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The Smells That Sell...

by The Rullo Team

Has your agent suggested that you bake some cookies before potential buyers come visit your home?  There are those who will argue that aromas like freshly baked cookies, pumpkin pie and spices give the buyer the impression of being at home.  There is a new study on the effects of aromas that shows that complex smells like baked goods may be likely to dampen enthusiasm for a fast sale for top dollar.  The study suggests that a simple scent, such as orange, basil or pine, is easier to process and less of a distraction and that shoppers may even tend to spend more.

Scents also need to fit the home.  Match pine and cedar with a mountain home, not a beach house.  Ask yourself “What scent will buyers associate with this environment?”

If you are still a big believer in baked goods, though, make sure you don’t burn the cookies!

For more information, see the full article at

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Fox Valley Antiques Show

by The Rullo Team

The 56th Spring Fox Valley Antiques Show presents “Blooming Antiques” Sponsored by Garfield Farm Museum

Kane County Fair Grounds, 525 S Randall Rd, St. Charles, IL 60174.

March 9 & 10, 2013, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-4

Admission $8 ($2 off coupon on website)

Presented by The Chicago Suburban Antiques Dealer Association (CSADA), this quality show will offer genuine antiques beautifully displayed in room settings by 57 dealers from 14 states. Hundreds of items for sale: 18th and 19 century furniture, textiles, jewelry, stoneware, folk art and related items.

Catered lunch is available and there is plenty of free parking. Admission fee benefits local historical and educational endeavors. To preview a sample of available items, see the list of dealers and watch video from previous shows, visit

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6th Annual Geneva Film Festival

by The Rullo Team

6th Annual Geneva Film Festival, March 28-30, 2013
Great Movies, Great Destination!

Since its beginning in 2007, the Geneva Film Festival has grown in popularity and status in the independent film festival community. Festival organizers are looking forward to an even bigger and better 6th annual event in 2013. In addition to world-class films, the event features workshops by industry professionals to provide educational opportunities for filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike, and much more. 

Last year’s selection of world-class films originated from 16 different countries. Local businesses and event sponsors benefit from the festival’s growing popularity.  Film screenings will begin Thursday evening March 28 and run through Saturday evening March 30 at State Street Dance Studio, 319 W. State St. The entrance is under the Geneva Theater Marquee.  A full screening pass is $10.

For more information, including film entries, screening times, and scheduled workshops, visit

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First Annual Batavia Fine Arts Festival

by The Rullo Team

The Batavia Fine Arts Centre

1201 Main Street (Entrance to Centre on Wilson St.), Batavia, IL 60510

Art..Concerts..Presentations..Workshops..Short Films..Improv..Oh My..on March 8th & 9th

 Friday March 8, Poetry Night and Empty Bowls Event, 7-9

Student Poetry Readings

Purchase student crafted ceramic bowl (ice cream) or mug (coffee/hot chocolate), proceeds go to the Interfaith Food Pantry

Music by The Spectators

 Saturday March 9, Art, Music, and Improv throughout the day


From 11:00am, D-Wing of Batavia High School, various Art lectures, demonstrations, presentations.


12:30 PM:  Symphonic Band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble

3:00 PM:  Concert Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra

5:30 PM:  Men's Chorale, Women's Chorale, Varsity Choir, Treble Choir, World Music Choir

7:30 PM:  Wind Symphony, Chamber Singers, and Philharmonic Orchestra


But Seriously, Folks… The BHS Improvisation Troupe will be performing several time throughout the day 

 The visual and performing fine arts theater, on the Batavia High School campus, was built as part of the Batavia School District’s $75 million building referendum supported by the community in April 2007. It opened its doors in August 2011.

The Main Stage Theater has seating for 890 people. In addition, there is a Black Box theater for intimate performances, a Courtyard Theater and a two-story art gallery, as well as state-of-the-art sound, lighting and staging equipment.

The Batavia Fine Arts Centre is perfect for  theatrical productions, dance companies, receptions, symphony, speakers, business conferences and meetings. For rental information and a calendar of events, visit:

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Preparing for Power Outages

by The Rullo Team

Be ready for your power outage BEFORE it happens.  Have everything you need so you can settle in (calmly) and wait for the power to come back on.  You may even be able to relax and play some board games with your kids by candlelight and enjoy the quiet time.

Supplies To Have on Hand: 

Candles (forgot the holder? Crumple foil around the base and wedge in a cup)

Matches and/or disposable lighters

Flashlights and extra batteries (and a wind-up flashlight just in case)

Canned and dry food, water and juice bottles

Extension cords (long enough to reach to the neighbor's house!)

Car chargers for your cell phones

Pack an Emergency Bag:

Keep a box ready in a closet with extra blankets, personal hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush), extra hats or gloves if it's cold, a First Aid Kit and some hand tools (hammer, screwdriver).

Refrigerated Food Safety:

Refrigerated food must be kept at temperatures of 40 degrees to avoid spoiling.  Try to keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible.  A closed refrigerator will keep food safe for about four hours, a closed freezer will maintain food quality for about 48 hours if full, 24 hours if half full. (Tip - Fill milk jugs 3/4 full and line the bottom or back of a half full freezer with them - a full freezer is an efficient freezer even if there is no power outage!)

Store Important Numbers in Your Cell Phone:

Utilitiy Company
Telephone Compan(ies)
Local Police Department

And of course, don't forget the board games! For more details and more information, visit: or

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Woodburning Fireplace Maintenance

by The Rullo Team

Days like today make you want to curl up with a book in front of the fireplace.  First, to eliminate any worries, read below to ensure that your 'woodburning experiences' are relaxing and safe.

