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Strategies to Make Your Batavia Home Feel Bigger for Buyers

by nicolesmith

You've made a big decision. You want to sell your Batavia home. The  Rullo Team is here to help with the task, and we want to make you as successful as possible. One of the first ways to sell your home in Batavia is to make the space seem bigger to potential buyers. We found some excellent tips and tricks on and want to share them with you. Window Walls When you have glass walls, they seem to bring the outside into the room. This twist will make potential buyers feel as if the backyard is part of the home's square footage. We love this fresh perspective on "outdoor living".

Window Walls

Defined Space A flamboyant piece of bold artwork can serve as the focal piece of the room, taking away the attention from the actual size of the space. On the ceiling, think of installing recessed light boxes because they will create the illusion of skylights. And as you can see in this picture featured, despite their dark color, a glass-topped table and spidery chairs make the space feel very light, airy, fun and cozy.

Defined Space

For the entire list of the tips, go to for more information. Plus if you need help with real estate in areas like St. Charles, Batavia, or Geneva, Illinois, contact the Rullo Team. They are ready to help with all your real estate needs and have many home stagers available for referral. Photos via:


Try Something New in Your Saint Charles Home with Hot Winter Colors

by nicolesmith

Are you looking to give your home a face lift? Your Saint Charles home can look hot with these popular cool, winter colors.   The winter doldrums will vanish from your home with lively, captivating colors such as Tangerine Tango, which is named 2012 Color of the Year by Pantone. Take a look look below at ways to reinvigorate your decor with pops of this season's trendiest colors. Tangerine Tango This color is outgoing, modern and instantly makes you joyful. This orange shade is rich in hue, and resembles a beautiful sunset sky on a warm spring evening.

Tangerine Tango

Mustard Yellow A burst of sunny yellow complements classic tones in your home, such as black and white. Don't be afraid to combine the feel-good hue with other exotic colors like teal and burgundy.

Mustard Yellow

Charming Cranberry Cranberry has always been a charming color for the winter season, and this gorgeous color will seamlessly work well with metallic, mocha, and golden brown.

Charming Cranberry

Photos via: If you need help with real estate in areas like St. Charles, Batavia, or Geneva, Illinois, contact the Rullo Team. They are ready to help with all your real estate needs and have many home stagers available for referral.

Chicago Ranked Best City for Relocation for Men

by nicolesmith

Out of 29 amazing cities ranked by– from Los Angeles to London and Tokyo – the Windy City surfaced as the best metropolitan area for men to relocate. The editors of the Web site considered factors such as sports and entertainment, fashion, culture, health, money, and of course the all-around good life, such as the type of home you live in.

Chicago Ranked Best City for Relocation for Men

As the largest city in the Midwest, editors say Chicago ranked No. 1 because the city strikes the ideal balance between cosmopolitan and comfortable, and is an affordable lifestyle for men looking to work hard and play harder. Are you looking to relocate and make Chicago your kind of town? The Rullo Team can help you find a home if you are relocating to the Chicago Metro area. Call the Rullo Team at 630-513-1771 so that we can provide the assistance you need and deserve. Photo via flickr

Officials Work to Relieve Troubled Homeowners

by nicolesmith

There is a deal agreed upon among the federal government that could affect Chicago Metro area home owners in a positive way.

Officials Work to Relieve Troubled Homeowners

States have decided to allow homeowners relief if they are struggling because their mortgages are bigger than their home's value. This deal will lead to one of the nation's largest banks to announce there will be $20 billion to $25 billion for those homeowners. Homeowners who owe more principal than the home’s value are dubbed as “underwater.” With this latest agreement, roughly one million U.S. homeowners could be eligible for as much as $20,000 in relief of principal owed. For mortgage servicers in states who have agreed to the deal, they would get immunity from future state servicing and originating claims. Still homeowners would have the ability to pursue claims against banks and states for criminal investigations. This deal will foster better communication from mortgage servicers, avoid delays and give homeowners who are late on mortgage payments a fair opportunity to recover. If you are planning to purchase a home the Chicago Metro area, call the Rullo Team at 630-513-1771. We’ll provide the assistance you need and deserve. Photo via flickr

Winter Walk through Geneva's Japanese Garden

by alexandvickyrullo



Geneva’s Japanese Garden - Annual Winter Walk 2012

      Looking for something fun to do outside this weekend? The Fabyan Japanese Garden’s Annual Winter Walk tour is scheduled for this Saturday, February 18th beginning at 1pm. Take a tour of Geneva’s beautiful Japanese Garden with your family, friends or even your Valentine. The tour will include breathtaking views of the garden and its history, along with year round Japanese gardening facts. A donation of $2 per person is suggested. Snow covered ground is also necessary, so be sure to confirm your tour the day of, at 630-377-6424.

Your Guide to Homeowner's Associations in Chicago Metro

by alansche

If you are considering purchasing a home which is part of a homeowner's association (HOA), take advantage of The Rullo Team's exceptional experience before making a decision. According to Realty Times, thoroughly researching each HOA individually is critical to ensuring a good experience after purchase. Use The Rullo Team's record of high performance and knowledge of real estate news to make your choice. For potential homeowners on a tight budget, it is essential to consider potential HOA costs. Membership dues can cost thousands per month, and shouldn't be taken on top of an already steep mortgage. Additionally, it is essential to explore each individual HOA's covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R), which can hold strict rules for home improvement, grounds upkeep, and even decorations. The Rullo Team's proven experience can help you decipher even the most cryptic CC&R, translating lengthy rules into plain English. The Rullo Team's thorough knowledge of real estate news can provide valuable information on the role and past performance of a given HOA. Use their expertise to choose a home with a strong HOA that can provide fun community activities for potential homeowners of all ages. Call us today at 630-513-1771 for more information. Image via Flickr

