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Celebrate Freedom in the Fox Valley!

by The Rullo Team


The Fourth of July is a sacred day for our country as we call to mind the blood, sweat and tears that accompanied the founding of this great nation. We commemorate the brave men who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence that laid the foundation of our great nation.  We also call to mind the many men and women who still fight to protect our freedom, especially those who've made the ultimate sacrifice so we can enjoy the rights that make America the greatest country on earth.

Read the Declaration Of Independence here.

We wanted to help you plan your Fourth, as the Fox Valley has some of the best fireworks and 4th celebrations in Illinois. 


Batavia Sky Concert Fireworks

Food vendors begin at 5pm.  Field Day will take the stage at 7pm and the Sky Concert Fireworks start at 9:30pm sharp.  There are great views from Engstrom Park at the corner of Millview Drive and West Main Street. There is also additional viewing space on the Batavia High School athletic fields on West Main Street. Donations and volunteers are welcome and much appreciated.  For more information check out the Event Website 

St. Charles 4th of July Celebration!
 This is really an all day affair, with swimming, picnicing, mini-golfing and dancing.  The Fox Valley Concert Band and Hello Dave will be providing live entertainment  and Riverview Miniature Golf will be selling refreshments at their stand.  St. Charles fireworks best viewed from Pottawatomie Park or Ferson Creek Park, and you'll want to come early as parking is limited.  Display will begin at sundown but before the fireworks the day of the fourth is also the Freedom 4, a 4k Run/Walk event benefitting Lazarus House, who helps break the cycle of poverty by offering emergency shlter, food and clothing to people in crisis and then providing trasnsitional housing, advocacy, health services, education and work preperation to permanantly break the cycle.  Check out the website to register.  
From all of us here at The Rullo Team....HAVE A HAPPY & SAFE 4TH OF JULY!                                                                                                                                                               

9 Tips For Making Your Fox Valley Home Energy Efficient

by The Rullo Team

Summer is officially here and inevitably your electrical bill will slowly start creeping up as the months go on.  We have a few simple upgrades you can make to your home to make it more efficient and help keep more money in your bank account. 

Programmable Thermostats suggests that turning your thermostat down 7-10 degrees for 8 hours a day can save you "as much as 10% a year on your heating/cooling."  Save more money; follow the recommended optimum daytime (78 degrees) and nighttime (70 degrees) temperatures, you can preset these and your thermostat will adjust on it's own.


Adding new or additional insulation to your ceilings, attic and walls along with using caulk and or weather stripping (ensuring windows and doors are properly sealed) will prevent cold drafts and air leaks, keeping warm air inside in the winter.  These same improvements will help trap cold air inside in the summer.  

Ceiling Fans 

 Now that you've programmed your thermostat to the optimum levels, chances are you may feel a little warm in certain rooms throughout the day.  This is where an energy star ceiling fan can help.  The average central air conditioning unit uses 3,500 watts of energy when running while the average ceiling fan uses only 60 watts, even when running on high!  You could save alot of money even by running your fan for only half an hour a day.  In order to get the most from your ceiling fan follow these simple ceiling fan hacks from The Simple Dollar.  

HACK #1  In the summer time you want to adjust your fan so the air blows downward.    

Most fans have both a clockwise and a counter clockwise setting.  There are conflicting theories on what direction to use and when, simply because it is all dependent on how the blades are aligned and this varies from model to model.  Forget the theories, theres an easier way.  Simply stand below your fan and turn it on high, if you immediately feel a breeze, then it is on the summer setting (usually counter clockwise).  During the summer months, your ceiling fans should be running on high, with air blowing down, this will create the most air movement and give you the coveted breeze effect.

HACK #2 Turn the heat up a few degrees in the summertime.  

Sounds crazy right?  But, running your fan on high throughout the day will circulate the air better and create a breeze effect that will make the room feel cooler than it actually is.  

HACK #3  Turn ceiling fans off when you leave your home.

Obviously! Right?! Though running at 60 watts isn't a ton, you are sure to save quite a bit more if you shut your fans off when you're not home.  

Check out the video from Home Depot for instructions on how to install a new ceiling fan:

Replace Old Appliances

Obviously, old appliances aren't as ennergy efficient as newer models.  So, replace these dinosaurs with newer more efficient, Energy Star certified appliances.

