install with just a screwdriver.  Make sure to remember this small task and your new purchase will be as safe and exciting as possible!

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What is Shadow Inventory?

by alansche

One of the real estate terms that has recently been gaining more importance is shadow inventory, and we have yet to cover the meaning and why exactly it is becoming so prominent in today's market. Shadow inventory refers to real estate properties that are in foreclosure and have yet to be sold or those that are not yet listed due to a fear of flooding the market. This can create a certain level of uncertainty for home sellers as to when is the best time to list their homes for sale. Fortunately, shadow inventory seems to be declining. This is good news for home sellers as there is a smaller chance that your home experiences increased competition. For home buyers, however, it means that there are fewer 'once-in-a-lifetime' deals to be had. Would you like to learn more about shadow inventory in Saint Charles and how it affects you as a home buyer or seller? Call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 and visit our website. Image via The Rullo Team

Geneva Offers Some of the Best Schools in Illinois

by alansche

Last Fall, the Geneva School District received the SchoolSearch Bright A+ Award for academic excellence in education for the fifth year in a row. Once again, the Chicago Metro school system has proven that it is truly one of the best in the state. The prestigious award is given to school districts where the students' academic performance is among the top five percent in the state of Illinois. Geneva School District was one of only 59 school districts to receive the award in 2011 out of a total of 868 districts in the state. The Geneva School District also received the 2011 Bright Red Apple Award of Excellence in Spring 2011. The award goes to schools districts based on a variety of factors including academic performance, pupil/teacher ratio, and more. It was the seventh time in a row the district has earned the honor. If you and your family are looking to move to the Chicago Metro area, Geneva should be at the top of your list. It offers only the best academics for your children and is truly a great place to live. Call the Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 for more information about buying a home in Geneva. Image via Flickr

'Comps' are Important When Selling Your Geneva Home

by alansche

When you decide to sell your home on the Geneva real estate market, your real estate agent takes many 'comps' into mind in order to help you decide on the best price at which to list your home. It is important for your agent to find the appropriate 'comps' in order to make sure your home is priced at appropriately, giving you a better chance at earning more on the final sale. 'Comps,' or comparisons, are exactly that. When someone looks to buy a home in a specific area, they use comparisons to see what similar homes have sold for in the past. This gives them an idea of how much they should offer on the home. Thinking one step ahead of the buyer, your real estate agent analyzes many comparison homes in the area so that your home is priced as strategically as possible. Some of the important features in a comparison include:

  • Neighborhood
  • School district
  • Street
  • Amenities
  • Home size
Based on the qualities of other homes that have sold in the area, you need to decide on a price at which to list your Geneva home. It is best to be realistic as home buyers will want reasons for why your home is priced higher or lower than similar homes that have sold in the area. When you are ready to prepare to list your home in Geneva, call the Rullo Team at 888-457-8005. Image via Stock.xchng

Geneva's Valentine Sweet Spots

by alexandvickyrullo

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we have the sweetest spots for you to get your special someone the best chocolates they have ever had!

  A great spot to stop and spoil your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day is Geneva’s own Graham’s Chocolates. They have everything chocolate you could ever want! However, if you are not from around Geneva, you can still enjoy their one of a kind hand dipped chocolates online! You can ship your loved ones all the gourmet chocolates they can eat, among other Valentine’s treats. Just visit their website at to place your order. Or stop in the shop located at 302 S. Third St. in downtown Geneva, Illinois.  



If you are looking for a sweet spot to take your Valentine for a little treat, there is also the Graham’s 318 coffee house just down the street, located at 318 S. Third St. You two can cozy up in front of a romantic fire and share some fresh fruits with yummy chocolate fondue.



Newer to Geneva is Chef Alain Roby’s, All Chocolate Kitchen. Though Graham’s has been a staple of Geneva for generations, this new Chocolate hot spot is making a lasting impression.

 Along with getting your Valentine some gourmet chocolates, you can also enjoy pastries, homemade gelato, coffee and smooth, dairy-free sorbet. Stop by on a Saturday evening to watch Chef make amazing sugar sculptures on site! Or enjoy a chocolates tasting on a Monday while sipping some gourmet hot cocoa.

To find out more about Chef Roby and his new All Chocolate Kitchen, visit their website at or call 630-232-2395. It’s always fun to just stop in and see first hand what the place has to offer. They are located at 33 S. Third St. in Geneva.


