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Protect your Fox Valley home from extreme temperatures!

by The Rullo Team

This polar vortex we are experiencing is no joke!  The Fox Valley has some of the absolute lowest temperatures seen in decades and this can cause havoc to your home. Protect your largest asset with these tips:

1. Keep your drapes and blinds closed to help insulate your rooms from the cold radiating off windows and doors.  Run your ceiling fans clockwise (looking up) to keep warm air circulating through your home.

2. Keep thermostats set at a higher level.  Many of us try to save on energy bills by setting our thermostats lower at night or when we are away from our homes.  In this extreme weather, it is important to maintain a consistent temperature that is 4-5 degrees higher than you would normally set in order to keep your home warm.

3. Open your cabinet doors.  Keep your doors to kitchen and bathroom cabinets open so that the warm air in your home can circulate around the pipes.

4. Open faucets to a drip to keep water flowing and prevent freezing of pipes.  Frozen pipes can burst and cause severe damage to your home.

5. Furnace filters.  Make sure your furnace filter has been newly changed for best results.

6. Outside faucets.  Are all your outside faucets turned off and hoses detached?  If not, you run the risk of broken pipes and spigots.

If your pipes do freeze in this weather, shut off your main water valve immediately and call a plumbing professional.

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How to build a GREAT Credit Score

by The Rullo Team

If you’re looking to purchase a home, having good credit gives you many more options.  For many people, however, building can be difficult if they don’t have past credit or if they’ve experienced a financial hardship that brought their credit score down.  If you find yourself in either category, there’s no need to get upset.  What you need to do is focus on the areas which help you build your credit score back to the top.

First, if you’ve never had any credit to your name, here’s what you need to do now:

  1. Apply for a secured credit card.  This is to help you establish credit, without putting down a deposit.  This won’t be used for the long-term, just to get you started.
  2. Apply for a credit builder loan- This is exactly what it sounds like.  A way to build your credit with a manageable loan amount.
  3. Do you have someone who could co-sign a loan?  If so, you can opt for this option to build credit, but normally at a lower interest rate.
  4. Make sure the rent you pay is being reported to the credit bureaus. RentalKharma and RentTrack are just a couple of platforms who will do this.

If your credit has taken a hit in recent months or years, working to rebuild it is critical.  Building good credit takes at least 6 months of an on-time payment history. Building good credit habits will help you get back on track.

  1. Make 100% of your payments on time.  This includes; rent, credit cards, utilities, school loans and medical bills.
  2. Keep your credit utilization low.  Meaning not more than 30% of the credit offered should be used.
  3. Keep your accounts open for as long as possible. Unless one of your unused accounts has an annual, all accounts should be kept open and active to count toward your length of credit, payment history and utilization.
  4. Make sure not to open too many accounts as this will initially lower your credit score and shorten the average time open of all accounts.
  5. Check your credit reports frequently for errors and your credit score on a monthly basis to see your progress.  Websites like and, offer free credit score checking without causing a ‘hard hit’ to your credit.

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Ignore these 7 aspects of a home you're viewing for purchase

by The Rullo Team

You’ve decided to purchase a home.  Whether this is your first home or last, don’t get spooked by decorating that doesn’t meet your taste.  Here are 7 things to ignore when viewing possible homes to purchase:

  1. Home Staging is done to highlight the best that a home has to offer. But you need to remember that it’s the homeowners and designers choices to utilize the pieces they’ve chosen.  Your ideas for a room might be totally different, so look past the design choices.
  2. Carpeting!  Too many people enter a home tour and get turned off immediately at the sign of carpet in the home.  This is short-sighted as many older homes have hardwoods under the carpet.  Even if this doesn’t hold true for the home you’re viewing, remember that this is an easy update to do in any room.
  3. Wallpaper.  This decorating gem has made a comeback over the past couple years, and in many cases, when done right, can really accentuate a room.  However, if the wallpaper isn’t your cup of tea, don’t sweat it!  A good steam and elbow grease will have this off in no time; giving you a blank canvas to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.
  4. Wild and bold paint colors.  You may be the person who likes their walls and doors more on the neutral side so you can decorate with pops of color elsewhere, but remember, there are plenty of artistic individuals who like to use these colors on the walls, staircases, ceilings and more.  Instead of opting out of the house for those reasons, look at it as an opportunity to create the room of YOUR dreams with just a little paint.
  5. Faucet and sink features in the bathroom or kitchen. You walk into a home with your heart set on the new brass/black faucets and bowl sinks, but you find stainless steel and basins of yesteryear.  Again, this isn’t a big problem.  Swapping out faucet hardware and even upgrading your basins can be done very cost-effectively.
  6. Kitchen cabinet colors.  Individual opinions vary deeply when it comes to a dream kitchen.  If you’re looking at a home that has a great layout, island and lots of cabinets to suit your needs but they are in black and you’d like gray, not a big deal!  There are plenty of interior decorating services that can spray and paint your existing cabinets to the color you desire; without totally remodeling the entire kitchen.
  7. Landscape. Curb appeal is critical whether you’re buying or selling a home, but again, each person has their own tastes as to what looks terrific.  If you’re seeing a yard that has lots of crazy bushes or too much maintenance, look at it as a chance to create your own backyard oasis.  Simply axing a home because the yard and garden aren’t to your liking can cost you a great home.