For example:

  • A high efficiency on-demand water heater only fires when you need hot water.  It heats water quickly then stops burning fuel.  
  • Get low flow appliances.  Low flow toilets, shower heads, and washing machines save alot more water than most traditional models.
  • For the best results, double up.  Combine a low flow shower head with a on-demand water heater and double your savings.    



Window Treatments

Installing blinds, drapes, and shades will reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that enters your home. Of course, these can be positioned in a way to let light and heat in only when you want it.  

Go Fluorescent

Fluorescent light bulbs last 8-12 times longer than incandescent. Try the new daylight balanced models, they really brighten up a home!   

Open Your Doors

Keeping your doors closed stops your cooling systems from cooling the entire house and interrupts the flow of open those doors!

Check Those Vents!

A lot of homes, especially older ones, have vents in strange places- like closets for instance.  Go through your home and seal off any vent that is cooling an area that doesn't need cooling.  Even spare bedrooms and little used rooms can be wasted vents; blocking these will save you money. There are a large variety of covers out there, you're sure to find one that suits our vents. 

Last but certainly not least...

Take Advantage of Tax Incentives

The federal government offers a ton of incentives for making energy efficient home improvements.  Recent increases in incentives now allow for up to 30% of the cost of the home improvements, whether its for new windows, insulation, or air conditioning, up to $1,500 back into your bank account.   

Check our Facebook Page and Website for more Energy Saving Tips throughout the Summer Months...and feel free to share yours with us!  

If you're considering a move to the Fox Valley area, give one of The Rullo Team members a call!  We're here to help in any way we can. You can also check out our website at:



Kane County IL Severe Storms Emergency Preparedness!

by The Rullo Team

It's finally summer and that hot sun feels good, but along with the heat comes a more unwelcome summer player, Severe Storms.  It is important to understand what is possible, the correct terms, and how to protect yourself and your property.  

Preparing for severe thunderstorms, tornados and floods will not only benefit you during the spring and summer months, but year round. Almost half of all tornadoes reported in Illinois the past three years (2012-14) have occurred in fall or winter! Though the “peak” of severe weather season is from April through June; however, recent weather events have proven that we need to be “Weather Ready” in Illinois the entire year.  This information will help keep you and your family safe while helping you be completely prepared if extreme weather arrives. 



• Illinois ranks fifth in the United States for the most tornadoes per square mile.

• The majority of Illinois tornadoes have occurred between April 1 and June 30 and between the hours of 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. However, tornadoes have occurred every month of the year at all hours of the day.

• Nearly 30 percent of all tornadoes in Illinois occur after dark.

• There is an average of 47 tornadoes each year in Illinois.

• There were 48 tornadoes reported in Illinois during 2014, which resulted in two injuries and nearly $5 million in damage to homes and crops.

•  Since 1950: 76 percent of tornadoes have been weak with wind less than 110 mph, 22 percent of tornadoes have been strong with wind between 110-167 mph and 2 percent of tornadoes have been violent with wind greater than 167 mph.

Two violent tornados occurred on November 17, 2013; one in Washington and one in New Minden. The chances of being affected by a tornado may seem small, but if you are in a threatened area, act QUICKLY. This information will tell you what to do to do before, during and after a tornado.  



People often ignore severe thunderstorms, believing only a tornado will cause damage or threaten their lives. The fact is a majority of the property damage and injuries each year is from high winds and large hail.


• Illinois averages 550 reports of wind damage and large hail annually.

• Severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes, damaging winds, lightning, hail and/or heavy rain.

• High wind from straight-line winds and downbursts can cause more damage than nearly 75 percent of the tornadoes that occur in Illinois.

• Hailstones ranging from 3.00 to 4.00 inches in diameter impacted the Douglas County, Illinois city of Tuscola on May 21, 2014. Roofs and windows of buildings were severely damaged, hundreds of vehicles sustained major damage and two people were injured. Property damage was estimated around $100 million from this hail storm.

• Most lightning deaths occur under or near trees and in open fields.


Severe Thunderstorm Watch: This means severe thunderstorms are possible in or near your area. Stay alert for the latest weather information. Be prepared to take shelter.  

