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3 Ways to Wow Buyers with Beautiful Foyer

by alansche

When it comes to selling your Saint Charles home, it is all about 'wow'ing buyers with a great first impression. The foyer is usually the first room that buyers see in your home, so you need to focus on bringing out the best in this area in order sell your home quickly. Here are three ways to do exactly that:

  1. Perfect the foyer's lighting. All fixtures should be put on dimmers, and a variety of lighting should be used in the room. This allows you to create a different atmosphere depending on the time of day and other circumstances.
  2. Make a big statement with your foyer. This is your opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the home tour, so you better make it count.
  3. Installing flooring for the foyer that is different than what is found throughout the rest of the home. This will help bring more attention to the foyer and, thus, a better first impression.
Visit HGTV for more ways to create a foyer that potential buyers will remember. If you are interested in selling your home this upcoming Spring, call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 or visit our website. Image via Flickr 

Should You Attempt a Short Sale?

by alansche

If you are on the brink of foreclosure, attempting to short sale your home can help save your credit and, thus, your future buying power. Although completing a short sale can be difficult, it is worth a shot for those that face a tarnished credit history. A short sale is when the lender on your mortgage accepts a lower payoff on the home because the borrower owes more than the property is worth. Short sales are known to be extremely difficult and complicated to complete, but they are worth a shot in order to save your credit history from the presence of a foreclosure. In the past, mortgage lenders did not fully consider short sales because they would receive less than what is owed on the home. However, given the recent real estate climate, lenders and banks seem to more accepting short sales instead of sending homes into foreclosure. Since 2008, short sales have jumped from three percent to eight percent of total home sales, according to CoreLogic, a provider of housing-market data. This is a trend that should continue as the real estate market continues its recovery in 2012. For more information about short sales, visit MSN Real Estate. Call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 and visit our website to learn more about buying and selling a home in the Chicago Metro area. Image via Flickr

Should I Hire a Moving Company or Self-Move?

by alansche

For those that are moving to the Chicago Metro area, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether to hire a moving company or move everything yourself with the help of a couple family members or friends. But how do you go about making this important decision? First things first: are you moving across town or across the country? For short-distance moves, hiring a moving company may not be worth it when you can easily handle moving all of your possessions. On the other hand, hiring a moving company is more practical when you are relocating across the country. After all, driving a large vehicle across multiple states is not for everyone. You should also consider whether or not you are physically able to handle everything involved with moving yourself. If you are not in the best shape or have recently sustained some sort of injury, it is a good idea to let a moving company handle all of the hard work. When comparing the costs of a moving company with the costs of moving yourself, make sure you take into account the costs of a rental truck, hotel rooms, food, etc. that you will incur as a result of a self-move. Many times, those that are under the impression that it is significantly cheaper to self-move realize that the difference in costs is not all that much. If you are relocating to the Chicago Metro area and would like more advice on how to move to the area, call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 and visit our website. Image via Flickr

Santa Spike's Safety Secrets

by alexandvickyrullo

Ho Ho Ho!

 Happy Howladays from me, Spike Rullo!


 Christmas is a very exciting time of year, and it's finally here! I love Christmas just as much as the next pup, but there are some dangers for us little guys that you parents should know about while preparing and enjoying the season.

Did you know that most Christmas plants are very poisonous to us? They can even cause death! Especially Holly, Mistletoe, Christmas Cactus, Poinsettias and even the Christmas Tree. Pine sap mixed with water makes a very poisonous drink for us, but we don't always know this, so make sure to keep the water stand covered securely. We really enjoy all the fun Christmas treats we get around the holidays, but make sure we do not get into any people treats. People food, especially chocolate, onions, raisins and alcohol can be fatal to us. Just one ounce of a 20-40 proof beverage can cause alcohol poisoning or coma in small dogs! So make sure that you do not spill or drop anything in the kitchen while preparing or celebrating. Also, remember to move any wrapped food gifts out of our reach if under the tree. Our noses can smell right through those beautiful gift wraps! As cute as our little begging faces may be, please remember not to share your bones with us this Christmas dinner. We may love them, but they can cause some serious choking , internal punctures and bleeding and in some cases, even death! We will enjoy our own treats just as much, so give us one of ours when you sit down to eat, and it will help eliminate the chances of you giving into our precious little faces. It is also important to think about us when decorating. Tinsel is quite intriguing to us to play with, but it can be very harmful. It can cause strangulation, obstruction, internal cuts and abrasions. Be sure to vacuum after decorating and make sure to watch us while you are putting everything up. Christmas lights are fabulous to look at, but can be harmful if chewed. We like the tree to be lit up, not ourselves. To avoid us chewing on the wires and getting burned or shocked, make sure to hide the cords under a covering or behind furniture. I know we look adorable in our fabulous Christmas outfits, but be sure that we are not left unsupervised in them. Sometimes our playing can get us tangled up in our clothes and we can trip down stairs or we can even be strangled. Just make sure to keep an eye on us and never leave us home alone while dressed in our best. Lastly, make sure that when you are celebrating, gifts are opened and the little ones are playing with their amazing new toys full of little parts, to pick up and keep track of those little pieces. Us guys like to play too, but those pieces may be too small for us and we can swallow them by accident. That can give us a nasty intestinal blockage, gastric distress, or can even choke us. Not fun! We don't want that to happen. Now that you all know everyting there is to know about our safety this year, I am sure it will be a wonderful and safe Christmas for us and you parents. Just  in case we get into trouble, here is the number to the ASPCA National Poison Control Center. 888-426-4435. It would be a good idea to have your local poison control or emergency vet number on hand as well, just in case.

Wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas from Spike Rullo and The Rullo Team.

For local real estate information, visit our website at


When it comes to finding the right real estate agent for your upcoming transaction, it is best to shop around to find one that best fits you. Times may be tight, but keep in mind that a real estate agent who asks for a lower commission may end up costing you more money in the end. For example, an agent may ask for less money from your real estate transaction because they have so much other business on their plate at the moment. But do you want someone that puts you on the back-burner for a lower cost, or do you want an agent who will always put your needs first and can get the job done quickly and efficiently at a reasonable expense? Today's real estate market is home to some spectacular prices at historically low rates. When you are attempting to buy a Chicago Metro home, you need to move fast in order to secure the property and a low rate. On the other hand, sellers need an agent that will go above and beyond in order to sell their Chicago Metro home. The Rullo Team's real estate agents provide these services and more. Call the Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 to learn more about working with us to find the home of your dreams or sell your current property in Saint Charles, Batavia, Geneva, or the surrounding Chicago Metro area.

How to Furnish Your New Saint Charles Home on a Budget

by alansche

After buying a new home in Saint Charles, it is time for the fun part: furnishing it! Money may be tight after making a down payment and taking out a mortgage on the home, but there are plenty of ways to stretch your furniture budget.

  • Prioritize by making a list of furniture needs and wants. Carefully assess each item before you buy it to make sure it fits within you budget and the larger scope of your furnishing needs.
  • Refurbish pieces of furniture that are still in decent shape rather than buying new items.
  • Inexpensive accessories, such as pillows, may be just the thing that boring couch needs. They are also much cheaper than buying a brand new couch.
  • When it comes down to it, choose quality over quantity. Spend a little more on a piece of furniture that you know will last much longer than a similar, cheaper option.
For more tips on furnishing your new Saint Charles home on a budget, visit New Home Guide. What are some of the ways you have been able to save money while furnishing your home in the past? Leave a comment to share your tips! Image via Flickr

Basics of Private Mortgage Insurance in Chicago Metro

by alansche

Home buyers that put less than 20 percent as a down payment are required to seek private mortgage insurance (PMI) through their lender so that the bank is protected against any default on the loan. How does private mortgage insurance differ from regular mortgage insurance? Let's take a look:

  • Private mortgage insurance charges are usually half of one percent on the loan minus the down payment. Home buyers must maintain their PMI until they cross the threshold of having paid off 20 percent of the loan.
  • The law allows lenders to continue requiring private mortgage insurance all the way to 50 percent equity for high-rish borrowers. Otherwise, be sure to make the lender aware of when you hit the 80 percent balance threshold because they are not required to cancel the PMI until the balance hits 78 percent.
  • If you want to avoid private mortgage insurance but do not have 20 percent of the loan for a down payment, offer to pay higher interest. Some lenders accept this term, and the increased interest is tax-deductible while the PMI premium is not.
Visit Bankrate for more details on private mortgage insurance and premiums. If you are looking to buy a home in the Chicago Metro area, call the Rullo Team at 888-457-8005. We can help you decide which method of financing is the best for you and put you in touch with the best loan officers in the area. Image via Stock.xchng 

Fixer-Uppers Offer Many Unique Challenges, Rewards

by alansche

Fixer-uppers usually require both cosmetic and structural improvements.

Buying a fixer-upper in the Chicago Metro area can seem daunting due to its many unique challenges. However, these difficulties result in unmatched rewards for homeowners that are brave enough to step up. Ideal fixer-uppers are those that require mostly cosmetic improvements. Painting, refinishing floors, replacing lighting fixtures, and similar tasks cost much less than what they return on the real estate market. You may be faced with projects that incorporate structural renovations that return about as much as you invest, but they are necessary in order to put your home on the same level as others in the neighborhood. In order to achieve maximum resale value, keep in mind that remodeling investments should not increase the value of the home more than 10 to 15 percent. When the necessary home improvement projects are identified, be ready to get down and dirty. It is cost-effective for homeowners to be as involved with the process as possible. After all, the whole idea behind buying a fixer-upper is to save and possibly make money. By taking on the challenge of buying a fixer-upper and bringing it back to life, you can create your dream home or make good money off of it. To learn more about buying a fixer-upper in Saint Charles, Batavia, or Geneva, call the the Rullo Team at 888-457-8005. Image via Flickr

No Foreclosures for Chicago Metro This Holiday Season

by alansche

Image via stock.xchng

Even the real estate industry has a heart during the holidays. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other large mortgage lenders recently announced that they will not evict borrowers facing foreclosure over the upcoming holiday season. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac plan to honor their pledge beginning December 19th through January 2nd. Chase Mortgage and Wells Fargo will do so beginning December 22nd through January 2nd. Legal and administrative hearings may proceed during these periods, but financially-troubled homeowners will not be required to leave their homes. This move may affect tens of thousands of homeowners across the country and in the Chicago Metro area. If there was ever a time for a "Christmas miracle" to help these homeowners find the money to be current on their mortgage payments, this would be it. Although the extra time might not necessarily help all those affected improve their standing with lenders, it is a great symbolic gesture for the holiday season. For more Chicago Metro real estate news, bookmark the Rullo Team blog and visit our website.

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