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New Year's Resolutions For Your Fox River Valley Home

by The Rullo Team

The New Year is here! That means it is time to set your New years resolutions. When thinking about all that you want to achieve in the New Year, do not forget about improvements that you can make to your home. 2019 is the perfect time to make sure that your home is in tip top shape. Here are our top New Year's Resolutions for your Fox River Valley home.

1. Set a Budget.

Before determining any of your other home improvement goals, you should create a budget for yourself. This will ensure that you do not overspend when making improvements and will help you when unexpected maintenance costs pop up! If you are able to make it throughout the year without spending all the money you set aside (Lucky you!), continue to save the money into the following year when you might need it.


2. Focus on Decluttering.

We all accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. Start of the New Year right by getting rid of items that you truly do not need. Donate anything that is still in good condition. If there are items that you do not regularly use but have sentimental value, put them away in storage for the future. You will feel less stress throughout the year by only having the things in your home that are necessary. It will save you time on cleaning and tidying up.


3. Reduce Water and Energy Usage.

Help conserve our planet's natural resources while saving money yourself by making improvements to your home that cut excess water and energy usage. You can reduce the amount of water your home uses by installing low flow showerheads and high efficiency toilets. To improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, seal and insulate your ductwork.


4. Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Keep your family healthy by improving the air quality in your home. Reduce harmful pollutants by using high quality furnace filters and changing them regularly. Invest in air cleaners that can be utilized in individual rooms to remove specific irritants. Make sure that smoke and kitchen fumes are properly ventilated outside of your home from the kitchen. The same goes for the excess humidity in your bathrooms.


5. Install Maintenance Free Materials.

Spend the time in 2019 installing maintenance free materials throughout your home. This will reduce recurring stress throughout the year by eliminating upkeep and will make the need for continual improvements a thing of the past. Within your home, use ceramic tiles that are extremely tough and stain and moisture resistant. They will make your floors look fantastic for years without any need for repair. On the outside of your home, use fiber cement siding, which is weather proof and resists insects, fire, dent, and rot. This siding will last you for over 50 years without need for replacement!


6. Achieve Other Resolutions While Improving Your Home!

You will have more personal resolutions that you make this New Year. Work to achieve those resolutions while making improvements to your home. It's incredibly easy to do. If focusing on exercising more is one of your goals for 2019, focus on do it yourself projects around the home. You can burn calories by taking on simple tasks, such as caulking, cleaning, painting, and yard work. If your resolution is to spend more time with family, focus on projects around the home that you all can work on together and find fun ways to complete the task as a team.


New Year's Resolutions Tips!

by The Rullo Team



Let's say you want to lose weight this year…or maybe you chose a simpler goal…say, eating healthy.  Maybe you want to spend less money on material things or spend more time with loved ones.  All very admirable goals.  Self-improvement, or at least the desire for self-improvement, is a shared goal amongst most Americans.  It’s why so many of us (an estimated 45% of Americans) make New Year’s resolutions.

***(Note that only one-third of Americans watch the Super Bowl)***

The good intentions are there, but only a small fraction of us actually achieve our intended resolution.  The University of Scranton research suggests that a small 8% of people attain their New Year’s goals.  So, why do so many people fail? Better yet....What are the secrets behind those who succeed? 


There are no shortage of studies on how the brain works, so many experts are attempting to explain the science behind why we make resolutions and more importantly, why we can never seem to keep them.   


One word: Simplicity 

Many people use the New Year to attempt extreme makeovers, both personally and/or professionally.

It’s a nice aspiration, but most of us have so many competing priorities in our day to day lives that this approach is destined to fail.Shooting for the moon can be daunting, so much in fact, most people fail to even launch! 


This year, try a different approach.  Simplify your resolutions, make your goals smaller and keep your list shorter.  When you accomplish one of these goals, you will feel satisfied, proud and in a far better position to accomplish your other goals now...and throughout the year! 

Setting simple attainable goals throughout the year is a much better approach than one huge, overwhelming goal. 

It’s not even the extent of the change that matters, but the courageous act of recognizing change is important and then working toward making it happen.  

Make it Tangible

Setting huge-ambitious goals is fun and can be really exciting…but they are much more difficult to attain, and when you see yourself coming up short, many times we get discouraged, frustrated …and then we give up. Keep your goals simple, rational, and most importantly attainable. Be honest with yourself…kind to yourself…and make this the year the year you finally achieve a New Years resolution.

The way in which we state our goals is important too. Many people have a resolution to lose weight…which is actually pretty broad and not as easy as it sounds. Instead of making your goal that broad, break it down into smaller goals; No potato chips, No fried foods, Eliminate Ice Cream. If you want to add a kicker, add in a short time frame for each of them in which you can measure your success; No fries for 6 weeks or Cut out Ice Cream for 4 Weeks. Once you find you can accomplish this… set another; No fried foods for 8 weeks. Simple attainable goals are the key to initial & ongoing success- regardless of the resolution itself.

Set goals you can really measure.  Strong, Clear Goals ensure Strong, Clear Results! 

We hope your New Years celebrations are fantastic and safe and best of luck with all your resolutions!  If your resolution is to find your dream home in The Fox Valley,  give the Rullo Team a call at 630.513.1771.  We'd be happy to put our expertise to work and help make your New Year's resolution come true!

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