Severe Thunderstorm Warning: This means severe thunderstorms will be approaching or are occurring. Severe thunderstorms produce damaging wind in excess of 60 mph and/or hail measuring one inch in diameter or larger. Seek safe shelter.

Significant Weather Advisory: This means strong thunderstorms with wind gusts of 40 to 55 mph and/or hail measuring less than one inch in diameter will be approaching or are occurring


Prolonged flooding from creeks and rivers and flash flooding from rain swollen roads and waterways is a danger that too many people ignore, sometimes with fatal consequences. Many flood-related rescues, injuries and fatalities have been the result of people in vehicles attempting to drive across flooded roads.


• The most dangerous type of flooding is a flash flood. Flash floods can sweep away everything in their path.

• Most flash floods are caused by slow-moving thunderstorms and occur most frequently at night. The peak time for flash flooding in Illinois is at night.

 • Flooding is to blame for 33 deaths in Illinois since 1995. Most of these fatalities involved people in vehicles trying to cross flooded roadways.


Disaster strikes sometimes, but if you are prepared and know how to handle the situation, you can reamain calm and ensure the safety of you and your family.  Make sure you have your HOMEOWNERS insurance in place and make sure all your policies are all up to date with the proper coverage for your dwellings.

The American Red Cross has some more information on severe weather preparedness and resources.

The State Of Illinois Emergency Management Agency also provides alot of great information on preparedness.  



by The Rullo Team

St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia High schools have been ranked in the top 100 public high schools in the state of Illinois by a 2015 study done by US News & World Report, with St. Charles North (#35) and St. Charles East (#42) leading the pack. For more details, visit the US News & World Report website. Congratulations to all 4 schools!
If you would like any information on local real estate, visit our website at




by The Rullo Team

Looking for something fun to do with Dad on Father's Day?  We've compiled a list of great things to help Dad relax and feel appreciated.  Check it out. 

Father's Day at Blackberry Farm:  June 21 11:00-5:00

Spend some quality Dad time at the Blackberry Farm where the first 200 guests can enjoy TCBY ice cream and then enjoy Live entertainment featuring the Junkyard Groove Acoustic Duo.

Brewery Tours 630-232-2115

Maybe Dad likes Beer, and I mean what Dad doesn't? Take a tour of Geneva's Penrose Brewing Company.  See where this ancient alchemy takes place while enjoying four 4-ounce beers and although food isn't served in the tap room, guests are encouraged to bring their own snacks or purchase from a nearby eatery.  Some of the beers in the tap room never leave the taproom, so you can sample some truly special small-batch offerings that never leave the brewery.  Oh, and they also have a ton of board games.  630-393-2337

Two Brothers Brewery in Warrenville offers free, 45 minute tours of their brewing facility at 1 and 3 p.m. June 21st.  You'll get to see all the equipment used to create the Brother's Brews and be able to ask questions to the pros.  You'll be able to treat Dad to lunch jbefore the tour and then take home some of his favorite beer from the tour.  


Father's Day Brunch At The Turf Room 1033 Kilberry Lane, North Aurora 630-906-9300 Brunch is served from 9 a.m to 2 p.m. June 21st.  Turf room has something to please every Dad; There's a carving station, waffle station, pizza station, omlet station, desserts, endless varieties of good eats.  




Father's Day Brunch at Brookfield Zoo

Head to the all you can eat Barbecue at Brookfield Zoo.  The event takes place from 12:00 p.m.-2 p.m. in the Pavillions.  Tons of barbecued meat and apple cobbler for dessert. There is also a premium cash bar. For more info and to buy tickets visit Chicago Zoological Society website. 


Go Camping! 

 Go to the Great American Campout with the Wheaton Park District, from 3 p.m. June 20 to 8 a.m. June 21.  Kids and Dads will enjoy a campfire, tie-dying, night hikes, crafts, scavenger hunts and an evening swim.  

Cost: $44/family and $35/resident families

Knoch Knolls Park from June 20 4 p.m. untill June 21 10 a.m.  Enjoy nature games, buffet style supper, a twilight hikeand s'mores around the campfire.  Sunday includes a light breakfast and a hike.  Bring your own tents and sleeping bags and please leave your furry friends at home.  

Cost is $19 for residents and $29 nonresidents. 