3 Tips to Stage Your Saint Charles Home

by alansche

When it comes to successfully selling a home in areas like Saint Charles, Batavia; Geneva, Illinois; or the Chicago Metro area, proper home staging is critical. Sometimes, it is worth it just to hire a professional and get the staging done without hassling yourself. Professional home stagers can save massive amounts of time, and they might be more affordable than you think. You need to make some phone calls and find out for yourself. When it comes to the staging process, don't overwhelm yourself. The entire home doesn't have to be staged. However, the main areas where people meet and live do need to be very presentable. Also, it's important not to forget the master bedroom. This is a major selling point in any home. You may think it is cute to fully decorate your home, but potential home buyers may have different preferences than you. It is important for the home to be clutter-free, clean, depersonalized, and sweet/fresh smelling. If you need help with real estate in areas like St. Charles, Batavia, or Geneva, Illinois, contact the Rullo Team. They are ready to help with all your real estate needs and have many home stagers available for referral. Image via Flickr

Many times we have potential home buyers ask us whether or not banks can hide foreclosure information on Chicago Metro homes. To their surprise, banks actually do not have any obligation for disclosing the flaws on any property. Banks as well as companies of asset management do not have any knowledge regarding the status of the homes they are selling. Companies that have an interest or stake in the foreclosure that is for sale can often times be located elsewhere or even in another state. Ever since the housing bust, over eight million houses and other properties have faced foreclosure. Of late, sellers are signing the deeds over to the banks instead of foreclosure. In such cases, banks become the owner of the property and take responsibilities of paying costs for maintenance, utilities, and property taxes. However, banks permit the buyers to have a complete inspection done on the foreclosure property. Regarding the disclosure of the real estate, banks are not liable to disclose the status of the property. They can claim to have no understanding about the property, as they do not inspect the property in person. Additionally, summons of foreclosures will be sent to the owners of properties when banks take action. If you are considering buying a foreclosed home in the Chicago Metro area, call the Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 so that we can provide the assistance you need and deserve. Image via Flickr

How to "Green" Your Batavia Home

by alexandvickyrullo

Did you know that you can make your house greener, so you can use less energy and save money over the long run? Did you know that while you are making your house greener, there are ways to use less of a footprint during construction, whether with energy or materials? And, if you are thinking about selling your home, are you aware of a pair of professionals who can help you with that task? The Rullo Team is well-known in the areas of Saint Charles, Illinois; Batavia, Illinois; Geneva, Illinois; and Chicago Metro with their real estate tips, real estate savvy, and their ability to sell your home or help you find your next one. Whether this will be the first time or hundredth that you will have owned or sold a home, give us a call today. We aim to give you the best service possible with the ultimate goal of making the process as easy as possible for you. Visit The Rullo Team website or call 888-457-8005 for more information about buying or selling a home in the Chicago Metro area. Image via Stock.xchng

The 10 Commandments of a Home Purchase

by alexandvickyrullo


Are you thinking of purchasing a home in the near future? Wondering how to start the process? Here are the 10 things that you need to make sure you do not do if you want to ensure a smooth purchase. Following these rules can help you get a better interest rate and/or get you into a better lending program.   1.       Thou shalt not change jobs. You want to show your lender that you have a dependable income. Changing anything with your employment or income right before, during, or after you apply for a home loan can show your lender that you are not stable, and may default on your loan. 2.      Thou shalt not change banks. Again, you want to show stability in your finances to your lender. A stable banking history with your current bank will be best. 3.      Thou shalt not buy a car. You do not want to increase your debt to income ratio before applying for a home loan. This will decrease the mortgage amount you will qualify for. 4.      Thou shalt not charge big-ticket items on your credit cards. Refrain from purchasing furniture, even after you are pre-approved. Do not charge an expensive vacation, or put any large bills on your charge cards. This, like purchasing a vehicle, will increase your debt to income ration, thus making you qualify for a lesser loan amount. 5.      Thou shalt not pay bills late. You want to show that you can manage your money. Right before closing your lender will run your credit once more. If there are delinquent payments, or excessive new charges, this can slow the whole process down, or even change the loan you qualified for. 6.      Thou shalt not make large deposits, or deposit cash into your bank account. You will want your down payment money to be sitting in your account for 2 months. Your lender will ask for your last 2 months banking history and they will want the money to be in the account in advance. If someone is giving you a gift, make sure it has been deposited 2 months prior, or speak to your lender about other options. Do not just deposit gift monies into your account. Every income needs to be explained up to 2 months prior to the loan application. 7.      Thou shalt not stretch the truth for the loan application. You may be tempted to round up, or fudge your income; or leave out a few accounts. This is considered fraud. 8.      Thou shalt not co-sign a loan for anyone. This increases your debt to income ratio, even if you are not the one making the payments. It will show on your credit application as a debt you are also responsible for. 9.      Thou shalt not apply for credit cards or have many inquiries into your credit. Looking around for more credit will look like you are a high-risk client to lend to. Though it’s not a huge factor, every time your credit is run for approval of a new credit card, your credit score is dinged. 10.  Thou shalt not wait too long to speak to a Lender, Realtor, and Attorney. You do not want to start looking for a home until you have been pre-approved by a lender. This way you know the price range in which you should be searching. Make sure to hire a realtor to start searching for your home, as they will have the most up to date information and will save you plenty of time. You will also want to hire a real estate attorney who will help you with your real estate transaction and closing.   If you follow these simple commandments, you should have no problem qualifying for, finding, and purchasing the home of your dreams!   For information on local real estate, visit our website at

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