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Are you Planning on Moving up in Geneva?

by alansche

Although there are many questions left to be answered about the country's current economic state, one thing is for certain: the Geneva housing market is home to some of the year's best deals. Between low interest rates and relatively low housing prices, those that plan on moving up in Geneva have not seen a better time to do so this year. Economic swings and uncertainty will keep mortgage rates at historic lows for weeks to come. Current 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are very close to 4.2 percent, some of the lowest we have seen since starting this blog earlier this year. 15-year fixed-rates mortgages are even lower at just under 3.4 percent. By buying a home now and staying there for at least five years, you will see an increase in your home price by the end of your term. Move-up buyers should move quickly, however, because there are still a couple of months of depreciation ahead of us, and you want to make sure that you are able to sell your current home for as much as possible. For more information about moving up in Geneva, call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 and read September's MSN Real Estate article. Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng

What is the Making Home Affordable Program?

by alansche

Back in 2009, President Obama passed the Making Home Affordable Program, which was designed to help nearly 9 million families refinance or restructure their mortgages to avoid foreclosure. What has happened since then? Foreclosure rates have been very high over the past couple of years for a number of reasons. Subprime mortgages and high employment left many homeowners with payments they could not afford. As the number of foreclosures increased, property values decreased around these homes. However, things are looking up. Foreclosures for July 2011 were down 35 percent year-over-year. It was the tenth straight month that there was a year-over-year drop for troubled homes. The Making Home Affordable Program has been there to help troubled homeowners keep their houses and avoid foreclosure. Lower mortgage rates, lower payments, and payment assistance for the unemployed. There are many MHA modifications available, and there is the option for a more stable, fixed-rate mortgage. For more information about the program and how it helps homeowners across the country, visit the MHA Program website. Since the beginning of the Making Home Affordable Program, the country's foreclosure rate has dropped dramatically. We are glad to see homeowners across the country regain their financial and housing stability. For more Chicago metro real estate news and information, visit The Rullo Team website. Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng

Labor Day 2011 in the Tri-Cities

by alexandvickyrullo


Looking for ideas on how to spend your Labor Day Weekend in the Tri-Cities???

We've got all the fun details!


Geneva, Illinois:

35th Annual Fox Valley Folk Music & Storytelling Festival

This Sunday, September 4th - Monday, September 5th, come enjoy the festivities at Island Park in Geneva, Illinois. You will have plenty of entertainment from 8 different stages running continuously from 11am until 6pm.   Sunday only, in the Main Music Stage Tent, come join in an Old-Time Community Barn Dance from 6pm to 7:30pm. Then from 7:30pm until 10pm, listen to some good ole' "Ghost Stories." St. Charles, Illinois:

Labor Day Festival

Friday, September 1st, through Monday, September 5th, Join in the fun and try out some carnival rides, games and food at the corner of Randall Rd. and Rt. 38 in St. Charles, Illinois. A portion of the proceeds from this Festival will be going to support the mission and operations of the Literacy Volunteers Fox Valley and Fox Valley Troop Support.

The Carnival will be running Thursday & Friday from 6pm until 10pm, Saturday & Sunday from 1pm until 10pm and Monday from 1pm until 5pm. This event is sponsored by Windy City Amusements and the Kane County Chronicle.

Kane County Flea Market

"The Best in the Midwest or Anywhere" - The Kane County Flea Market houses up to 1,000 dealers who display and sell their antiques, collectibles & fancy junque. The fair takes place this Saturday, September 3rd & Sunday, September 4th at the Kane County Fair Grounds, located at the corner of Randall Rd. and Main Street in St. Charles, Illinois. The Flea Market is open Saturday from 12pm to 5pm, and Sunday from 7am to 4pm. Adult admission in $5.00 and Children 12 or under are FREE. There will also be a country breakfast served on Sunday. 


Batavia, Illinois:

Labor Day Weekend Block Party

Sunday, September 4th, get ready to relax and enjoy the long holiday weekend taking in some local talent, family fun and drink specials! There is something for everyone with Bands, dancers, kids' stuff and a bags tournament! The Block Party begins and 4pm and goes until 9pm on North River Street, between Wilson and State Street in Batavia, Illinois. This event is FREE, with optional donation at entrance.

For those of you who are 21 and older, enjoy local establishments' food tastings and drink specials outside at the Block Party with the $5.00 purchase of a wristband and designated cup. Batavia restaurants Bulldogs Red Hots and Andre's Restaurant will be present at the Block Party to serve up some ideal summer-night food items. If you chose not to purchase the wrist band, you can also sample many local restaurants food samples and drink specials for $2.00 a sample. Maps and menus will be distributed at the Block Party.