Who do you want to SELL YOUR HOME?  If selling your home in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME, for TOP DOLLAR, with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, by a highly regarded and recognized name in Fox Valley Real Estate is what you're looking for...then give The Rullo Team a call today!






Mill Creek Subdivision

by The Rullo Team


Named “Best Overall Community in the Midwest” by The National Association of Home Builders, Geneva’s Award Winning Mill Creek is one of the largest new communities in Chicago’s Western Suburbs; with more than 2,000 homes, two elementary schools, two eighteen hole Golf Courses, over a hundred acres of parkland and green space, and a town center with a large variety of shops, it’s no wonder this suburb has quickly become a favorite in the Geneva Community.  

If you want a spacious new home for your family, with quality new construction with modern features.  If you want to be near top rated schools, recreation, parks, shops and restaurants, then Mill Creek is really the perfect place for you, and there are still a large variety of floor plans and home styles available at Mill Creek, as well as a number of quick-delivery homes. Prices range from the mid-$200s to the mid-$400s.


  • Tons of Hiking, Biking Trails (with 17 miles of biking and walking trails)
  • Swimming
  • Acclaimed Mill Creek Elementary School
  • Dozens of Floor Plans
  • Customizable Features
  • 2 Geneva elementary schools
  • 127 acres of preserved wetlands
  • 195 acres of Geneva parks
  • 17 miles of biking and walking trails
  • 45% open space (over 900 acres)
  • Neighborhood, regional and community parks throughout the community- many feature courts, picnic areas and ball fields
  • Downtown Village Center including retail, office space, and luxury apartments
  • Mill Creek, 18-hole public golf course plus a 9-hole pitch and putt
  • Tanna Farms, public 18-hole golf course
  • Community center and pool
  • 2 Community churches

For more information about the Mill Creek Area visit Mill Creek Metro Parks, where you will find information on upcoming events, classes and other hapenings.  They also keep you informed about what is going on around town, a plethora of Mill Creek information. 
French-Country Style with ALL of the upgrades
0S147 N Mathewson Lane Geneva, IL

Checkout Our Website For More Information And Photos.

Checkout our HOME LISTINGS page for more homes available in the area.

Who do you want to SELL YOUR HOME?  If selling your home in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME, for TOP DOLLAR, with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, by a highly regarded and recognized name in Fox Valley Real Estate is what you're looking for...then give The Rullo Team a call today!





Geneva IL Elementary Schools Rock the Top 100!

by The Rullo Team

As if we needed to give you another reason to want to live in, or move to, Geneva Illinois! But here we go again;  Niche Inc. just released their 2015 Elementary Schools report of the Top 100 Elementary Schools in Illinois. It's important to point out that there are a total of 2011 elementary schools in Illinois! Earning a spot on the Top 100 list is quite extraordinary! It's important to note that all of the Elementary Schools in Geneva IL scored in the Top 20% in the State of Illinois rankings, so wedon't want anyone getting upset if they don't see their child's school listed here.  We are very fortunate to live in a school district where all of our schools and teachers are excellent!

Now, without any further ado, here are the 6 Geneva Elementary Schools that made it into the coveted TOP 100 ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS IN ILLINOIS list for 2015:

  1. Fabyan Elementary School
  2. Heartland Elementary School
  3. Mill Creek School
  4. Western Avenue Elementary School 
  5. Harrison Street Elementary School
  6. Williamsburg Elementary School


 All of the Geneva, IL elementary schools have three things in common:  A staff that is dedicated to serving the students and parents, teachers who want to see each child excel to their maximum potential, and a curriculum that is designed to bring out the creativity, individuality as well as the intelligence in each child that passes through it's doors.

