You’ve decided to purchase a home.  Whether this is your first home or last, don’t get spooked by decorating that doesn’t meet your taste.  Here are 7 things to ignore when viewing possible homes to purchase:

  1. Home Staging is done to highlight the best that a home has to offer. But you need to remember that it’s the homeowners and designers choices to utilize the pieces they’ve chosen.  Your ideas for a room might be totally different, so look past the design choices.
  2. Carpeting!  Too many people enter a home tour and get turned off immediately at the sign of carpet in the home.  This is short-sighted as many older homes have hardwoods under the carpet.  Even if this doesn’t hold true for the home you’re viewing, remember that this is an easy update to do in any room.
  3. Wallpaper.  This decorating gem has made a comeback over the past couple years, and in many cases, when done right, can really accentuate a room.  However, if the wallpaper isn’t your cup of tea, don’t sweat it!  A good steam and elbow grease will have this off in no time; giving you a blank canvas to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.
  4. Wild and bold paint colors.  You may be the person who likes their walls and doors more on the neutral side so you can decorate with pops of color elsewhere, but remember, there are plenty of artistic individuals who like to use these colors on the walls, staircases, ceilings and more.  Instead of opting out of the house for those reasons, look at it as an opportunity to create the room of YOUR dreams with just a little paint.
  5. Faucet and sink features in the bathroom or kitchen. You walk into a home with your heart set on the new brass/black faucets and bowl sinks, but you find stainless steel and basins of yesteryear.  Again, this isn’t a big problem.  Swapping out faucet hardware and even upgrading your basins can be done very cost-effectively.
  6. Kitchen cabinet colors.  Individual opinions vary deeply when it comes to a dream kitchen.  If you’re looking at a home that has a great layout, island and lots of cabinets to suit your needs but they are in black and you’d like gray, not a big deal!  There are plenty of interior decorating services that can spray and paint your existing cabinets to the color you desire; without totally remodeling the entire kitchen.
  7. Landscape. Curb appeal is critical whether you’re buying or selling a home, but again, each person has their own tastes as to what looks terrific.  If you’re seeing a yard that has lots of crazy bushes or too much maintenance, look at it as a chance to create your own backyard oasis.  Simply axing a home because the yard and garden aren’t to your liking can cost you a great home.

Better to concentrate on the home’s more important aspects;  How is the roof?  Electrical? HVAC? Foundation?  These are the non-negotiable parts of the home that need to be in great working order or can cost you dearly.  Cosmetics are just the choice of the homeowner and can be tailored to your own likes and needs.

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