While the adults are sampling away, the kids can enjoy face painting, relay races and a recycling game hosted by the Batavia Environmental Commissions. At 4:30pm, teens and adults can partake in the bags tournament by registering early and competing that day for a CASH PRIZE! There will also be a 50/50 Raffle going on as well to try your luck at winning yet another cash prize!

Make sure to register for the bags tournament no later than 4:30pm the day of the Block Party. To register early, send your name, phone number, e-mail and check or money order to: Batavia Mainstreet, 4 1/2 W. Wilson Street, Batavia, IL. 60510.  The cost is $15.00 per individual or $25.00 per pair.

Batavia Academy of Dance will also be there performing a stunning on stage performance. Another stage performance will be Field Day, Batavia's own rock cover band who you may recognize from this year's Batavia 4th of July Sky Concert.


Every town has their own amazing options to make this Labor Day Weekend a fun filled, memorable holiday. Make sure to stop by...

We wish you all a Safe and Fun Labor Day Weekend!!!


For local real estate information, please visit out website at



How to Finance Home Repairs with No Equity

by alansche

Sales are increasing across the country for bank-owned properties or homes in some stage of the foreclosure process. As more Chicago metro home buyers move into these houses, one big question is brought to the table: how do we finance major home improvements with no equity built into the home? Depending on what type of mortgage you have on the home, your options may be limited. Chicago metro homeowners will most likely not be able to do a traditional refinance in order to pay for repairs if there is no equity in the home. The Home Affordable Modification Program has a program to address second liens; but, you must have received help through HAMP previously, and the modification to the first mortgage and second lien must take place at the same time. You may also be eligible for free help from Rebuilding Together, which provides free home repairs to those in need. This service is provided on an age and income basis. For more ideas on how to finance home repairs with no equity, read the Daily Finance article. If you are looking to buy a home in the Chicago metro area, call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005. We will help make your real estate transaction and upcoming move stress-free, and we can provide assistance in many areas for which you may have questions. Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng

Move to Saint Charles for Fantastic Schools

by alansche

This week, we came across an article on MSN Real Estate that discusses moving so you children can attend a better school district. Although the post says it is not the best thing to do in all cases, our town of Saint Charles provides some of the best schools in the metro Chicago area. If you are thinking about moving with children in the near future, Saint Charles needs to be on your short list. Great Schools gives Saint Charles schools an overall rating of nine out of ten, and several schools received a perfect ten from the renowned website. The Saint Charles Community Unit School District 303 is made up of 12 elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. One parent said of St. Charles East High School, "It's not just a school at St. Charles East High School, it's a community that all pitches in to help each other." We invite you to read more about the wonderful public and private schools in our community, and we are confident that you will be more than eager to move to Saint Charles after doing so. If you plan to move with children in the near future and their education is a top priority for you, then living in Saint Charles is a no-brainer. Call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005 for more information about moving to Saint Charles. You can also look at our current listings. Photo courtesy of City-Data

Find the Right Painter for your Exterior Investment

by alansche

Those of you looking to paint their Saint Charles home need to carefully consider who you hire for the job. An exterior paint job is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to selling your home, so you need to make sure it is done right in order to give you an edge when you enter the local real estate market. A great exterior paint job protects your home from the elements, helps defer costly repairs, adds curb appeal, and preserves your property's value. In order to get the most out of each area, you need hire a painter and painting company based on the following:

  • The Painter: Get referrals from friends, family, and neighbors that have hired a local painter in the past. After identifying a few individuals and companies, ask for written estimates and see how each one plans to prep the exterior of your home for the new paint.
  • The Paint: Look at examples from past clients to see what kind of paint you need for your home. Going with a top of the line paint will only cost a little bit more upfront, but it will save you money in the long-run.
  • The Tools: A spray gun in quick, but using brushes and rollers during the painting process will increase the lifespan of your exterior paint job.
  • The Warranty: Make sure that your painter and/or painting company is willing to fix any premature issues with the paint job at least for the next year or so.
  • The Maintenance: If you can arrange for the painter to touch up the coat once a year, you will save money in the long-run. Go ahead and schedule these appointments during the initial work days.

