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April Brings Major Improvement in Illinois Real Estate

by mbraddick
The newest report from the Illinois Association of Realtors® (IAR) showed the Illinois real estate market had the best rate of homes sales in the last 24 months. Not only were homes sales up throughout the state but the average median price for a home in Illinois remained unchanged at $135,000. With the housing market stabilizing and Freddie Mac reporting interest ratesat record breaking lows, buyers and sellers are poised for a good spring.
Home Sales Stronger Increases in home sales were reported in 47 of the 99 counties of Illinois. Additionally 42 counties had the average median home price rise.
  • Chicago Metro County           $160,000 up 19.3%
  • Peoria County                         $123,165 up 18%
  • Kendall County                       $165,000 up 10.1%
  • DuPage County                      $209,000 up 10%
  • Kane County                           $153,000 up 9.3%
  • DuPage County                      $140,750 up 4.3%
Sales of homes throughout Illinois in April totaled 9,961 which was a 15.7% increase over the 8,606 homes sold in April of 2011. Improving Confidence in the Market IAR President Loretta Alonzo predicted strong sales this spring and summer due to pent-up consumer demand for homes. This confidence was echoed by Bob Floss, president of the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, who stated how the short supply of rentals in Chicago along with the low interest rates was making buying of a home in the Illinois real estate market a smart investment choice especially for first time buyers. Even the sluggish economy was not expected to slow 2012 home sales according to of the University of Illinois economist Dr. Geoffrey J.D. Hewings. Contacat The Rullo Team today at 630-513-1771 if you're ready to make a serious move in the Illinois real estate market. Image via: stock.xchng

Swedish Days 2012 in Geneva Illinois

by alexandvickyrullo

Get ready for Geneva’s 63rd annual Swedish Days Festival. You won’t want to miss out on any of these fun filled 5 days!

Tuesday, June 19th through Sunday, June 24th




 There will be fun events running every day! Visit the Geneva Chamber of Commerce website at for a detailed schedule of events which include activities for adults and children, carnival information, Kids Day and of course, the highlight of the festival, the Swedish Days Parade.

The Swedish Days Parade will kick off on Sunday, June 24th at 1pm.

 The parade starts at Anderson Blvd and Center, travels south to State, east on State to Third St. and then South on Third St. to reach the train station. Make sure to get there early and reserve your spot!

Entertainment Lineup:

Tuesday, June 19th:

  • 1pm–3pm:  Ellus Bellus will be playing on the courthouse lawn
  • 7:30pm: Mike & Joe will be playing on the central stage

Wednesday, June 20th:

  • 1pm-3pm: Dennis O’Brien will be playing on the courthouse lawn
  • 5:30pm: Swedish American Children’s Choir will be singing in front of the central stage
  • 6:30pm: Geneva’s Got Talent’s semi-finals will be held on the central stage
  • 8pm: ABBA salute will be playing on the central stage

 Thursday, June 21st:

  • 1pm–3pm: Swings n’ arrows will be performing on the courthouse lawn
  • 6:30pm: The Geneva Park Districts Battle of the Bands Winner will perform on the central stage. (The Battle of the Bands will be held Monday, June 18th)
  • 7:30pm: The Moods will be singing on the central stage 

 Friday, June 22nd:

  • 4pm: Radio Disney will be on the central stage 
  • 8pm: 7th Heaven will be performing on the central stage 

Saturday, June 23rd:

  • 1pm-3pm: The wondering Endorphin will be performing on the courthouse lawn
  • 5:30pm: DanceEncounter will be performing a choreographed routine in front of the central stage
  • 6:30pm: Geneva’s Got Talent Finals will be held on the central stage
  • 8pm: Hi Infidelity will be performing on the central stage

  Food Booths & Restaurants: (For menu information, visit the Geneva Chamber of Commerce website at

