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How Do You Feel
About Listing Your Home With Someone Other Than The Rullo Team Now?

Selling your home is a huge financial decision. We hope that this information will prove helpful when you select the agent that is responsible for this task. With our innovative real estate system, the Rullo Team, we hope you select us for this awesome responsibility. We promise to provide all the aforementioned services, and more, in order to get your home sold quickly, for the most money and with the fewest hassles.

However, before you decide there is one thing that you should know....

What Some Agents Offer   What Alex and Vicky Offer  
Availability. Once you have listed, they contact you occasionally.    Availability. You can always reach Alex and Vicky and their staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!     
Service After Showings. No calls or follow-up after showings.   Service After Showings. You are kept up-to-date through our Client Care Manager who monitors each showing. Alex or Vicky will discuss feedback with you.  
Staff. One agent tries to do everything, or has a very limited staff.   Staff. You will have a group of professionals, each working within their area of expertise, working for you. You get three real estate professionals for the price of one!  
Signage. The agent places a sign in the yard.   Signage. Alex and Vicky provide you with a distinctive sign with a 24 hour voice mail phone number listed. Your home is prominently advertised and phone calls are handled around the clock, seven days per week.  
Advertising. The agent may place an ad in the paper. May type a feature sheet, or copy an interoffice form to advertise your home.   Advertising. Your home is advertised in a number of magazines, newspapers, and periodicals that cover multiple is also marketed in brochures, flyers, interoffice hot sheets, and more! Your home receives much more exposure!  
Technology. Places your listing in the MLS computer and waits for someone to bring them a buyer.   Technology. Your home is on the Rullo's state of the art website that specializes in search engine optimization; you are also on countless Realtor related web sites that gives your home international exposure.  In addition, your home is marketed through the social medias: blogging, Facebook, Twitter and more!  
Pricing Your Home. The agent prices your home too high to g et your attention, and then is forced to drop the price drastically in order to get it sold.   Pricing Your Home. Your home is priced correctly in the beginning. Alex and Vicky give you market updates, and only adjust the price of your home if necessary, based on their knowledge of local and national trends.  
Aggressive Marketing Plan. May attempt a plan, but it is short-lived and from the hip. No real expertise in marketing.   Aggressive Marketing Plan. Detailed planning that is aggressively executed by a professional staff with the sale of your home as their goal. The team follows a business plan tailored to the specific sale of your home. This planning ensures the most money for your home in the least amount of time.  
Aggressive Sales Attitude. Some agents hope that other agents will sell for them. They don't aggressively sell it themselves.  

Aggressive Sales Attitude. Buyers are notified of your listing. Pro-active programs include email campaigns, direct mail and a comprehensive referral system. Buyers are actively matched to your listing via our unique computer programs and client database.

Negotiation Skills. Some agents just need to make a sale so they can get paid. They do not negotiate in YOUR best interest.   Negotiation Skills. The Rullo Team sells over 141 properties EACH YEAR. Their clients come back. They have the ability to solve problems, and put together a contract for you that holds up through closing. You will receive the highest price in the shortest time.  
Continued Education. Some agents often do not network or attend any seminars.   Continued Education. These members attend nearly three times the educational classes that other agents attend. They also network these classes nationwide. They network and share ideas with hundreds of Realtors nationwide and locally on a regular basis. Relocation buyers from across the nation are exposed to your home.  
Your Agent's Closing Percentage. A typical agent sells a homes they have listed thirty percent of the time. Only eighty percent of their contracts continue through to closing.                                  Your Agent's Closing Percentage. The Rullo Team closes 99.9 percent of the homes that go under contract. This is due to all the factors listed above. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the quick sale of your home for the most money with the least amount of hassle, and a contract signed by all parties that goes through to closing.  

Are you new to the area? Request our FREE package of St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia relocation information. It's our job to help! There's no obligation, and we promise to respond quickly...

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