If you are interested in homes for sale in the each of the Geneva Elementary School's above, give The Rullo Team a call.  You can also visit our website, or follow the link below and peruse the homes here:

Homes For Sale in Fabyan Elementary School District   Homes For Sale in Heartland Elementary School District, Geneva,IL

Homes For Sale in Mill Creek School District    Homes For Sale in Wester Avenue Elementary School District

Homes For Sale in Harrison Street Elementary School District  Homes For Sale in WilliamsBurg Elementary School District

As always, we are here to serve you in anyway we please feel free to stop by the office or call anytime!  630-513-1771

Fox Valley Festivals

by The Rullo Team

St. Charles’ Riverfest: June 11-14, 2015
To find out about the events planned for: On the Water, On the Beach, On the Stage and For Families – visit the City of St. Charles Riverfest
Geneva’s Swedish Days: June 23-28
Visit the Geneva Chamber of Commerce
website for information about: Schedule of Events, Entertainment/Music Line-up, Food Booth Menus, Kids Events,  Sweden Vast. Organized by the Geneva Chamber of Commerce.
Batavia’s Windmill City Festival: July 9-12, 2015
For a daily schedule of Events, Main Stage Live Music schedule, Parking and Sponsor information visit the Windmill City Festival
website. Free admission.   Organized by: Batavia Park District, Batavia Chamber of Commerce, Batavia Depot Museum, and City of Batavia
If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in the Fox Valley Area please contact a real estate professional with the Rullo Team.

Geneva, IL Gets Ready For Swedish Days!

by The Rullo Team

Vi älskar den här tiden på året!

That's simply Swedish for "We Love This Time of Year"!  Swedish Days in Geneva, IL is also known as the "Granddaddy of Illinois Festivals"! It is a sensational 6 Day Family Fun festival that is hands down, one of the BEST in the Midwest! It includes Central Stage Entertainment, Creation Station, a Carnival, Kids’ Day, and the renowned Parade. Swedish Days attracts visitors from all over the Fox Valley, Chicagoland area, Wisconsin and Michigan!

Over 200,000 people attend this event...and NO Admission is charged!

Here's a peek at Kids Day-Swedish Days Festival 2014

For a Complete Schedule of Events for SWEDISH DAYS FESTIVAL 2015, Click Here:  SCHEDULE 2015

The musical lineup for this year is second to none! Genre's cover jazz to folk, to singer/song writer to rock and roll. There will be many chicago and area based bands as well as the Swedish music that you've come to hear!  For a complete list of the groups and individuals that will perform, click here:  MUSICAL LINE-UP

And last, but certainly not least, is the Sweden Väst!

This is the part of the fest that has been transformed into "Little Sweden". You will find Swedish Art, Gifts, Food, Beverages, StoryTelling, Dances and more!

Mark your calendars for this incredible Geneva IL event! You and your family will have an amazing time!

Geneva, IL is a fantastic community in which to live and raise a family! If you are considering a move to this area, give us a call.  We'd be happy to provide you with any information you require. We've been living and working in the Geneva area for 20+ years and know it extremely well and can help YOU find the perfect home for you.  If you'd like to look at some of the homes available, take a look at the ones below, and click on the links below. 


Wonderfully Updated Vintage Home! Geneva's Finest Location!

509 Easton Avenue, Geneva Illinois

Beautifully updated 5 bedroom, 4 ½ bath old ‘n charming home built in 1925! Lots of character & updates throughout ~ including mechanicals!  Lovely flowing floor plan has spacious rooms, glistening hardwoods, big & plentiful windows, 4 fireplaces, abundance of built-ins, rear staircase, glass French doors, ornate woodwork and much more! Fantastic granite kitchen with commercial grade appliances, breakfast bar & bright dinette. Window surround 4-season sunroom opens to a brick patio with awesome yard view. Cathedral wood & beamed ceiling highlight the huge family room; awesome master with walk-in closet and a 27x13 ft luxury bath! Walk-up floored attic, basement, 2-car attached garage, professionally landscaped, private fenced lot and so much more! Gold Coast of Geneva – walk to the train and historic downtown! A wonderful home in a wonderful location!  Checkout Our website for more information and photos.



 348 Larsdotter Lane, Geneva Illinois

Beautiful 3 bedroom, 3 ½ bath home in like-new condition, perfect décor and on a great cul-de-sac lot close to shopping & park! Spacious & open floor plan has volume, vaulted & 9ft ceilings; an elegant multi-sided marble fireplace sits in view of the kitchen, living & dining rooms! Hardwood kitchen has lots of 42” cabinetry and dual peninsula breakfast bar. Built-ins highlight the large loft; vaulted master with sitting room, 2 closets and luxury bath. The professionally finished basement includes a recreation room, gorgeous full service bar, full bath & storage area. 2-car attached garage and so much more!  

Checkout Our Website For More Information And Photos.