Better to concentrate on the home’s more important aspects;  How is the roof?  Electrical? HVAC? Foundation?  These are the non-negotiable parts of the home that need to be in great working order or can cost you dearly.  Cosmetics are just the choice of the homeowner and can be tailored to your own likes and needs.

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Top Trends for Gardening in 2018!

by The Rullo Team

Outdoor space is just as important as indoor space and is the first impression an individual has of your home.  Landscaping and gardening to increase curb appeal will help to sell your home, but you need to choose wisely.  Below are tips for creating the outdoor ambiance you're looking for:

1. Evaluate your soil before planning your landscaping and gardens.  The soil makeup, access to sunlight and your climate, will dictate the types of plants you should use.

2. While it is very easy to snap of flowers and greens by beauty alone, it's important to look at plants that are hearty for your climate.  Here are a few to consider in the Midwest:  Orange Butterfly Milkweed, Coneflower, Bee Balm, Black-eyed Susan, Little Bluestem, Switchgrass, and Goldenrod.

3. Outdoor trends for 2018 include beautiful Zen Gardens to promote relaxation and peace in your outdoor space.  To create a meditative space include a natural bench facing the sun, a waterfall or pond, native greens and a well-appointed serene piece of outdoor art. 

4. Kitchen- It may sound strange but outdoor kitchens are actually upstaging indoor ones in 2018!  Why?  We all want to maximize our outdoor living space and take advantage of the seasons. Create your outdoor kitchen with comfortable seating, shading, grill, fridge and easily accessible snacks.

5. Are you the type of individual who loves the color and beauty of a garden but doesn't want the daily maintenance of one?  Then the "Bedhead" garden is for you!  HGTV defines the Bedhead Garden as one with easy care and random structure. Think ornamental grass, use of stone and wood with drought-proof plants.

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Protect your Pets from the Stress of Fireworks!

by The Rullo Team



With the celebrations of the 4th of July tomorrow, it's important to protect your pets from the stress of the loud noises of Fireworks Displays that will fill the nighttime sky.  Pets are under stress from loud auditory sounds throughout their daily lives;  police cars, ambulances, firetrucks, construction and more.  However, firework displays are far greater than the 120-decibel pain threshold for pets...fireworks are in the 170-decibel range!  Below are some tips to help alleviate the stress and keep your pets safe:


2. Keep them in a quieter, interior room to help shield from the noise.

3. Turn on the Television or Radio to add some everyday background noise that can interfere with the loud noises outside.

4. If at all possible, have a family member stay with your pets during this time.  Especially if you have a new pet!

5. Make sure the room you put them in does not have an easy escape route.  The number of pets that try to escape their situation during fireworks increases substantially on the 4th.

6. Check to be sure that your pet has identification tags or is chipped, in case they do escape the home.

7. If you've chosen to have fireworks at your own home, make sure you've cleaned up the debris as it will be toxic for pets...especially when being chewed on.

8. When returning from a fireworks display, try to be calm upon entering your home and keeping loud everyday home noises to a minimum.  

The Rullo Team wishes everyone a happy & safe Independence Day!

The Rullo Team receives Outstanding Achievement Recognition!

by The Rullo Team

Alex Rullo, Broker with RE/MAX All Pro in St. Charles, was recently awarded for his sales performance through April 2018.  Out of over 2,300 sales associates in the Northern Illinois Region, Alex and The Rullo Team are ranked #8.