By following these guidelines, you are sure to get the best exterior paint job possible and protect one of your most important investments. For more Saint Charles and Metro Chicago real estate news and information, bookmark the Rullo Team blog. Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng

Buying is More Affordable than Renting in Metro Chicago

by alansche

According to a recent Trulia study, buying in Metro Chicago is more affordable than renting. The study, which was released this week, says that homeownership beats renting in 74 percent of America's 50 largest cities. Trulia made the comparison of buying-to-renting by evaluating the costs of owning and renting a two-bedroom apartment, condo, or townhouse. The site's fantastic visualization shows us how the comparision between renting and buying ranges across the biggest U.S. cities. What does this mean for buyers in Metro Chicago? There are some great deals to be found across Saint Charles, Geneva, Batavia, and other cities; and low mortgage rates prove that buying is cheaper than renting, especially with rental rates increasing every year. Give The Rullo Team a call at 888-457-8005 for more information about buying a home in Metro Chicago. We will show you the best deals and help you secure the best mortgage rate possible. Since summer is usually a time when renters renew their leases, now is the best time to start considering homeownership. Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng

Tips for a Stress-Free Move to Metro Chicago

by alansche

Relocating for a new job can be tough in today's economy. Not only do you need to find a new home, but you have to sell your old one as well. In order to successfully relocate to Metro Chicago, you will need to make use of all options offered by your new employer and make a decision on what to do with your old home. Even though the economy has been down over the past couple of years, job relocation remained steady from 2007 to 2009. This is most likely because people are more willing to move in order to find a good job these days. In order to help workers with their moves, companies are changing their relocation programs. USA Today reports that some companies are even paying the losses from a home sale in order to secure quality employees. Because of this, buyout programs from years past are no longer popular options. When you receive a job offer that requires relocation, you need to make your needs and wants known. Relocation benefits are now decided on a case-by-case basis, and companies will only be able to help you if they know what you need. When you move for your new job, renting your old home might be better than selling it. Again, fully consider your options before making a decision. For more tips on how to make your relocation to Metro Chicago easier and less stressful, visit Realty Times. Visit The Rullo Team's website for more information about moving to Metro Chicago, including Batavia, Geneva, and Saint Charles. Photo courtesy of The Rullo Team

Festival of the Vine in Geneva, Illinois

by alexandvickyrullo

You wont want to miss Geneva's Festival of the Vine! Downtown Geneva, Illinois September 9-11th, 2011 Be sure to come and enjoy one of Geneva's favorite festivities. There will be plenty of good wine, good food, and good fun for the whole family! There is so much to do! Why not treat yourself to a nice glass of wine? At the Festival of the Vine, you will be able to sample your choice of wine from around the world. Then while sipping your wine, you can enjoy one or all of the many activities there are to take in. You can stop by the flower market, arts & craft show, live demonstration stage, play in the Kid's Patch, sample the Fall Harvest Market and listen to the amazing live music! This year's live entertainment will be provided by The Blind Roosevelts, The Fundamentals, Maiden Voyage and The Hiline Band. What's a festival without great food? When you get hungry, you can fill your belly with the mouth-watering  international specialties prepaired by Geneva restauranteurs.  After an evening full of fun, pamper yourself with an overnight stay at one of Geneva's world-class accommodations, such as The Herrington Inn or the Oscar Swan. Whether you are stopping by to enjoy one glass of wine, or a whole night out, you won't want to miss Geneva's Festival of the Vine! For local real estate information, visit our website at

When is the Right Time to Buy a Home in Batavia?

by alansche

Today's real estate market is known to favor buyers. Mortgage rates have never been lower. And you are almost certain to find an incredible deal on a house. Do these factors mean it is a good time to buy a home to buy a home in Batavia for you? When determining if now is the right time to buy a home in Batavia, you need to take a close look at yourself and the prospect of home ownership. Just because there are incredible deals and rates on the market does not mean that you have or need to take advantage of them. Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. You need to be a responsible borrower and homeowner in order to get the most out of this American Dream. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are contemplating buying a home in Batavia:

  • Do you have stable employment? Have there been recent lay-offs or firings?
  • Do you have an 8-month emergency fund in case you are laid off from or become too sick to work?
  • Can you afford the necessary taxes, insurance premiums, and maintenance associated with owning a home?
  • Are you planning to stay in your home for at least three to five years?

These are just a few of the many questions that you need to ask yourself if you are considering buying a home in Batavia. You need to buy a home for the right reasons, not just because of the expansive buyer's market. If you are looking to buy a home in Batavia, Saint Charles, or Geneva, call The Rullo Team at 888-457-8005. We will help you answer these questions, prepare for home ownership, and find the perfect home. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you may have! Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng

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