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Looking for a way to save money on your energy bills? Consider solar polar! Learn more about this new home technology from your very own solar-savvy neighbors during the 11th Annual Illinois Solar Tour! This free open house of homes and businesses takes place on Saturday, October 7th, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. 125 sites throughout the state will be opening their doors for visitors to learn more about how the technology works and the economic and environmental benefits.


You do not need to travel far from your Fox River Valley home to take advantage of this great opportunity! There are incredible sites located throughout our area for you to explore. Come discover great technological updates that you can make on your home this Saturday at these local open houses.



Kane County Solar Buildings

  • 815 Greenwood Court, Batavia

  • 641 Maple Lane, Batavia

  • 3167 Savannah Drive, Aurora

  • 749 Scott Drive, Elgin

  • 39W830 Highland Avenue, Elgin

  • 43W125 Faireno Drive, Elburn

Kendall County Solar Buildings

  • 216 Lombardy Lane, Oswego
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St. Charles IL Housing Market Update: 09/20/17

by The Rullo Team

The Fox Valley Housing Market remains HOT going into Fall!  Home values continue their climb over the past 90 days and predictions by are they will continue to do so into 2018.  If you're considering selling your home this Fall, contact the award winning Rullo Team to ensure a quick home sale for top dollar.

Current Housing Market Stats for St. Charles IL

Median Home Price- $483,258

Average Square Footage- 3,250

Ave # of Bedrooms- 4

Ave # of Bathrooms- 3

Number of Homes on the Market- 628

Average Days on the Market- 98

Average Price per Square Foot- $149.

Consider the trends below over the past 90 days:

Brought to you by Alex & Vicki Rullo and The Rullo Team

Re/MAX All Pro

505 W. Main St., St. Charles, IL 60174


Antique Shopping in the Fox Valley

by The Rullo Team




Finding Antiques in the Fox Valley…

Did you love antiques? If you do, you are in luck because the Fox Valley is a great place to hunt for such treasures. Antiques are great way to add a personal touch to your home, but also repurposing furniture and household items is good for the environment. Here are a few to check out:


Kane County Antique and Flea Market

Located at the Kane County Fair Grounds on the first Sunday and preceding Saturday of every month from March to December, this Flea Market has a just about everything you are looking for.

525 S. Randall Road, St. Charles


Amazing Grace Antiques

Inside a historic home in Elburn, Amazing Grace is filled with affordable treasures, inside and out! You will enjoy the friendly hometown welcome when you arrive, and are sure to leave with a special item!

401 N. Main Street (Route 47), Elburn

630.365.2006, www.amazingraceantiques.dabz/


Bee Attitudes Antiques

Situated on the corner of Route 31 and Wilson Street in a historic home from 1886 called Gammon Corner, this shop has a wonderful variety of antiques! Set against the Victorian interior of the former home, this shop contains 8 dealers that have anything from furniture to silverware and everything in between.

Rt. 31 & Wilson Street, Batavia


St. Charles Downtown Phase III of the 1st Street Project Is Underway!

by The Rullo Team

PHASE III of the 1st Street Project is Underway!

New construction can sometimes be frustrating, but the new developments on first street will be well worth the inconvenience.  The latest developments are part of Phase III of the the 1st Street Project, which includes construction of three mixed use buildings and a two-level public parking deck.  Building 1 will be located on the northeast corner of Illinois and 1st street.  It will contain an upper level office space, street level retail space and private underground parking.  Building 1 and the public parking deck will be the first structures constructed on the site, so while it may be inconvenient for the winter, there will be even more parking in the future.  Not to mention new businesses added to our bustling downtown. Work should be completed by summer 2016.  Community and Economic Development Director Rita Tungare said "We will do our best to leave as much parking available as possible." They will continue to work with the community to make the construction process as convenient as possible.  After the fencing goes up, represented by the yellow line below, there will no longer be parking on the surface lot or some of the spots around the perimeter of construction, though spots may open intermittently, as safety allows. Check out the websites listed below for additional information & parking areas.

Check out the 1st Street Project Website for more information.

Look at the Downtown Parking Map for alternative parking spots.

The St. Charles downtown area is going to be looking better than ever in a short time. Putting up with a little construction traffic and re-routing will be a small price to pay for the beautiful developments that we will all enjoy when the construction is complete.  

If you'd like more information on the St. Charles area, or are interested in looking at homes available in the Fox Valley communities, please give us a call at 630-513-1771 or visit our website at

Top 10 Restaurants In St. Charles

by The Rullo Team

St. Charles has so many GREAT restaurants to choose from, depending on your mood and purpose of the meal. 

