As the weather gets increasingly colder, you want to make sure that your Fox River Valley home  is in tip-top shape. That means autumn is the perfect time to complete some easy but important home maintenance projects. Here are the top maintenance tasks that you should do around your home this season.


Complete Important Yearly Checks!

Fall is a great time to complete those yearly maintenance tasks. Service and clean your HVAC system to keep it running properly throughout the rest of the year. Check all your fire/smoke alarms to ensure they are working properly. Clean out your chimney so you can safely keep your family warm during the colder months.


Keep Pests Away!

Just as you will be escaping the colder temperatures inside, pests will try to as well. Avoid unwelcome house guests by checking for small and large holes around your house. Use caulking or netting to cover up. Do an inspection of your attic's insulation to make sure that there are no holes created by pests. Cover up those holes to avoid ice damage from occurring to your roof.


Check The Exterior!

Now is the perfect time to do a thourough check of the outside of your home. Finding necessary repairs now will help save you on stress and money as we head closer to winter. Clear gutters of fallen leaves and debris so water can properly move away from your home. Look for loose or missing shingles that need to be replaced. Make sure that all the caulking around doors and windows is adequate and repair as necessary. Remove debris and trim your vegetatin so it can grow properly come the spring.


Winterize Your Irrigation System!

Check the manufacturer's instructions on winterize your irrigation/sprinkler season so that it remains protected during the colder months. You can continue to use your sprinklers in the fall but consider putting them on a timer since we tend to experience more rainfall that can naturally hydrate your lawn and garden.


Safety First!

With increased precipitation and colder weather, ice starts to become more of a risk throughout the season. Inspect the handrails and supports on your patios and decks to ensure that you and others have something to safely grab onto should you fall. Make sure that walkways are clear of icy patches and well as fallen leaves and sticks.

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