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Dream Living Rooms to Inspire Your Saint Charles Home

by alansche

Are you looking for some inspiration for your Saint Charles living room? Check out these dream designs thanks to HGTV - hopefully they will give you the direction that you are looking for! A fireplace, two leather sofas, and intricate decorative pillows give this dream living room at retro feel, perfect for those that are looking for comfort. This living room pulls everything together with some brightly-tinted colors. It would make for the perfect afternoon of watching some TV and enjoying the view outside. This may not be the traditional living room, but it sure does inspire the imagination. Keep these pieces in mind if you are looking to create a classy, comfortable media room that makes you feel like you are on set yourself. These and many other dream living rooms can be found on HGTV. We hope you are as inspired as we are and have a better sense of what you would like to do with your Saint Charles home space. For more Saint Charles real estate news and information, bookmark the Rullo Team blog. You can also visit our website to view our current listings. Images via HGTV

Batavia High School Presents 'Great Expectations'

by alexandvickyrullo

Great Expectations 


This week in Batavia, director Joshua Casburn presents a Batavia High School stage play, "Great Expectations". This will be Casburn's 5th production of his 7 years at Batavia High School. "Great Expectations" will be the first stage play of the newer Batavia Fine Arts Center, which opened last year with a sold out performance of the musical "Beauty and the Beast". Casburn and the students are enjoying the larger facility, which offers many more possibilities. According to Casburn, "When the facility is bigger, you can dream bigger."  This beloved literary classic tells the tale of Pip, a young boy who decides to help a starving convict. Little did he know, as he grew older, he would learn the only true sacrifice is love. Senior Charles Grimse plays the lead as Pip; Sophomore Andrew Tucker plays the convict, Abel Magwitch; and Senior Emma Kegerris plays the cold-hearted love interest, Estella. Also in a leading role, is Sophomore Kelsey Skomer, who plays Miss Havisham, Estella's guardian. You won’t want to miss this riveting performance, which includes original music composed by Batavia High School students. Performances will be running at 7:30pm starting today, Thursday, and continuing through Saturday. Ticket prices start at $11 online or $13 at the box office. For more information or to purchase your tickets, please log onto .   For information on local real estate, please visit our website at, .

During the first two weeks of 2012, real estate markets across the nation seemed to improve, according to a report released by the Mortgage Bankers Association. Mortgage applications during the second week of 2012 were up 4.5 percent from the first week of the year. Refinance activity also dropped more than one percent during the same time frame. The National Association of Home Builders' First American Improving Markets Index indicates that more than 75 real estate markets have shown six months of improvements based on the following criteria: housing permits, housing prices, and employment. Only 41 markets were on this same list back in December 2011. The improving index shows that more individuals and families are looking at purchasing a home in a bright light. Real estate activity in Saint Charles and Batavia will only pick up even more as we approach the busy Spring season. If you are interested in buying or selling a home, call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 today so you have time to plan your buying/selling strategy and timeline. Image via Flickr

Make Your Saint Charles Home Appealing Even During Winter

by alansche

Do you want to go ahead and list your Saint Charles home for sale during the Winter? If so, you should do your best to make your home appealing even though it is cold and dreary outside. This way, your home appeal encourages home buyers to go ahead and make an offer on your property. In order to spruce up your front yard, add some frost-proof plants such as pansies. Cedar, pine, and holly are also great evergreen options for those that are thinking about the future of the yard. Both options are easy ways to add some color to your yard during the Winter months. A touch of seasonal decor makes buyers feel more at home, not too mention it adds plenty of charm to your home.Wreathes and welcome rugs are simple yet effective places to start with your seasonal decorations. Even if your yard and patio are covered in snow, attempt to stage your outdoor area. For example, position a few chairs around a chiminea to make the patio seem useful even during cold weather. Visit Realty Times for more ways to make your Saint Charles home more appealing during the Winter. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of successfully listing and selling your house during the slow real estate season. For more Chicago Metro real estate news and advice, bookmark the Rullo Team blog and visit our website. Image via Flickr

During the Winter months, your Batavia home may seem more dull and dreary than it does during the Spring. Fortunately, there are ways to make your house more appealing and uplifting. This will help with your overall mood, and it will certainly work wonders if you are attempting to sell your home during the Winter. An easy way to spruce up your front yard is to add plants that keep their color during the Winter. Pansies are easy to add to your garden and serve as a great border for flower beds. For future years, consider planting evergreen shrubs and trees such as cedar, boxwood, pine, and holly. Staging is also essential to show off your outdoor spaces. Although they may not get much use during the Winter, potential buyers need to be able to imagine their many uses during the warmer months. A chiminea and wooden benches can be useful for this purpose. Add some seasonal decor throughout your home to give it a special touch. While we may be stuck with snow and freezing temperatures, that does not mean we have to be bitter about it. For more ways to make your Batavia home more appealing during the holidays, visit Realty Times. If you have decided to go ahead and list your home during the Winter, call the Rullo Team at 888-457-8005. Image via Flickr

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