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Fall Lawn Care

by The Rullo Team

Get outside and enjoy this beautiful fall weather and have a great looking yard in the spring! 

Below are a couple of things you can do now before the snow flies.



Contrary to popular opinion, fall is the best time of the year for lawn care. Fertilization, weed and thatch control, establishment of new lawns, and renovation of poor quality lawns should be done over the next few weeks.  Now is the time to prepare so that you start next spring with a healthy lawn. 

  • Keep mowing until your lawn stops growing.  Don’t mow too short, if anything, leave it a little bit long.
  • Don’t starve your lawn. If you live in the northern U.S., fertilize one more time around Thanksgiving.
  • Kill broadleaf weeds like dandelions and ground ivy. Time your herbicide application around the first time there is frost in your area or when the temperature dips to at least 40°F overnight.



“When fall is in the air, it’s time to put spring in the ground”.  Autumn is the time to plant spring flowering bulbs.  Bulb experts usually recommend planting bulbs when the nighttime temps drop into the low 50’s or 40’s for two weeks, although you can even plant in December as long as you can still dig


  • Choose a spot where the soil drains well. 
  • Spring-flowering bulbs like sun, but you can plant them under trees that will still be bare when the flowers bloom. 
  • The rule of thumb is the planting hole should be about 3 times the length of the bulb; dig individual holes or a wider hole that can hold a number of bulbs. 
  • Plant them pointy side up

Sure, it is delayed gratification, but the appearance of flowers and a beautiful lawn at the end of a bleak winter will be worth the wait.


  If you are interested in more information about the benefits of home ownership in our area please contact a real estate professional with The Rullo Team.

Green For More Green in the Fox Valley

by The Rullo Team

You've heard the age old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover", well this rule simply doesn't apply to the real estate market.  A good looking face isn't just memorable, the exterior of your home can make or break a sale.  It can be the difference between you getting your asking price or settling for much less.  First impressions are everything in the real estate business.  According to the National Association of Realtors; 63% of people will stop by to view a home they found and liked online.  What will they see? They will see the driveway, the front yard and the facade of your house.  So, what this means is you have to focus just as much attention on the outdoor impression of your home as the indoor.  This impression starts immediately when they see your home online.  So, invest a little time and money into the exterior of your home...before you take the stunning photos you will post online.  Green up the grass, plant some flowers and shrubs, clean the lingering winter dirt from the side of your house; give the exterior of your home a little loving makeover.  I promise, it will be worth it when you sell your home for exactly what you were asking for it.  

Residents in the Fox Vallery area are especially lucky because right here in St. Charles is one of Today’s Garden Center magazine’s Revolutionary 100 Garden Centers for 2015. 

 Wasco Nursery Named One of Today’s Garden Center’s “Revolutionary 100”

Wasco Nursery & Garden Center is putting Saint Charles, IL on the map. It was recently named one of the top Garden Centers in America by The Revolutionary 100 program, which began in 2006.  The program surveys garden center owners and managers on how they run their businesses.  The revolutionary 100 determines the health of these businesses and how they impact their communities.  


 Wasco Nursery & Garden Center is the perfect resource for homeowners and sellers looking to spruce up the  exterior of their homes for the summer market.   With a full service retail garden center, nursery and a    landscape business Wasco Nursery can meet nearly every landscape need. Wasco has remained dedicated to  growing and selling the best varieties of trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials, as well as new exotic plants  from around the world. They also have a whole library of information in store and online, on how to care for your lawn safely and effectively.  There are tools on the website to help you plan your next garden, a plant search database and tips and tricks to help through the entire process.  They are constantly reccomending the best and safest new products, for example: This Organic Lawn food turns lackluster yellow lawns green again, without harming your family or pets in the process. Their friendly staff are always willing to talk you through new processes and with a staff of 48 people in the peak season, the customer service is damn near perfect.  Check out their website to learn more.








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