Checkout our HOME LISTINGS page for more homes available in the area.

Who do you want to SELL YOUR HOME?  If selling your home in the LEAST AMOUNT OF TIME, for TOP DOLLAR, with MAXIMUM EXPOSURE, by a highly regarded and recognized name in Fox Valley Real Estate is what you're looking for...then give The Rullo Team a call today!





5 Things To Know About The Spring Home Buying Season

by The Rullo Team










Five Key Things To Know About The 2015 Spring Home Buying Season:

1. The months of April, May, and June typically account for 40% of all home sales for the year.

Let's review-

* Home prices are going up

* Wages aren’t keeping pace

* The housing supply is tight, driving prices up even faster!

* Lately as many as 40% of homes have sold at or above listing price!!

Some in the real estate industry say that the market has finally normalized after the recession. However, if you are a First-Time Home Buyer or a lower end buyer, this is hardly the case!  Which brings us to #2 on our list:

2. A large Inventory Shortage.

If you work in any facet of the real estate industry this isn't "new news", but what might surprise you is the fact that at the end of April, combining both existing homes for sale AND New Construction home starts, we were still severely below historic inventory levels. We're talking  4.8 months of inventory...and 6 months is considered the low or balanced margin for a stable market. However, NAR is still predicting that 2015 will be the best year of existing home sales and new home construction starts, since 2007, with a projected 5.24 million, or about 6.1% above 2014.  The problem still is getting inventory on the market. This is where the "equity rich" homeowners ( 20% or higher) will come into play. The thought or expectation is that they will use the equity to move-up into a larger home, therefore putting existing homes onto the market, as well as projected $1.14 million in new construction home starts. Combined they should give the added boost to curb inventory concerns.

3. Prices are on the Rise!

Inventory constraints and high Buyer Demand have caused prices to start their climb. Historically, prices have risen about 1% per year. Per the latest data given by NAR, single family homes have increased on average 4.1% year over year (accounting for inflation). It's better than the double digit price increases in 2013, but still faster than inflation. Still, in many markets, homes are selling at or above list price. It is also creating many bidding war situations for Home Owners, giving the Sellers a true, Seller's Market. It's important for anyone considering selling their home that A recent survey by the National Association of Realtors indicated that in April, about 40% of homes, on a national basis, sold at or above asking price. Similarly, RealtyTrac recently found that in April 41% of homes sold at or above their estimated market value. Bottom line: Price gains are NOT going to go away, in fact, they are predicted to rise to 6.7% for the year. If you're a Home Seller....SELL NOW!  If you're looking at Buying a Home...Don't wait, prices are only going to go higher. Buy while they are still on the low side and while MORTGAGE RATES are still at near historic lows.

4. Financing eases, but mortgage rates may rise. 

Six months to a year ago it was still very difficult to get financing, but now credit availability is at its highest level since housing took it's downturn- according to the latest information from the Mortgage Bankers Mortgage Credit Availability report. Banks and mortgage companies are not only easing requirements, they are also offering more types of loans to augment sources of financing.  However, Freddie Mac is predicting increases in the interest rates that have remained at historic lows for months! This past work alone, rates rose to the highest yet in 2015 to 3.87% for a conventional 30 year fixed rate loan, and they're only going to go higher.

5. Lower-priced homes are moving fast!

If you are a First Time Home Buyer or a Buyer looking at the lower end home pricing, this market is going to be particularly hard. Homes in the lower price points are going faster than the higher price points.....50% more! Best advice we can give someone shopping in the lower price points is this:

1- Be ready to give a competitive offer for a house you really want to buy. This isn't a time to try negotiating. Know what you want, and be ready to get it.

2- Make sure you have all your paperwork, documents, preapproval in place so that you can move fast to a closing without anything standing in the way. Sellers will look much more favorably on your offer if you don't have any contingencies attached to it and are ready to close quickly.


*SELLERS, just because there are slim pickings in the market right now doesn't mean you are in the driver's seat entirely.  The current buyers are a picky bunch, especially in the post recession time we find ourselves.  So, if you want to capitalize on the current market, you can't forget the little things, you need to thoroughly prepare your home for this market  You need to make your home something worth fighting for; the tips below are simple ways you can make your home stand out from the rest. 

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