Here are the Top 10 Restaurants in St. Charles....according to Yelp.
Do you agree?  If not, tell us who you'd pick!

1. Wok 'N Fire



2. Francesca's

Founded in 1992 by Restauranteur Scott Harris, Francesca's Restaurant Group has grown from a small welcoming restaurant in Chicago to now, over 33 locations, of multiple concepts across 4 states, but Francesca's is the best of the Original vibe; handwritten menus of classic italian favorites in a relaxed sophisticated ambieance.    

3. Pizzaria Neo

Authentic Naples Pizza! Tony Alfonso and Guy Sorrentino have created the perfect modern Italian Pizzaria, complete with brick oven pizza, true to the way they make it in the birthplace of pizza, Naples.  But pizza isn't all they have.  Neo has an extensive wine list and signature cocktail list and like any true Italian place, Neo has the smoothest espresso and cappucinno around.  

4. St. Charles Place

Voted best banquet place in Kane County, St. Charles Place is bringing back the classic supper club.  Instantly transported to another time when you walk in the door; red and black tones, crystal chandeliers, ecletic art, leather banquettes surround the room; very romantic.  Customers enjoy choice cuts of USDA hand selected steaks and prime rib, charred and flavorful!  They serve classics like Beef Wellington and Dover Sole and the wine list is impressive; serving specialty wines from around the world. 

5. Liu Brothers Asian Bistro

Good solid Asian cuisine.  Great for dining in or carry-out.  Liu Brother's wont disappoint.  They don't serve alcohol but encourage BYOB.  

6. El Puente

A unique blend of Authentic Mexican Cuisine and World Class Margaritas.  The Tequilla selection is incredible.  El Puente has been delighting customers for over 10 years and have quickly become the standard by which all other mexican food is compared.  The Jimenez family shares their own homemade traditional family recipes.  If you haven't been yet, you need to.

7. Puebla Modern Mexican

An attractive modern restaurant, featuring new takes on traditional Mexican food.  Their Margaritas are fantastic, which, is just as important as the food right?!

8. Beef Shack 

Family owned and operated since 2011, Beef Shack is a quick service restaurant serving premium quality food at affordable prices.  It has been voted "Best Beef" by the Kane County Chronicle for three consecutive years since 2012.  Each sandwich is hand crafted to perfection. ensuring a satisfying experience every single time.  

9. The Office

A great, unique and fun experience in St. Charles! As much a destination as it is a place for great food. But you may want to make a reservation at this incredible gastropub, as it's a favorite among the locals.  The building is beautiful, the food is great and the staff are friendly.  Perfect for a fun dinner with friends, a business, or really any occasion. If you've never been to a gastropub, you'll feel like you've been transported back to old time England. You'll love it! Get it on your "To Do" list now!

10. Giordano's

Giordano's! Enough said.  

"Its creation began in a small northern Italian town near Torino. Mama Giordano was famous around town for her exquisite cooking. Of all her renowned dishes, her most beloved meal was her “Italian Easter Pie”. Mama Giordano would serve this double- crusted, cheese stuffed masterpiece every year for Easter. This pizza pie became a sacred tradition in the Giordano family and a legend in the town of Torino. Years later, original owners and Italian immigrants Efren and Joseph Boglio moved to Chicago to start their own pizza business. The brothers introduced their Mama’s recipe for stuffed pizza. In 1974, on Chicago’s historic south side, Efren and Joseph opened the first Giordano’s. Over the next 40 years, hundreds of critics announced Giordano’s as the city’s “best” stuffed pizza! The rest is history you can still taste today, along with our other great starters, fresh salads, outstanding pastas and unique sandwiches. We continue evolving to bring you a taste of real, fresh Italian!" -Giordano's


As you can see, you have plenty of incredible restaurants to choose from any day of the week! Just do us a favor and let us know what you think of these any other fine St.Charles establishments. We want to keep our local businesses thriving and the more we can let others know about their amazing food and outstanding service....the more successful they will be, and the more successful our community will be as well. 

Fox Valley Protect Those Pipes From Freezing!

by The Rullo Team

With temperatures in the Fox Valley plunging into negative digits the chance of pipes freezing becomes a very real possibility, and untreated pipes in your basement and crawlspaces can be an expensive scenario for any homeowner in the event of a burst. What can you do to limit the chance of this happening to you & your home? Here are several preventative measures you can take:


  • First & foremost, you need to seal any air leaks inside near where the pipes are located in your home! Do a complete inspection around dryer vents, outoor pipes, and electical wiring. You'll need to use insulation, caulking, and sealants to ensure you've blocked the airway. Even a small opening can allow enough of this frigid air in to freeze a pipe.
  • Exposed pipes are most susceptable to freezing so you'll need to check your basement, and crawlspaces where these pipes are located. Make sure you inspect all pipes to make sure each is properly insulated. Remember....ANY pipe can freeze, so inspect each one.
  • Heat Cables (thermostatically controlled)or Heat Tape can be used to wrap pipes. (Make sure any products used have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories Inc or other independent testing organizations & that you are using the products only where they are intended to be used IE: Inside or Outside, and you follow all installation and operational instructions). Check your local hardware store for supplies. 
  • To reduce freezing in the short span of the pipe, use indoor vavles to shut off and drain water from the pipes that lead to outside faucets.
  • Many of us have gotten into the habit of turning down our thermostats at night, however this is NOT the time to do that! During these weather conditions it is very important to keep your thermostats set at the same temperatures both day & night. Because temperatures drop even deeper at night, if you set your thermostats lower at night you can run the risk of those pipes freezing over night.
  • Remember when your Mother told you to "Let the faucet's trickle overnight or if you are going to be gone for a day or two!"? Well, Mom was RIGHT! Trickling of hot and cold water, just letting it drip from the faucet on an outside wall, can keep your pipes from freezing! THANKS MOM!
  • Laslty, keep the doors to your cabinets (on exterior walls) open, to allow heat to circulate through to the uninsulated pipes. Yes, I know you thought people were joking when they said that, but it is true, it can help keep your pipes from freezing as well.

Now, what can you do if your pipes have frozen? SCREAM! Just kidding, this isn't a laughing matter. If you turn on your faucets and nothing comes out, keep

the faucets turned OFF and call a plumber immediately. If your pipes are frozen, please keep these 4 things in mind:

  1. NEVER try to thaw a pipe with a blow torch or any other flame.
  2. NEVER try to wade through the flooded waters in a basement or touch ANY electrical appliances or items in that area. They will still be "ACTIVE" if plugged in prior to your basement flooding and would be cause for electrocution.
  3. If your pipes have BURST, Turn your water OFF at the main shut off valve.
  4. If trying to warm a Frozen Pipe, start as close to the faucet as possible then work toward the frozen section.
  5. Before you turn ANY water back on, MAKE SURE THERE AREN'T ANY LEAKS IN THE PIPES!!
  6. Make sure to check your Homeowners Insurance Policy and call them immediately.

We hope you'll just need to use our preventative tips and that our lovely community in the Fox Valley will start to see the beautiful beginnings of spring sooner rather than later! Until then, check out our website and social media for more Homeowner tips!

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VETERANS' DAY 2014 in the Fox Valley

by The Rullo Team

Whether you are a Veteran or you know a is a day that is significant to you. It is a day to honor our heroes, a time to honor those who have served in the US Military and for those who have made great sacrfices to perserve the freedoms we live with everyday.

"Home of the Free....Because of the Brave". Have you heard that more and more lately? The men and women who serve in our armed forces exemplify the extaordinary committment to excellence in service, duty and honor that truly goes beyond that of anything you will see in ordinary life....and YES they will, and have, laid down their life for all of us.

Today, VETERAN'S DAY 2014, seek out our Veteran's and do something special for them. You won't need to look very far, they are our neighbors, coworkers, family & friends. This day is set aside to honor them for all they have done for us and they certainly have deserved this and so much more.

Many restaurants and other fine retail establishments are offering free meals, and discounts on goods and services for our Veterans all day today. We hope that everyone will take the time today to spend it with a Veteran and make it a special day. Below are a few of the links to the sites offering FREE or DISCOUNTED GOODS & SERVICES for our Veterans:


Preparing Your Fox Valley Home for the Market

by The Rullo Team

It takes work to prepare your home for success on the market......but putting that work in now will yield greater rewards in the end! These tips will be your guide to help get you the best return on your investment, your home.

 Get an Inspection

Although your property may look up to par, it is beneficial to be aware of any potential problems that may come up later in the process. Every time a buyer walks through the door, they will be looking for the slightest reason to lower the price. The best way to eliminate this issue is to get an inspection on the front end. Home inspections usually range from $300 - $700, but will save you thousands in the end.

Repair What You Can.

After receiving your home inspection, it is time to tackle each problem one step at a time. Whether you revive your garden, replace an appliance or repair a broken screen... every improvement counts. A new line of caulk in the shower and a fresh coat of grout on the tiles can make your bathroom look brand new. If you are ready to take on your next project, head over to your local hardware store for a great selection of tools, paint, grout and just about anything else you may need. Just remember, the old 3:1 want to make sure that for every dollar you spend, you are getting at least in return.

 Get Estimates on What You Can’t Fix.