Fireplace Safety Issues
When you're buying a home, make sure the inspector checks the fireplace and chimney.  After you've moved in, have the fireplace cleaned and inspected annually.
Checking Chimney Caps
Make sure your chimney cap is not missing or damaged.  This keeps rain, birds, animals and debris from entering the chimney.

Inspect The Chimney
The professionals will be able to check Masonry chimneys by examining the inside and outside to make sure the mortar is intact. They will check Metal chimneys for dented, rusted metal or missing screws at joints.

Watch for Formation of Creosote, Soot and Creosote Glaze
Creosote is a flammable substance that is hard, dark, and crustlike. It is produced during incomplete combustion of wood. Minimize by burning dry hardwoods and keep the fire hot so that the wood burns more completely.

Soot is a flammable deposit, dark in color but softer than creosote. Most chimney sweeps recommend cleaning when soot deposits reach 1/8-inch in depth.
Creosote Glaze is a shiny, tar-like product and is flammable, and usually difficult to fully remove.
If there's smoke in the house, and you've eliminated chimney debris, make sure the damper is open. If lots of smoke is coming out the chimney, it means that wood isn't burning completely.

Enjoy, relax and be safe!

If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in our area please contact a real estate professional with The Rullo Team.

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Pet Insurance

by The Rullo Team

Hello again fellow furry friends and parents! Spike Rullo here with some more helpful information:

Have you owners ever heard about pet insurance? Most of you don’t even think about pet insurance until it is too late. Just like you owners, we can have health issues too such as colds, parasites, even cancers and emergency situations that can be quite costly. Pet insurance is a great way to make sure we have the longest and healthiest lives we can.

Pet insurance is different from most human insurance because the veterinarian does not send in the claim for you owners. You still need to pay the veterinarian up front and then file a claim with the insurance company to get the compensation.

Finding the insurance that is best for us, as well as you owners, can be a little confusing. It is important to find the policy that is best for both of us. Pet insurance might not be for everyone, but most owners do well with a high-deductible policy to cover only catastrophic events such as major illness, accidents, or unanticipated medical needs. However, there are also policies for annual wellness expenses as well as accidents and illness. 

Be sure to shop around. Every policy will have a limitation on it in some way, shape or form. It could be deductibles, co-pays, benefit schedule limits, or exclusions in what is covered. Here are some questions you might want to ask when you are shopping around to make sure you are getting the best plan for you and us…

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is there a waiting period for coverage to start? If so, how long is the waiting period?
  • Will the insurance premium increase with our age or if you file a claim?
  • Do they cover any pre-existing conditions we may have?
  • Do they cover hereditary and/or congenital illnesses or diseases specific to our breeds?
  • How do they reimburse you? Based on the actual bill, usual or customary charges, or a benefit schedule?
  • Will the policy cover us if we have cancer?
  • Will the policy cover a chronic condition?

 There are also other things you can do to make sure we are happy, healthy pets. Make sure we are spayed or neutered. That makes us much less likely to get in fights that may cause emergency vet visits. It also reduces our chances of getting some cancers!

 Also, it is very important to make sure we get into the vet for our annual check-ups and vaccinations. Those important preventative medications and vaccinations are key in making sure that the icky things out there, like parasites, stay out of our precious little bodies, and out of your wallets.

 Lastly, make sure you do not let us get too many treats. It is very important to keep us at a healthy weight. Giving into our sweet little faces and letting us get overweight will put us at much higher risk for many diseases and conditions.

 Hopefully you will be able to use this information and find a policy that best suits you. Your local veterinarian is always a good source of information on this topic also. Be sure to ask them. They will know what insurance they see a lot and can tell you how it has helped other furry children at their practice.

 Until next time, wishing good health to you all! As for me, I’m off to the dog park…

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by The Rullo Team

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New Keys Please

by The Rullo Team

Purchasing a home is a very exciting time. So many things to think about! Where to put your furnishings, paint colors, decorating… With so many things on your mind, even the most organized of movers can overlook the most obvious changes.

 I’m sure you remember to change your utilities, forward your mail, install your cable and internet services, but there is one very necessary and often forgotten task. It is very important to remember to change your locks! If there are no deadbolts, make sure to install them. Until you change those locks, there is no way to know how many people have a copy of your key. It is a pretty safe bet the previous owners shared a key with at least one neighbor and/or family member. They also would have given a key to the realtor and possibly even a home cleaning service, dog walker, or sitter.

 It is always a good idea to have a locksmith scheduled to change your locks as soon after closing as possible. Though, you can always buy new locks and just change them yourself. Any hardware store will have a selection of models and prices for locks and deadbolts that you can install with just a screwdriver.

 Make sure to remember this small task and your new purchase will be as safe and exciting as possible!

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Geneva is Illinois’ Best Place To Raise Kids

by The Rullo Team

Geneva has been selected by Bloomberg and Businessweek as the best place to raise kids in 2013 in Illinois

Weighed most heavily were public school performance and public safety, although many other categories were also looked at in the evaluation process.  Geneva was selected from more than 3,200 places nationwide with populations between 5,000 and 50,000. For more information and more details about the selection criteria, please see the article on

St. Charles also has received some recognition in the last few years. It was named No.1 on Family Circle Magazine’s 2011 list of top towns to raise a family.

In case you were wondering, No. 1 on the 2013 “Best Place to Raise Kids” list was Solon, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.

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