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Cougars Are Now Cubs in 2013

by The Rullo Team


For the first time in their 23-year history, the Cougars are an affiliate of the Chicago Cubs. It is the franchise's fifth different affiliation with a Major League Baseball team after having spent time with the Baltimore Orioles (1991-92), Florida Marlins (1993-2002), Oakland Athletics (2003-2010), and Kansas City Royals (2011-2012).

Nobody is looking forward to the first pitch of the 2013 season more than Kane County Cougars general manager Curtis Haug.  “It's a different feeling,” Haug said during last month's “Meet the Cubs Party” held at Fifth Third Ballpark in Geneva. “We haven't had this type of buzz around here in a long time.

The Home Opener is Thursday April 4, 2013.  For more information, visit the Kane County Cougars Website 

Buyers Have New Expectations

by The Rullo Team

During the good old housing boom days, media rooms, wine cellars, and large expansive bonus rooms were all the rage. But it seems what today’s home shopper wants most from their home and their wish-lists have gotten much more practical.

It's all about energy efficiency.

Four of the top most desired home features center around saving energy, according to a new study released by the National Association of Home Builders, “What Home Buyers Really Want.”

With rising utility costs, home buyers are thinking not just about the price of buying a home — but also how they are going to maintain and keep it affordable once they move in? 

94% of home buyers have expressed they want energy-rated appliances; 91% want an energy-star rating for the entire home, 89% want energy-star related windows, and 88% want ceiling fans, according to the NAHB study.

The floorplan of the home needs to be energy efficient too. The study finds that more buyers are showing less desire for a two-story entry foyer since these large, open spaces are known as being less energy efficient.

While energy efficiency seems to be chief on buyers’ minds these days, they’re also devoting a lot of time to sizing up the home’s storage space. 90% of buyers say they want a linen closet in the bathroom to store towels and toiletries. 86% say they also want space in the garage to store sports equipment and gardening and yard tools. And 85% say they want a walk-in pantry in the kitchen.

For more information, visit the Style Staged & Sold Blog

The Home Show at the Kane County Fairgrounds

by The Rullo Team

  March 16th & 17th

  10am – 5pm

  525 S. Randall Rd, St. Charles

  It's FREE! 

Shop for contractors in a neutral environment and interview THEM to meet your needs. Since 1986, The Home ShowS, Inc. has been bringing buyers and sellers together by producing a “shopping center” of building products, home and commercial improvements,  maintenance and repair services.  You’ll find good advice from experienced local firms who can help you with your remodeling, renovation and repair projects.  Learn how to save energy and earn tax credits! For more information please visit:

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Technology Upgrade Approved for Kaneland School District 302

by The Rullo Team

At the end of February, 2013, The Kaneland School District 302 board unanimously approved a technology upgrade that will include new laptops for teachers, installation of wireless internet access points throughout the district, and network infrastructure upgrades. 

The upgrade plan was presented by the Technology Director Tim Wolfe, who is very excited, after many years, to be on a replacement cycle for computers. Just over 25% of the district’s computers are at least 8 years old.  Once the teachers receive new laptops, their current computers will be re-purposed for student use, and will replace the district’s oldest computers.   Cabling plans include existing wiring to avoid additional costs. 

Board President Cheryl Krauspe said the board made the technology upgrade a budget priority. The upgrade plan is targeted for the 2013-2014 school year.  For more information, visit:

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Blackberry Township Assessor talks taxes

by The Rullo Team

The Blackberry Township Assessor is "a proponent for the taxpayer, not an opponent”.  Uwe Rotter, who has held the position of Assessor for five years, holds taxpayer workshops every month because he feels it’s important to educate the residents about the Illinois taxpayer system.  Many topics are covered at the monthly sessions, for example, an explanation on how your property is assessed, what the tax bill is made up of, and why the tax bill goes up despite a lower home assessment.   The Blackberry Township Assessors office covers Elburn, North Aurora and the Mill Creek Subdivision in Geneva.  The workshop locations vary month to month for the convenience of the residents.  Visit the Blackberry Township Assessor website: for workshop dates and locations.

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by The Rullo Team

Spike here! You’re probably wondering what knitting has to do with selling homes.  Well, nothing really, I just thought this was a very good picture of me attempting to knit.  I was very impressed that my mom is trying to learn, so I thought I’d try too.  I don’t know why her first project is a hat for HERSELF, when I think that a sweater for ME is a much better idea.  When is the last time SHE had to go outside naked to go potty??

Check out the website of the Fox Valley Knitters'  I may have to get involved in something like that to improve my skills.  There are a few specialty shops in our area where you can go to get really cool yarn and anything else you’d need to get that project going.  There’s a blue wool yarn that I saw that would really bring out the highlights in my fur.

Needle Things, 426 S 3rd St, Geneva 630.232.9915 or Catalina Yarns, 309 Fairmont Ct., St. Charles 630.377.0237 or Wool & Company, 107 W Main St., Ste A, St. Charles 630.444.0480

Happy Knitting!

If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in our area please contact a real estate professional with The Rullo Team.


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