Alex and his wife Vicky, also a RE/MAX Realtor, have consistently placed in the Top 1% of All Realtors Nationally. Rullo is a charter member of the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. He has also earned the coveted Circle of Legends Award, the Chairman’s Award, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award, which is the equivalent of three Hall of Fame Awards.


Alex, Vicky and their Team, which includes Buyer Specialists Sandy Selander and Adam Rullo, provide their clients with the highest level of service by offering a group of professionals with experience and cutting-edge skills. Along with Client Care Coordinator Denise Huelskamp and Special Project Manager Kristi Capo, The Rullo Team is able to provide their clients with the highest level of service.  They can be reached at 630.513.1771 or [email protected] or visit their website at to view any home in the USA

The Rullo Team Named Top Real Estate Team in Northern Illinois!

by The Rullo Team


The 41st Annual Awards Banquet for RE/MAX Northern Illinois was held this past week. This annual awards banquet honored the top realtors in our region for their production in 2017. Out of the 2,300+ sales associates in the Northern Illinois region, Alex Rullo and The Rullo Team, RE/MAX All Pro in St. Charles, was ranked #15!!


Congratulations to Alex and The Rullo Team for this remarkable achievement!


Along with this recognition for 2017, The Rullo Team have consistently ranked amongst the Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide. Alex Rullo is a charter member of the RE/MAX International Hall of Fame and has won numerous accolades including the Circle of Legends Award, the Chairman’s Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award!


This incredible, award winning team includes Alex Rullo (Broker), Vicky Rullo (Realtor), Sandy Selander (Buyer Specialist), Adam Rullo (Buyer Specialist), Denise Huelskamp (Client Care Manager), and Kristi Capo (Special Project Manager).


The Rullo Team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service. We offer many years of expertise and a wide variety of services to meet all of our clients real estate needs in the beautiful Fox River Valley! Work with the best team around for Buying or Selling your home. Give us a call at (630) 513-1771 or visit our website at so we can begin helping you today!


National Fire Prevention Week: Does your Family have an Escape Plan?

by The Rullo Team

Does your family have an escape plan?  

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week it's important to not only test your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in good working order, but also to make sure your entire family is aware of how they need to exit from your home.  Preparing a family escape plan and practicing it this week will allow your family to safely exit your home in the event of a fire.  Here are some tips to follow:

1. Draw a map of your home including all windows and doors.

2. Make sure all doors and windows remain unblocked!  Free of any obstacles and clutter.

3. Plan for 2 exits from every room in your home.

4. Dedicate an outside meeting place for all family members once they have left the home.

5. Practice your fire drill plan with the whole family.

6. Meet oustide at the designated spot.

7. Test all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in the home.  Each room should be equipped.

For more family friendly ways to practice your plan, visit the National Fire Prevention Association.


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St. Charles IL Housing Market Update: 10/04/17

by The Rullo Team

How is the Fall housing market progressing for St. Charles, IL?  Take a look at the current market stats below as well as the 7 & 90 day trends.  To learn more about your own property, contact Alex or Vicky Rullo for a personal consultation.

Market Index: 26.46 indicating a strong buyers market!

Number of Homes on the Market: 615

Median Home Price:  $482,738.

Average Square Footage:  3,250

Average # of Bedrooms:  4

Average # of Bathrooms:  3

Average Days on the Market:  106

Average Price per Square Foot:  149

Presented by Alex & Vicky Rullo of RE/MAX All Pro

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St. Charles IL Housing Market Update: 09/27/17

by The Rullo Team

The St. Charles IL Housing Market is holding steady and is an even market for both home buyers and sellers. Home prices have stablized and average days on the market have remained at 102. If you're considering a home sale, the Fall season is an excellent time to put your home on the market as competition is lower and buyer demand is still high. Plus you have some excellent seasonal staging options to capture the beauty of your home, both indoors and out.

Here are the current Real Estate Stats for St. Charles IL

Market Index- 26.78

Number of Homes on the Market- 620

Median Home Price- $482,823.

Average Square Footage- 3,240

Average number of Bedrooms- 4

Average number of Bathrooms- 3

Average Days on the Market- 102

Average Price per Square Foot- $149.


The following are the 7 and 90 market trends to watch:

Would you like to know what your home is worth in this Fall market?  Get a free home analysis here!

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