  • Geneva Masonic Lodge No. 139 will be at 2nd & State
  • Geneva American Legion Post 75, located at 22 S. Second
  • Geneva United Methodist Church will be at 3rd & State
  • Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva will be at 3rd & James
  • Knights of Columbus will be at 3rd & James
  • Geneva Lions Club will be at 3rd & James
  • Viking Service Organization will be at 3rd & James
  • Illinois Norsk Rosemalers Assoc. is located at 113 S. Third
  • Shoppes at 127, located at 127 S. Third
  • Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors will be at 3rd & Campbell
  • Chianti’s will be at 3rd & Campbell
  • Rotary Club of Geneva will be at 3rd & Campbell
  • Gratto Italian Tapas, located at 207 S. Third
  • H.E.L.P. will be at 3rd & Franklin
  • Nosh, located at 220 S. Third
  • The Latest Crave Cupcake Shop, located at 227 S. Third
  • Moveable Feast, located at 321 Franklin
  • Graham’s Fine Chocolates & Ice Cream, located at 302 S. Third
  • 318 Coffeehouse, located at 318 S. Third
  • Geneva Lutheran Church, located at 301 S. Third
  • Egg Harbor Café, located at 426 S. Third
  • Geneva Township GOP will be at 4th & James
  • Hearts of Hope will be at 4th & James

We hope you all have a very exciting and enjoyable Swedish Days 2012 in Geneva Illinois!



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Because a home is the single most expensive item most people buy in their lifetime, the purchase of one should be considered carefully. The best way to do this is by determining your own wants and desires for a home before you buy a home. Lay of the Land - Chicago Metro Area Knowing what you want before you buy a home affects what will suit you best. While condos are low on maintenance, they rarely are a good bet for a growing family. It also pays to know what style of architecture you like and the terms associated with it. These terms (or lack thereof) will help cut down the amount of time spent touring potential homes. Also, keep a list of the important features you need in your new home while searching. Family Needs For buyers with a family, things like the neighborhood and nearby schools are of big importance. Luckily in the Internet Age, all sorts of information is available online about these items. City or police make crime statistics available while school districts have their own information pages. The perfect home isn’t so perfect if it is in a poor neighborhood or too far from the school you want your children to go to. Before Getting in the Car It pays to do your research before you buy a home in the Chicago metro area. A lot of information is now available through realtor websites or the sellers own social media page such as Facebook. For more real estate advice and information, be sure to bookmark our official Rullo Team blog Image via: stock.xchng

Summer Grilling Extravaganza at The Little Traveler, Geneva, IL

by alexandvickyrullo

Summer Grillin’ at it’s best!


  Who doesn’t like to be out there on a nice sunny day grilling some great food? Learn how to master the grill at the Summer Grilling Seminar, cosponsored by Little Traveler, Geneva Ace Hardware and Weber Grills. Come on down to Little Traveler in Geneva on Saturday June 9th. The Grilling Extravaganza starts at 10am and goes until 12 noon. You will learn how to master your grill with great grilling techniques, some demos, plus you will get the insight on this year's latest and greatest grilling products. This summer will be the best grilling season yet! The day starts with a continental breakfast before you have fun learning to grill from the experts! Then the day concludes with a picnic lunch on the lawn. Cost is $20 and includes a $10 shopping coupon. For more information or to sign up for the event, call Little Traveler in Geneva at 630-232-4200. You can also visit their website at  

Bon Appetit & Happy Grilling from The Rullo Team!


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St. Charles along the Fox River  has an excellent educational school systems, parks, sports, shopping, arts, and dining.  There are many exciting St. Charles IL events year round.  Whether you are relocating or moving within the state, it is a great place to live. Alex and Vicky Rullo of the Rullo Team of ReMax of North America use an innovative marketing technique to sell your home. They  provide top notch customer service, until you find a buyer. Call them for selling or buying in St. Charles. St. Charles has many exciting activities on the scenic Fox River.

On June 3, The Mid-American Canoe and Kayak Racetakes place. It is a race for amateur canoe and kayak boaters for people of all ages. It begins 9 a.m. at  Mount. St Mary Park for the St. Charles race. The cost is $50 per team and $25 per person. Canoe and kayak rentals are available for those who don't own boats. Shuttle runs between the start and finish line and there is a awards ceremony when the race is over. The races run about 1-1/2 to 3 hours. Food is available on premises, and this is sure to be an exciting event to attend or participate in.

