As temperatures continue to drop and wind chill factors are dangerously low, it is important to think about your pets safety as well as your own.  Here are some tips to ensure your pet is safe an cozy during these freezing temperatures:

1. Make sure they have had their check-up with the Veterinarian to identify any health issues that may need special attention during winter months.

2. Below zero temperatures can be very detrimental to your pet.  Many think that because they have added a winter coat or additional layer of fat that they can withstand long periods out in the cold.  This couldn't be farther from the truth.  Pets paws can freeze as well as damage to other body parts from extended time in the cold.

3. Like their human counterparts, pets like to be warm and cozy when they are sleeping.  Make sure to provide additional options during colder months.

4. Pets should remain inside at all times unless being walked.

5. Salt pellets can attach easily to your pet.  Make sure to wipe them down when they return to the house to ensure the pellets and deicers don't cause damage to their paws or coat.

6. Immediately clean-up any toxic matters that spill.  Antifreeze is a great example of this as your dog could have a fatal reaction.  Also ensure medications and non-dog friendly foods are kept out of reach.

7. Many animals become lost during the winter.  Make sure your pet has a collar with name and contact info as well as a microchip.

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