Does your family have an escape plan?  

In honor of National Fire Prevention Week it's important to not only test your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are in good working order, but also to make sure your entire family is aware of how they need to exit from your home.  Preparing a family escape plan and practicing it this week will allow your family to safely exit your home in the event of a fire.  Here are some tips to follow:

1. Draw a map of your home including all windows and doors.

2. Make sure all doors and windows remain unblocked!  Free of any obstacles and clutter.

3. Plan for 2 exits from every room in your home.

4. Dedicate an outside meeting place for all family members once they have left the home.

5. Practice your fire drill plan with the whole family.

6. Meet oustide at the designated spot.

7. Test all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in the home.  Each room should be equipped.

For more family friendly ways to practice your plan, visit the National Fire Prevention Association.


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