For information on living in the St. Charles area, be sure to visit our website at Image via: stock.xchng

Spike's Corner - Summer Edition

by alexandvickyrullo

Spike Rullo here with all you need to know to make the most of these dog days of summer.



It's time to get back outdoors and enjoy this fabulous weather! Us furry fellas like to be outdoors just as much as you humans, if not more,

so here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure we stay happy and safe this summer season.


  • We hate going to the doctor just as much as you do, but it's important to make sure we are up to date with all our vaccinations. Diseases such as rabies, distemper and parvo are very serious dangers. The more we run into new furry friends, or wild ones, the bigger the chance of running into one of these highly contagious diseases.
  • Unfortunately, we can't always tell which bugs we can chase and which ones we need to stay away from.  Make sure if we get bitten or stung to remove the stinger and keep an eye on the site for an allergic reaction. If we have an allergic reaction, or you know there were many wasp stings, take us to our vet ASAP.
  • As with the vaccinations, make sure we are stocked with flea and tick preventatives to keep those buggers off our cute selves. Heartworm is also a common problem with us so make sure we get tested every spring and follow our vet's regiment for precautions.
  • Even though I know I can't dig in the gardens, I know you humans love to go nuts in the garden every year. Just remember that most lawn and garden products may be hazardous to us. Make sure to use non toxic plants and fertilizers within our reach.
  • Even if you take every precaution to insure our safety, accidents do happen. Make sure our vet's phone number is readily available for anyone in the family in case a need arises.
  • Never leave our precious selves unattended in direct sunlight or in closed vehicles. We can get heatstroke very quickly, which can lead to brain damage or death. Even if you leave your windows rolled down, on an 80 degree day, it can take only minutes for the inside of the car to heat up to 120 degrees!
  • Always make sure we have access to a cold summer beverage. Just kidding! We do however need a supply of fresh drinking water. Also, try to keep us from too much physical activity when the heat is most intense.
  • Even though we may want to run free, keep us on a leash when we are outdoors. Also make sure we are always wearing proper ID, in case our curiosity gets the best of us and we slip away from you. On accident, of course.
  •  News Flash: we can get sunburn too! Especially those of us with pink skin and white fur. Try to limit our exposure to direct sun, making sure we always have a shady place to be. You can also apply sunblock to our ears and nose about 30 minutes before going outside to make sure we don't burn.
  • If you plan to take us to the beach, remember that the cool ocean water looks just as tempting as my water bowl, but very much a bad idea. Too much salt water will make us sick.  Also check with the lifeguard for water conditions. We are very tempting targets for jellyfish and sea lice.
  • Some of us may be expert swimmers, but some of us are more of the dry land variety. You can try to teach us to swim by coaxing us into the shallows with our favorite treat or toy. However, NEVER just dump us right into the water. The sink or swim tactic can have really bad outcomes. There are also life jackets made just for us that you can get to give us a little help too. Most of them will have a handle on the back for you to use in case we need to be plucked to safety.
  • If you are planning a day in the water, make sure never to leave us unattended. You should always be in a position to help us if we need to get out of the water.

Well, there you have it, the 411 on summer safety for you and your favorite furry friends. Stay cool and keep it real! Until next time...


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St. Charles Memorial Day Parade Coming Up

by mbraddick
Although you will be tempted to sleep in on your day off, you do not want to miss a chance at curbside seats for the St. Charles Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 28. This hometown crowd-pleaser is the kick-off for all the major Summer events in St. Charles, IL. The parade steps off at 10 a.m. on 6th Street downtown and marches to Riverside Avenue. It will end at the Freedom Shrine, which is located along the Fox River just north of the police department. After the Memorial Day parade, there will be a brief ceremony at the shrine to honor America’s people in uniform, past and present. With 27 entrants in this year’s parade, including area marching bands, the Boy Scouts, military vehicles and veterans, it will be one of the fun family events in St. Charles, IL. For more information and details on the parade route, you can call 630-587-6444. If you love strong community living packed with great local events like the St. Charles Memorial Day parade, visit Alex and Vicky Rullo today to find out more about living in St. Charles. Image via: stock.xchng

Boost Your Curb Appeal with Fabulous Flowers

by alexandvickyrullo

We have put together a list of the top 10 easy to maintain, inexpensive flowers that will please your budget and your buyers!