While making repairs to your Fox Valley home, keep in mind that the money spent on small repairs will always give you a positive return. However, there may be a few issues that stretch outside your budget, or the return on your investment may not be worth the dollars spent. In this case it is better to negotiate with your potential buyer than to lay out the larger sums of money at this time.

 Clean......and then clean again!

Imaging getting ready for a first date, trying on different outfits, and spending hours in front of the mirror. This is the same way you need to treat your home. Your potential buyer needs to fall in love at first site. Cleaning doesn't cost you any additional money, just your time...and it will pay off big. Your home needs a DEEP clean in every corner, nook and cranny. Appliances, counters, bathroom sink, tub, toilet, closets...everything! A home in pristine condition will ALWAYS garner a higher selling price point than one that is not.


Get Rid of the Clutter

It may be hard to clean the house with a pile of boxes, toys, your collections, etc taking up all the great space. In order to maximize your properties potential, you need to show off the beautiful square footage in every room. It starts with getting rid of the clutter, unused furniture and stacking up your moving boxes in the proper areas; including the garage, basement or even a storage unit.


Give your home a fresh look by changing the color scheme or redesigning altogether. You won’t believe how far a can of paint can really go until you see it for yourself. Give every room a new facial by tearing down that old school wallpaper and rolling on a shiny new color. When a buyer sees the fresh look and modern colors, it is sure to leave a positive impact, mainly in the form of an offer and in hard cold cash Smile.  If you need some help with an interior design make over, we have some of the best designers at our fingertips! 


Aside from checking every nook and cranny inside the home, a smart seller would spend a day working on the outside as well. When a buyer pulls into the drive, the first thing they notice is the welcoming look of the front of the home. Taking extra time to mow the lawn, trim the greenery, laying fresh mulch or planting colorful flowers appropriate for the season are cheap and easy ways to make your house stand out and greet your potential buyers with a warm and friendly welcome. If you are in St. Charles you can head on over to Wasco's Nursery and pick up gorgeous Fall flowers that will put a smile on any potential buyers face!

Bottom line...Don't leave money on the table. A little preparation goes a long way. Do the little things that will pay back in a big the form of an offer that you will find most acceptable.

For more Home Selling Tips check out our website or give us a call! We'll be happy to come to you and go through your home with you to make sure that every room is absolutely "SHOW TIME" ready, to bring you the best offer and timeliest sale available today.


4th of July Celebrations for St. Charles & the Fox Valley Area

by The Rullo Team

What are your plans for the 4th of July?  If you live in the St. Charles or Fox Valley area your choices are phenomenal!  Here is a sampling for what is available:

* St. Charles 4th of July 2014Pottawatomie Park- Fun and entertainment for the whole family!   Swim, picnic, dance, mini-golf  and listen to the music courtesy of Fox Valley Concert Band and the Student Body Band.... all leading up to the Grand Finale Fireworks! For more details:

* Batavia, IL:  Batavia's Sky Concert Fireworks Field Day events start at 7 pm while the Fireworks start promptly at 9:30 pm with the best viewing from Engstrom Park at the corner of Millview Drive and West Main Street. For details see:

* Elgin, IL:  The 2014 Elgin Fireworks celebration will be nothing short of spectacular!  Held at Festival Park, this year's musical entertainment is astounding.....You'll see: Creedence Clearwater Revisited, Dennis DeYoung & The Chicago 6. For those of you who might not know the Dennis DeYoung Band and The Chicago 6, here's who they are: Dennis DeYoung is a founding member of STYX and the lead singer and writer on seven of the bands eight Top Ten Hits. His live concert with six piece band showcases all the STYX Greatest Hits spanning the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. The Chicago 6 is a band formed by Hall of Famer and former Chicago Bear Dan Hampton. Also featuring fellow '85 bears Otis Wilson and Steve McMichael, The Chicago 6 will start the party right with a mix of Motown, country, and all American rock and roll. These great musicians, along with a terrific Fireworks display, and the Elgin Fireworks will rival all other celebrations in the area!

* Aurora, IL: RiverEdge Park in Aurora will once again be the site for this fabulous 4th of July Concert & Fireworks Display! The American Legion Band will kick off the Festivities at 5:30 pm and the music will continue through til 9:30 when the Fireworks display will then begin. For more details and information: 

Whether you choose to attend one of these amazing events, or to celebrate with family and friends in the comfort and convenience of your own backyard, keep in mind the reason for our celebrations....the Independence of our great country! We were built on the foundations of individual rights, freedom, equality and justice for all; and we need to protect those rights for the generations who will come after us. So Thank the Military men and women for their service and sacrifice, and keep the reason and spirit of the day with you in whatever you choose to do.

And, from all of us at The Rullo Team.....have a SAFE & HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

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