Your home’s curb appeal is your buyer’s first impression. It shows how much you care for your home and property. What would you think about a home with an overgown yard and empty or weed filled flowerbeds? You want your buyers to fall in love with the charm and appeal of your home as much as the structure itself. So here are the go-to flowers to give your yard a face lift.

Knock-Out Roses : Instead of a traditional rose that only blooms for a short period of time, use these instead.

They are easy to grow, don’t require a lot of care and bloom a lot longer


Hostas: Not only do they come back every year, they work great in areas needing

a bit of ground cover. They work great in the shade too.



Geraniums: Not only do these smell fantastic,

but they bloom all summer long!






Petunias: Keep these watered and they will bloom well into the fall.

They do great in hanging baskets and have endless colors to choose from.


Violets: These are great for a boarder or ground cover

and are also perennials.




Impatiens: These little beauties do really well around the base of a tree

or in shady areas for a nice splash of color.


Marigolds: These are a very hardy flower.

If you are more of the black thumb variety, these are a great option!


Vincas: Have a sidewalk? These delicate flowers would look great as a sidewalk or walkway border.

They do not require much maintenance and will bloom almost all season.

   Grasses: Using ornamental grasses is a great way to add height to your flowerbeds and gardens. They make great statement pieces and come in a variety of colors.


Zinnias: These are perfect for those of you who have hot hot hot summers.

They love to bask in the sun and do well in the blistering heat.


  So there you have it. Once the possibility of freezing has passed, go ahead and plant those beautiful masterpieces. Just remember, perennials will come back every year, making them a huge money and time saver!

 Happy gardening from The Rullo Team!

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Did you know St. Charles is the water garden capital of the world?  Our local area is known far and wide for our use and advancement of sustainable water gardening techniques.  St. Charles is the perfect place for Aquascape, Inc, the inventor of the low-maintenance ecosystem pond, to hold the Water Garden Weekend May 19-20. Water Garden Weekend, being held at Aqualand in St. Charles, is the perfect opportunity for both residents and guests to learn all about water gardening.  If you live in the area, or are looking for St. Charles homes for sale, the Water Garden Weekend will give you an opportunity to participate in high quality fish and plant sales, activities for families and children, "ask the expert" water gardening sessions, and various education and hands-on opportunities. You can stroll the grounds and enjoy the multitude of water gardens, seating areas for porches and patios, Pondless Waterfalls, pergolas, fountains, and unique water features. For information on local real estate, visit our website at Image via: stock.xchng 


How To Set the Best Price For Your Home

by mbraddick
Selling your Chicago home might be tricky in more ways than one. But the resounding question is always what price to set. Finding your way around the sheer magnitude of sometimes conflicting advice online, from your neighbor, to your realtor and of course, your mother’s two cents can be confusing to say the least. Online estimates often don’t even come close to predicting accurately what you’ll get – if you’re disappointed with what you find, bear in mind that a computer can’t account for all the human factors that go into home buying. Also, if your agent is giving you a low price, getting an appraisal may not be a solution to your problem since they can be quite conservative and you could be required to tell potential buyers what may be a rather low estimate. Getting a second and third opinion from a qualified realtor could point you in the right direction when selling your Chicago home. If their estimates are unanimous, it might be worth accepting. When you’re trying to sell compare yourself with what’s sold in the Chicago home area not what’s trying to sell, since that’s your objective. In the end the best price is one that sells. If you're ready to finally buy a home in the Chicago metro area, call The Rullo Team at 630-513-1771 for more information today. Image via: stock.xchng

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